Are Pigs Dirty Animals?

Pigs have a particular behavior that makes them look apart when compared to other animals; for example, they like to be in the mud, and they eat almost anything, including poop, mud, or whatever you can think of, but does this make them dirty animals?

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How Long Does It Take Granular Fertilizer to Dissolve? 

Granular fertilizer breaks down in about 2 weeks, but you can dissolve it in warm water in as little as a day or two and apply it as a liquid fertilizer. Granular fertilizer does require moisture to dissolve so you can speed up the process with frequent watering.  Granular fertilizers are sometimes called slow-release fertilizers. … Read more

Lime Fertilizer and Dogs

Lime can be very irritating to pets who can ingest the powder or pellets, breathe in the dust or lick the lime from paws of fur.  Plan to keep your dogs off the grass for as long as the lime is visible in the grass. Depending on the lime used and the strength of the … Read more

Is Rabbit Poop Good Fertilizer For Grass

Rabbit poop can be used as fertilizer for establishing new grass or feeding a lawn that needs a boost. Rabbit poop is a balanced organic fertilizer that will build your soil over time and release nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium throughout the growing season.  Rabbit poop is particularly high in nitrogen and phosphorus, but it also … Read more

What Is The Best Fertilizer For Moringa Tree

Moringa trees are popular with sustainable farmers as they are incredibly drought resistant, require little maintenance, and have incredible nutritional benefits.  Moringa trees respond well to nitrogen heavy organic fertilizers like animal manure and compost. These fertilizers will promote leaf growth and keep your plants bushier. If you are looking to produce more pods or … Read more

Can I Use Both Liquid and Granular Fertilizer? 

Depending on your soil needs, applying a liquid and granular fertilizer is perfectly safe.  Many gardeners regularly apply a variety of liquid and dry fertilizers, soil additives, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, so take a miniature to make a common-sense plan and check for compatibility of any products that you are using.  Be sure to check … Read more

Can Bunnies Chew On Toilet Paper Rolls

Rabbits are active and fun-loving creatures who will do almost anything to kill boredom, even if it means chewing on something as tasteless as toilet paper rolls. For rabbits, munching and nibbling on things is a natural, normal, and delightful way of having fun or staying active. Do you ever wonder why your rabbits always … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Frozen Vegetables

Like any other rabbit parent, The thought of frozen vegetables may have crossed your mind at one time or the other when thinking about your rabbit’s well-being and the healthy foods to always set before them.  This is a challenge for most newbie rabbit owners and caregivers who look out for unique food products to … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Ice Cream

Have you been wondering if it’s ideal for your rabbit to eat ice cream? Then the answer is yes. However, rabbits are dairy product intolerant, so you must allow only moderate consumption of ice cream.  There’s an excessive concentration of fat and sugar in ice cream, which is the primary concern for bunnies; Aside from … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Olives

As a rabbit care enthusiast, one of the things you may have to deal with often is being told that there’s a non-ending list of meals to keep away from your rabbit. That is untrue, though, as rabbits tend to have a wide range of food options to pick from in the same vein. Although … Read more