Can Chickens Eat Clover? All You Need to Know

As you probably know, the primary diet of chickens is composed of compound feed which is made of cereals. But when it comes to eating, chickens can be pretty versatile. So it is not a surprise to see them eat different types of food, but the tricky part is to be certain if they can eat it since there is a category of foods chickens should eat.

So it’s good that you’re trying to confirm whether or not they can eat some type of plant or meat. So let me go ahead and answer your question.

Can chickens eat clover? Yes, chickens can eat clover weed; this type of food will boost their health; their edible from the blossom to the roots, boiled or raw, is perfectly safe for chickens and even for humans.

Herbs and seeds not only serve chickens for entertainment and “occupational therapy”, but also provide numerous benefits for their body.

Clovers are high in niacin, calcium, vitamins A and B, potassium, protein, and iron. This plant is an excellent detoxifier which helps with chicken stomach.

But not only that, clover weeds are an excellent treat for chickens since, in the wild, they will commonly eat these types of weeds and insects. 

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How to feed clover to chickens?

The best way to feed your chickens with some clover is to let them free in your backyard or in the area you have set up for them to eat the clover.

You can also mix the clover with chicken feed; it will make a great addition to their food. And you will also save some money on chicken feed. 

Clover could be a great compliment for chicken feed, and all you have to do is allow them to their job and eat it. 

If you’re picky regarding what types of plants your chickens can eat, all you have to do is pick them yourself and give them to them in your preferred area.

Can chickens eat clover seeds?

Chickens can eat clover seeds, mix it in with some other type of food, and your hens will love it.

Other types of weeds chickens can eat

Sometimes weeds can be invasive, and if you have a big backyard and want to keep it sharp, this where your chickens can come to the rescue.

Here I share other types of weed chickens can eat besides clover.


This weed produces beautiful flowers and it has medicinal properties; in fact, it can be used to relieve the pain and discomfort of rheumatism, among other health problems. As you can see, this plant will benefit your chickens greatly.


It’s a familiar and abundant herb, which thrives in the rich soils of cultivated lands. The leave has a valuable source of minerals that will help you have strong chickens.

These plants are great to mix in a type of salad for chickens.


It grows spontaneously in almost any corner, in the sun or in the shade, poor soils, stones, sand, against a wall, in the backyard, and even on broken tiles on the sidewalk.

It’s a very rich source of omega-3, an oil generally rare in the diet of chickens. It is also rich in vitamins A, vitamins B, and C, all very important for their antioxidant properties.


Also known as amaranth, it is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the amaranth family. They are usually bushy, upright grasses 90-130 cm tall, but some species have a prostate shape.

They have a high volume of protein and methionine.


The dandelion is a perennial herbaceous plant in the Asteraceae family.

It’s a plant rich in calcium also rich in vitamin C, and luteolin, two antioxidants that protect bones.

Your chicken will love to eat.

Poisonous weeds for chickens

The ranunculus plants are quite beautiful, they’re perfect to have in your garden.

But unfortunately, they are poisonous to chickens; this weed tastes bitter, and the chickens know it. So it’s best to keep away your chickens from this type of plant or its family.

Conclusion: Can chickens eat clover weeds

Chickens are omnivorous; they eat everything. But they need a complete and varied diet composed of animals and vegetables to be healthy. And this is achieved by offering them a mixture of cereals, vegetables, and small animals.

The hen feeds opportunistically, adapting to the food it finds where it lives. 

Like other birds, chickens eat grit or small stones to help grind up the food they eat as they do not have teeth. This helps them digest.

The diet must contain an adequate balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

But yes, chicken can eat clover weeds; this is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for the hens, they can eat the entire weed from the top to the roots, and you can mix it with all types of chicken feed.

You can even make them a type of salad and mix different types of weeds that I talked about in this article. They will definitely love it. 

Just avoid any poisonous plant that I just mention.