Angelonia Flower (Angelonia Angustifolia)

Angelonia Flower

Angelonia Flower (Angelonia Angustifolia) with the appearance of being a delicate plant and esasy for growth you will love it.

The plants are called summer dragons because they produce a profusion of flowers that resemble little dragons throughout the summer, and in hot climates, flowering continues until fall. Let’s learn more about growing Angelonia in the garden.

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Anemone Flower: A Complete Care Guide

Anemone Flower

Today we are going to talk about the anemone flower Its scientific name is Anemone and it knows 120 known species that bloom throughout the year. 

They can be found in many countries in Europe and American areas, and even in Japan.

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Amaryllis Flower: A Complete Care Guide

Amaryllis Flower

In this article we will talk about the amaryllis flower, a plant with very striking flowers, we will talk about its meaning, its origin, its varieties, its care, and some other things.

The amaryllis or amaryllis flower, its technical name is: Hippeastrum .

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Alyssum Flower (Sweet Alyssum)

Alyssum Flower

The Alyssum Flower genus are very interesting for gardens, especially when you are already seeing that you have very few empty spaces; although they can also be grown in a pot. 

Its flowers are wonderful!

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Alstroemeria Flower (Peruvian Lily,Lily of the Incas)

Alstroemeria Flower

The alstroemeria flower is also called Peruvian Lily,Lily of the Incas or alstroemere; they belong to the family called amaryllidaceae; They have a high size, their petals are long and they have colors grouped upwards, like the lilies, another plant from the same family, read on how to care for alstroemerias.

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Allium Roseum Flower (Rosy Garlic)

Allium Roseum Flower

Allium Roseum Flower, commonly called rosy garlic plant from the amaryllidaceae family. This rarely aquatic plant, selected with the name of tears of the virgin or wild garlic, is characterized by its floriferous and triangular stem between 10-45 cm high.

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Agapanthus Flower (Lily of the Nile, African Lily)

Agapanthus Flower

Agapanthus Flower is from an African origin with beautiful flowers and very easy to multiply. 

Do not miss its main characteristics, we will tell you all about them!

General characteristics

Common name: Agapanto, Flower of love, African lily, King’s crown

Scientific name: Agapanthus africanus

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African Daisies Flower (Osteospermum)

African Daisies Flower

The African Daisies Flower are plants very similar to daisies, and hence the common name of African Daisies. 

Botanical Name Osteospermum x hybrida

Common Name African Daisy, Blue-eyed Daisy, Cape Daisy, Osteo

Plant Type Tender perennials or half-hardy perennials; generally grown as annuals

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