Agapanthus Flower (Lily of the Nile, African Lily)

Agapanthus Flower

Agapanthus Flower is from an African origin with beautiful flowers and very easy to multiply. 

Do not miss its main characteristics, we will tell you all about them!

General characteristics

Common name: Agapanto, Flower of love, African lily, King’s crown

Scientific name: Agapanthus africanus

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African Daisies Flower (Osteospermum)

African Daisies Flower

The African Daisies Flower are plants very similar to daisies, and hence the common name of African Daisies. 

Botanical Name Osteospermum x hybrida

Common Name African Daisy, Blue-eyed Daisy, Cape Daisy, Osteo

Plant Type Tender perennials or half-hardy perennials; generally grown as annuals

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