Dorstenia gigas ‘Socotran Fig Tree’

Dorstenia gigas 'Socotran Fig Tree'

Dorstenia gigas ‘Socotran Fig Tree’ is a shrub with a trunk that can reach up to 122 cm in height and approximately 101 cm in diameter.

The leaves of this plant are dark green and fleshy. 

The flowers have star-shaped.

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17 Plants That Don’t Need Drainage Holes

Plants That Don't Need Drainage Holes

In this article, I share with you beautiful Plants that don’t need drainage holes. I’m sure you will love them.

Any of these plants will be perfect to have indoors or outdoors and have minimum care needs.

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Plants That Do Well in Low Light

Plants That Do Well in Low Light

Plants that do well in low light 

When you live in an apartment it is sometimes difficult to grow plants, the lack of sunlight is notable.

But don’t worry, in this article I’m going to show you a series of plants that can grow perfectly in low light.

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What Are the Chances of Finding a Four-Leaf Clover?

What Are the Chances of Finding a Four-Leaf Clover

What are the chances of finding a four-leaf clover?

The famous four-leaf clover is a genetic variation of white clover, a species whose scientific name is Trifolium repens because it has three leaflets, which we commonly refer to as “leaves.”

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What Do Leaves Do for Plants?

What Do Leaves Do for Plants

What do leaves do for plants?

The leaf fulfills several functions in the plant, such as photosynthesis, respiration, or transpiration. 

These functions can also be carried out by the herbaceous stems and by the young portions of the woody stems.

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What Trees Can Be Planted Close to a House?

What Trees Can Be Planted Close to a House

What trees can be planted close to a house?

For starters, if you plan to plant a tree at home, the first thing you should do is dress in patience. 

A fruit tree, on average, takes between five and ten years to grow of course, this can vary depending on the type of tree.

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