7 East Facing Window Plants

If you’re looking for some interesting and beautiful plants to place on your east-facing windows, look no further; in this article, I share 15 east-facing windows plants that you will love.

But will also make great feet at home; they are easy to care for and are quite resistant. 

1. Angel Wing Begonia

Known for the shape of its leaves, the Angel Wing Begonia  is a great house plant; it comes in many sizes and is quite easy to care for. 

This plant can be a great addition to any east-facing window; it will decorate your home with its beautiful bloom throughout the year.

2. Chamaedorea Elegans (Parlor Palm)

The Chamaedorea Elegans, commonly known as the Parlor Palm, is commonly used as an indoor plant, making it a great option for your east-facing windows. 

This beautiful plant was first discovered in Central America, then it was brought back to the United States, and that’s when it became a popular indoor plant.

These plants can grow as fast or slow as possible, depending on your available care and pot. But it is quite resistant.

3. Chamaerops Humilis (European Fan Palm)

This beautiful plant can be stemless or multi-trunked with a fun shrubby form. And you can definitely have it in your windows, patio, or any type of area.

This type of plant is commonly used outside, but for indoor plants, it can be a great addition to your coloration, which will make it more interesting for anyone who’s visiting.

You just need to provide the proper care.

4. Columnea Gloriosa (Goldfish Plant)

The Columnea Gloriosa is characterized by its beautiful long orangey-red flowers. This plant will be a great addition to any east-facing window.

But it’s important to consider that although this is a very beautiful plant and can be used outside or indoors, it’s a very fragile plant. So you must take the necessary care in order to have a thriving plant.

5. Cordyline Fruticosa (Hawaiian Ti Plant)

The ti plant is a trendy house plant that can be used to decorate any type of home, whether it’s inside, outside, or in your window. This plant can be a great addition to any homeowner that is looking to have a beautiful reddish plant. 

But you can also find this plant in a wide variety of colors, including red, pink, chocolate, orange,  and in a combination of all of these colors. This is an easy to care for plant that you should consider. 

6. Cliva Miniata 

This beautiful flowering plant demands very little attention; you may hear people calling it the perfect houseplant.  

With medium light and watering when necessary, this tropical plant will bloom in spring and fall, making it perfect for placing in your window.

7. Dieffenbachia (Dumbcane)

The Dumbcane plant is commonly known as a houseplant, perfect for having in your east-facing window.

This plant adapts to different kinds of lighting and conditions in which you might not think this type of plant can survive; it’s quite resistant.

So if you put the proper care in, this plant can live with you for many years.