Gasteraloe “Green Ice”

The Gasteraloe “Green Ice” category of succulent hybrid plants shows unique combinations of color and marking. 

The cultivation requirements of Gasteraloe are minimal and the care of the Gasteraloe plant is easy, so these succulent plants are an excellent choice for beginner gardeners.

What is a Gasteraloe?

Gasteraloe plants, also known as x Gastrolea, are an unusual category of succulent plants that hybridize from Gasteria and Aloe plants. 

It is believed that these plants originated in South Africa.

Gasteraloe plants have thick succulent leaves that are generally marked or stained and each leaf has jagged margins. 

These plants sometimes produce tubular flowers that bloom in extensions that can be up to two feet (60 m) in length. 

Reproduction occurs through compensations that grow from the base of the mother plant.

Tips to take care of the Gasteraloe “Green Ice”


How to grow Gasteraloe plants? Growing a Gasteraloe is easy.

These plants, which are grown outdoors like perennials in the frost-free climatic zones, look very well planted in rock gardens. 

In areas of colder weather, Gasteraloes are wonderful houseplants and their popularity is growing as patio plants grow in containers. 

Gasteraloe plants grow best in partial/mottled sunlight with protection from the hot afternoon sun. 

Cultivated as an outdoor perennial in frost-free areas, Gasteraloe will generally survive only with little intervention from the gardener. 

Like a houseplant or potted patio plant, Gasteraloe should be treated as a typical succulent.

Plant cultivation

It is a vigorous grower that must be replanted every two years and fed every spring with a slow-release fertilizer. 

Water a canned Gasteraloe in moderation when it is dry to the touch, and about once a month in winter. 

If Gasteraloe is grown as a patio plant, rain should provide adequate humidity, but manual irrigation may be required if rainfall has been minimal.

The care of the Gasteraloe plant and the growth requirements of Gasteraloe are minimal, which makes them the perfect plants for the beginning gardener. 

So remember..

Partial sun and a little water from time to time, when necessary, this is all these succulent plants need to thrive, creating a beautiful addition to any gardener’s collection.

It thrives on neglect, so if it is underwatered a bit, it will still recover well. It’s best to use the “soak and dry” method, and allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. 


The Gasteraloe “Green Ice” reproduces very well in a natural way through small plants that grow around the main plant. 

If we cut one of these daughters by the base (always using a sharp knife) we can plant it again without a problem. 

The daughter will become a new “mother” and will generate more plants. 

It is advisable to let dry the sprout that we have obtained for a few days so that callus forms at the place of the cut. 

This prevents it from absorbing too much moisture and rots during the first weeks. 

Once dry, we can plant it in the recommended substrate, water lightly and only water again when the substrate is completely dry. 

In a few weeks, the shoot will begin to form its own roots.