How to Play Tetherball: The Definitive Guide

One of the best moments or experiences are usually spent with family.

That is why it is important to find activities in which the whole family can participate, to have fun and share at the same time.

So today I bring to you one of those activities is tetherball, which is a simple game, low maintenance and very entertaining.

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How to Play Tetherball

Tetherball is an outdoor activity for the whole family.

Game rules

The equipment consists of a stick of rigid stationary material, from which a volleyball is hung. It is a game for two players, who are placed on opposite sides of the suit. Each player tries to hit the ball; one player clockwise and the other counterclockwise and the game ends when a player rolls the ball around the club so the rope stops him.

Game Rules: How to Play Tetherball

The game begins when a player enters the court and shouts “Sides and forms”, and then serves the ball in the direction he chooses, usually hitting the post or after the opposing player plays, he can not touch it until the other player touch it.

The opposing player attempts to return the service by hitting it in the opposite direction.

The objective is to hit the ball in such a way that the opponent can not alter the direction of the ball, giving an advantage to the player, since the server has more control over the ball from the beginning.

If a player commits a violation, if he steps on half of his opponent’s pole, he touches the string instead of the ball, hits the ball before the club has flown or been returned by the opponent or, in some variants, has hit the stick.

Generally, after a violation occurs, the game is stopped and the person who committed the violation is out; The number of laps around the tube is recreated (or a penalty wrap is awarded to the player who did not commit the foul).

The player who did not commit the violation then serves the ball.

However, if the violation appears to be intentional, it may result in the loss of the game.

A variant legalizes the releases and the double hits.

The game ends when a player hits the ball and rolls around the tube in its own direction until the end, so that the ball hits the tube.

In addition, the ball must hit the tube with the last lap above a line marked 5 feet (1.5 m) high in the club, although a lower mark could be used for younger players.

A match can last at least 2 or more games.

If a player breaks one of these rules, he / she is out and it is the turn of the next person to play until there is a winner.

If you only have two people, the “loser” has the turn to serve to match the odds of his victory.

Tips on how to play tetherball:

  • Start with the basic rules and, after learning the game, you can create your own variations of the game.
  • Mark a center boundary with a chalk line or other makeshift marker.
  • Wear athletic shoes to reduce possible injuries and for the comfort of the player.
  • Have a partner to play with someone more or less the same height and athletic ability, if possible.Choose a player that serves first.
  • Use sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun’s rays.
  • Stay hydrated during the game.

If you want to be a goo player and learn how to play tetherball like a pro remember.

Just because it is a game does not mean that it does not take practice to master.

As with any game, it takes just as much practice.

Your game should be something you will not easily get bored playing. It has to keep you interested.

Begin the game on the beginner level. When it becomes too easy move to the next level.

Don’t get frustrated if you do poorly at first. Figure out what you are doing wrong and fix it.

When you reach the highest level, return to the lowest level and move up to the highest again just to make sure you got it.

Develop most of your “Gamer Senses”. Some of the Gamer Senses include:

  • Reflexive Ability
  • Platform Calculation
  • Self Control
  • Game Knowledge
  • Timing

Self respect for yourself and others during the play.

Take a break. The last thing you want is to be totally obsessed with a game. Also, playing a game too much can lower how well you play it.

Try to figure out what is happening.

Here is more info on how to play tetherball.

How to assemble the tetherball?

The assembly of the tetherball is simple, it only requires a stationary stick, a rope and a ball.

The ball can be volleyball, or specifically a tetherball, the important thing is that it is a soft ball to the touch, since, if it is very hard, the hands will be hurt when hitting it.

The tube usually has a height of 7 feet (2.1 m) or 10 feet (3.0 m), depending on the height of the players.

To keep the pole stationary, it is anchored down by a tug full of concrete or a plastic base filled with water.

The rope is usually nylon and is long enough for the ball to hang about 2 feet (0.61 m) above the ground.

Wha you will need .

Tetherball is such a simple game that we can do it ourselves and with recycled materials.

Materials and tools:
– Recycled tire
– Cement
– Rope
– Circular piece of wood
– Ball
– Spray paint (optional)
– Wooden board (the size of the tire)
– Screws
– Metric screws
– Nuts
– PVC Pipe
– Pencil
– Level
– Marker pen
– Keyhole saw
– Drill

Steps to assemble the tetherball

Step one:
The first thing to do is a wooden base the same size as the tire. And cut a piece of circular wood about 5 cm (2 inches) high, so that the tube enters the piece of wood.

Step two:
After having cut the wood, we stick the piece of wood in the central part of the base with a wood glue. Then, we make 4 marks, both in the wooden base and in the tire, then, with the drill, we make 4 holes, to be able to screw the tire to the wood with the metric screws, with the piece of wood on top and the flat part down (the flat part is the part that goes to the ground.

Step three:
In the tube, we place 3 screws (without letting the screw enter completely in the tube, but that is half of the screw outside), in the lower part to give stability, but we must place them at a higher height (1 to 2 cm) that the piece of wood (the screws must go in different directions). And a hole in the top where the rope will be tied. Then we introduce the tube to the wooden base with the screws facing down.

Step four:
Now it’s time to prepare the cement mix. We only add water to the cement little by little until a thick mixture is obtained. Then we add cement to the tire to the edge, making sure that the tube is in the center and that it is straight.

Step five:
After having allowed the cement to dry, we can polish the cement to give it a more neat finish, and then paint with spray paint, the tire and the tube of the color you choose.

Step six:
Finally, tie the rope around the entire ball, making sure the ball is secure. And then the other end of the rope is tied to the tube.

AND READY! In a few hours and with little effort, we will have an excellent game for our playground, to have incredible family moments.

Other options on how to play tetherball

Another option is if you do not want to make the  tetherball youselves, you can buy a tetherball set on the internet, which they only have to put together.

An example of a tetherball set is the “lifetime” brand, which is also portable and includes; the ball. The rope, the tube, and the base, which is filled with water.

This set is easy to assemble, easy to store and easy to transport, for those days in the field or in the family home.


The tetherball is an excellent game to make children exercise and to be active.

It is a game that with little budget, we can weapon and it is an excellent activity to share as a family since we can make different teams and do competitions, (example guys against girls).

I know  it could be overwhelming to try and set it up your self but I assure you, you and your family will enjoy especially your kids.

They will always have an excuse to go out side and connect with nature and just play.

Especially in this days were technology take a lot from our time.

Its a good family brake.

And if is really hard for you to make it, you can just buy it and install.

Well hope you like the article, I hope everything goes well for your and your family in the tetherball journey .

Thanks for reading.