Is Aloe Vera a Succulent or a Cactus?

The Aloe Vera it’s one of the favorite succulent plants for both gardening lovers and beginners. The imposing and simple beauty of its green fleshy leaves and health benefits is one of its main attractions; it’s not in vain they called it the miracle plant. But many don’t know if it’s a succulent or cactus; in this article, I answer this question.

Is aloe vera a succulent or a cactus?  The Aloe Vera is a succulent plant, not a cactus. Cactus belongs to the succulent family among other species of plants. Aloe Vera belongs to the Xanthorrhoeaceae family. Here I give you more details.

Although Aloe Vera is not a cactus, it’s a plant that can withstand drought times since it’s a succulent plant.

Succulents can store plenty of water in their stems, roots, and leaves.

The succulents plant usually can resist dry and low humidity climates. As a matter of fact they will thrive. 

For this reason, some of these beautiful plants do not thrive in the Caribbean, where the humidity index is exceptionally high. 

Others acclimatize well but require more care.

Although most succulents are from arid regions (like the cactus), they are also found in dry tropical forests, mountain peaks, coasts, and even swamps.

There’s more than 60 families of succulents plants, and many botanists differ on which plants belong to the succulent family.

Being so different from each other makes it difficult to classify them.

And for this reason, you came to this article just as you; many don’t know Is aloe vera a succulent or a cactus.

But I hope by now you understand the difference if not, let me explain a bit more.

Is aloe vera a cactus?

The aloe vera is not a cactus; the aloe is a succulent plant belonging to the Xanthorrhoeaceae family. 

But this succulent is quite resistant to draw as many cactus are.

Is aloe vera a succulent?

The aloe vera is a succulent plant that belongs to the Xanthorrhoeaceae family; with in the succulents, there are many species, and the cactus is one of them. 

Is aloe vera a desert plant?

Although the aloe is not a cactus, it does share its resistance as you can find plenty of aloe vera in dessert areas. 

They store water and can survive without it for long periods of time. So if you live in a dry, hot area, this plant is perfect for you.

Is aloe vera edible?

The outer part of the leaves and the gelatinous inside are edible.

But the aloe plant has a substance called aloin or latex, which is not edible; it is characterized by its yellowish color. 

But before eating this succulent, make sure you verify with your doctor to make sure you can eat it. 

And I will encourage you to learn how to eat it. 

Conclusion: Is aloe vera a succulent or a cactus?  

Succulents and cacti can be found in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Today, due to its popularity, we can easily find a variety of different types and species all over the world.

With this comes a lot of confusion about whether aloe vera is a succulent or a cactus. 

But the answer is quite simple the aloe is a succulent plant. 

Succulents have many varieties of plants, so cactus belongs to the succulent family as the aloe vera. But each belongs to a different kind within the succulent family.