Sempervivum ‘Mark Weller’

Sempervivum ‘Mark Weller’

Sempervivum ‘Mark Weller’ distinctive rosette with lovely shades of dusty rose and gold or violet flushes in some seasons. 

Its long leaves give it a classic lily-like appearance.

Sempervivum ‘Mark Weller’ need plenty of outdoor sunlight to show their best colors and maintain a tight rosette form. 

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Types of Succulents: The Complete List

Types of Succulents

Here you will find all types of succulents, is a complete list of succulents that you will love, whether that be, types of succulents for outdoors or types of succulents for indoors with picture its all here. These plants we grew up seeing in Grandma’s room have become a favorite for gardeners and interior designers. … Read more

Echeveria “Etna”

Echeveria "Etna"

Echeveria ‘Etna’, hybridized by the mother Denise, came to life in December, 1981 and was named for the volcano ‘Etna’ in Sicily. 

Dick Wright, a good friend of Denise, agrees that the probable parents of ‘Etna’ are his own beautiful hybrids, Echeveria ‘Barbillion’ and Echeveria ‘Mauna Loa’.

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Echeveria “Doris Taylor”

Echeveria "Doris Taylor"

The Echeveria “Doris Taylor” is an attractive succulent it growth up to 2 inches tall, which forms rosettes of fleshy leaves.

Stems are short with numerous horizontal offsets.

The entire plant, including flower, is cover with glistening hairs, similar to Echeveria setosa but more numerous.

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Echeveria agavoides “Lipstick Echeveria”

Echeveria agavoides

Extraordinarily eye-catching, Echeveria agavoides ‘Lipstick’ is a small evergreen succulent forming crisp rosettes of fleshy, sharp-pointed, bright green leaves adorned with vibrant crimson margins. 

Reminiscent of an Agave, each leaf is tipped with a small spine (hence the name). 

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Echeveria harmsii “Plush Plant”

Echeveria harmsii

Echeveria harmsii “Plush Plant”, commonly known as Plush Plant or Red Echeveria, is an evergreen subshrub native to Mexico.

It forms small rosettes of fleshy, narrow, dark green, velvet-plush leaves adorned with red edges. 

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Epithelantha micromeris “Button Cactus”

Epithelantha micromeris

Epithelantha micromeris is a very popular cactus in collections around the world for its size and simple but beautiful flowering.

It is a species native to Mexico and the southwest of the United States where it grows mainly in plains or high cliffs of mountains present in the well-known Chihuahuan desert.

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Euphorbia lactea “Cristata”

Euphorbia lactea

The genus Euphorbia is included in the family of Euphorbiaceae and is made up of more than 2,000 species of cactiform plants (cactus-like), herbaceous plants and shrubs or trees.

It is known by the vulgar names of cristata, Crested Euphorbia, Crested Plant or Crested Candlestick Plant.


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Graptosedum “Alpenglow”

Graptosedum "Alpenglow"

Graptosedum Graptosedum ‘Alpenglow’ is a cultivar obtained by crossing a plant of the genus Graptopetalum with another of the genus Sedum belonging to the family Crassulaceae. 

It is widely cultivated throughout the world for the beauty of its foliage, extreme resistance, and multiplication. 

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