String of Bananas (Senecio Radicans )

String of Bananas

The Senecio Radicans is also known as string of bananas, Banana Chain, Fishhook Chain, Succulent Fishhooks and Senecio Fishhooks.

If you are looking for a succulent that cascades for your balcony or in a pot, look no further.

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Sedum Pachyphyllum (Jelly Beans)

Sedum Pachyphyllum

Sedum Pachyphyllum also called Jelly Beans, Many Fingers or Blue Jelly Beans is a succulent, whose origin is from Oaxaca, Mexico.

The Sedum pachyphyllum form a compact plant of erect growth, about 20 cm high.

The stems are covered with thick, cylindrical, fleshy leaves and very close together.

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10 Best Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas

In this article I will talk about the best outdoor toy storage ideas so let me start with this.

Children are a blessing from heaven.

In this, every parent should agree without hesitation.

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Rhipsalis Cereuscula

Rhipsalis Cereuscula

Rhipsalis Cereuscula is an epiphytic cactus.

This plant reaches up to 60 cm long.

It belongs to the Cactaceae family and is native to South America and grows mainly in Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil.

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Crassula ovata “Gollum Jade”

Gollum Jade

Crassula Gollum , commonly called jade tree or Gollum Jade is a succulent plant native to Mozambique and some of the South African provinces.

Some of the names this plant receives are Crassula Ovata, Shrek Ears, Jade Plant, Lucky plant, Money Plant or Money Tree,  Jade Trumpet or monstrous Ovata.

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