What Is the Best Month to Plant Roses?

What is the best month to plant roses?

Roses are part of the flower family known as Rosaceae. 

The roses are made up of more than 100 types of species, which are classified within the bushes.

This plant is native to the Asian continent although it currently has a presence in a large number of countries on other continents.

Roses have several general characteristics that make them stand out from the rest, such as having thorns, having very beautiful flowers with large petals, and presenting a wide variety of colors.

Today the use of roses is very widespread, especially as an element of decoration, in perfumery and in gardens.

What is the best month to plant roses?

Rose bushes are wonderful plants, blooming from early spring to late summer, and can continue to do so until mid-fall if the weather is mild.

Having them in the garden is a joy. 

A real pleasure for sight and smell.

 In addition, they are very easy to care for since they are made up of frequent watering and small prunings to grow healthy and vigorous.

But, although they are very resistant, it is necessary to take into account that their growth period begins in late winter / early spring.

 For them to take root without problems, they must be planted when the temperature begins to rise above 15ºC.

The best time to plant this type of plant is from October to the end of March.

Potted rose bushes, meanwhile, can be planted throughout the year, except at the time of full bloom or frost. 

It is important to note that it is not necessary to plant in the frost season, if the soil is too hard, nor in the summer if the soil is too dry.

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Tips to take into account when planting rose:

1. Choose good quality roses. When buying a rose bush, we must decide on a healthy specimen and correctly choose the format in which the plant is presented to us.

2. The location is extremely important, when deciding where to plant them, there are different elements to consider.

First of all, light. It should be in a light area, with the maximum number of hours against sun exposure possible. 

In addition, it should not be a place that is especially hot or cold, and especially that it is not humid to avoid pests.

3.Soak the roses before planting, this is an important step.

Types of rose bushes according to their sales presentation:

1.Rates with bare roots:

They are rose bushes that are sold with bare roots, without any soil. Rose producers extract the bushes from the ground and clean them leaving the roots more vigorous and important.

It is a format that can only be offered in winter, when the plant is in vegetative rest at another time the rose bush would die.

At the time of purchase, choose a rose bush with healthy, firm roots that are at least 20 cm long.

Also, note the stems, there must be a minimum of three per plant and they must be green and strong.

If you purchase a bare root rose bush, you should plant it as soon as possible. 

If you can’t do it immediately, put it in a pot or in some corner of the garden and cover the roots with soil until you decide.

You don’t need to water it, but you can prevent it from drying out excessively.

Don’t take to long to plant the rose.

2.Roseroot balls:

Like the previous ones, root balls are sold in winter, but they usually appear in nurseries and garden centers closer to spring.

They are sold with the roots in a mesh or a small bag that holds a certain amount of soil attached to the roots. 

The stems are pruned and a good specimen must have at least three branches.

In theory, the mesh that supports the root ball is biodegradable and can be introduced into the soil when planting. 

The reality is that many producers have chosen to use plastic bags and, in that case, we must separate the root ball before putting it on the ground.

In this case, the roots are not visible, but take a good look at the stems when you choose your specimen. They should appear healthy, green and firm.

3. Potted roses:

Potted rose bushes are sold year-round and can be planted in any season. 

They are shrubs that have developed roots inside the container in which you buy them, which makes it easier for the plant to take root and make it look pretty from the moment you plant it.

Don’t expect to find potted rose bushes full of flowers, at least not all. Except for the “mini” and “patio” roses, the roses need deep soils to fully develop and fill with flowers.

When you remove it from the pot to put it in its final place, loosen the soil and loosen the root ball a little to facilitate the growth of new roots.

How are roses planted?

1. The first thing we should do is find a place to plant them. Ideally, the location should allow sunlight, all day, but if you give them only half a day it will do the job. 

2.Afterward, we make a planting hole of about 40cm x 40cm, one for each rose bush, and mix the soil with two or three handfuls of organic fertilizer (earthworm humus, manure, guano, … whichever we prefer). The plants have to be separated by a distance of 40-50cm, except if they are of the mini variety, which can be about 30cm.

3. Then, fill the hole a little with the mixed earth, so that the rosebush does not fall far below ground level (it is recommended that it remain about 0.5-1cm below so that the irrigation water does not go out).

4. Continued, the rose bush is removed from the pot, placed in the center of the hole, and filled with more soil mixed with compost.

5. Finally, it is watered.

How often should you water the roses?

During the first three weeks, they should be watered regularly, preventing the superficial layers from drying.

Later, they can be watered regularly every other day. Although the rose bush usually develops better if it is well water, but do remember that excess watering causes multiple diseases that will kill your plant. 

Where to plant a rose?

The location most provide at least 6 hours of daylight especially during spring and summer.

They love sunlight, but they don’t tolerate direct sun for many hours. Just keep it under 6 hours as a general rule.

Avoid planting roses in a location with very cold winters (at least outdoors).

How to prepare the soil?

They require a loose substrate, rich in organic matter, with excellent drainage and well aerated to avoid waterlogging.

If you are going to grow potted roses, make sure the soil is well loose and draining properly. This will keep the humidity.

The rose bush does not tolerate acid soils, nor high levels of calcium in the substrate. 

They also do not support high levels of soluble salts.

Roses can be attacked by:


2.Red Spider