Are Mini Rex Rabbits Hypoallergenic?

The Mini Rex rabbit is one of the many hypoallergenic pets that you can get for yourself. They are known to produce less dander than other rabbits and cats and are therefore quite safe for people with allergies.

The coat of this breed of rabbits is shorter than other rabbits and it’s also quite velvety and soft. Moreover, the rabbit is small in size with the adult weighing only about 3.5 lbs. Because of these reasons, this breed of rabbits is quite popular among pet owners.

Some people who are allergic to pet dander ask if the Mini Rex is hypoallergenic. Keep reading on if you also want to know the answer to this question.

Are Mini Rex Rabbits Hypoallergenic?

All About the Mini Rex Rabbit

There are many rabbit breeds and the Mini Rex is one of them. These rabbits are so-called because of their unique fur or coat. They have a very plush, soft, and velvety fur with all hairs of the same length.

Since they are short-haired, these rabbits do not need a lot of grooming. Because of this reason, they are also known as a “low maintenance” rabbit breed. However, it’s recommended to brush your Mini Rex’s fur at least once a week.

The Mini Rex is a popular choice for a domestic rabbit because of many reasons. First, it is small in size. And second, it is available in a wide range of colors with tricolor, broken, patterned, and single-colored varieties.

Some of the colors that you will find in these rabbits include black, otter, lynx, lilac, red-eyed white, opal, seal, and sable.

The average lifespan of the Mini Rex rabbit is 8 to 10 years, which is quite impressive. This is owed to its relatively good health and no breeding-related health problems. These rabbits are moderately active but they need a good amount of space nevertheless.

The Mini Rex rabbits are quite affectionate and they are not afraid of humans. In fact, they love to spend time with their masters and hence can prove to be excellent pets.

Are Mini Rex Rabbits Hypoallergenic?

And now coming back to the question, are Mini Rex rabbits hypoallergenic? While many rabbit owners who have had a chance to keep the Mini Rex claim that they are hypoallergenic, we cannot guarantee that they won’t cause any allergies.

People with asthma and other respiratory problems may still experience an allergic reaction to the Mini Rex rabbits. Although their coat is composed of short hairs and they don’t shed like other rabbit breeds, they can still carry allergens in their saliva and dead skin cells.

At the same time, it’s safe to say that the Mini Rex is one of the best pets for allergy sufferers. Let’s find out how.

1. They are low-maintenance pets

Since these rabbits are compact in size, you are not going to need a large enclosure for them. As a result, it will be easier to clean and maintain. Moreover, since they don’t shed a lot, you are not going to need a lot of cleaning anyway.

Because it’s easier to maintain a clean and healthy environment with the Mini Rex, these rabbits won’t cause a lot of health problems for allergy sufferers in general.

2. They don’t shed as heavily as other rabbits do

People who might be allergic to rabbit dander will find comfort in the Mini Rex because this rabbit breed sheds very lightly. Their fur is also extremely soft and velvety, which is another reason why most people would want to have this rabbit in their house.

3. They are sweet-tempered

These rabbits have been found to be very affectionate and sweet-tempered. They are eager learners and love to spend time with humans. Because of this, even children can take care of them without any danger.

If one person in the family is allergic to rabbit dander, he or she can take a break and allow other members to take care of the bunny. These rabbits are friendly and easy to handle. They are only moderately active and about 80% of their diet should be composed of just plain hay.

All these qualities make the Mini Rex one of the best choices for a domestic rabbit. The distinctive coat type is only found in one other rabbit breed, which is known as the Rex. It is the larger cousin of the Mini Rex but more difficult to maintain.   

What Type of Allergies Can You Get With the Mini Rex?

Skin allergies like rash and eczema are common with the Mini Rex in addition to mild breathing problems. Some people also experience a runny nose and watery eyes. Severe allergies and symptoms are very rare.

The allergens are mostly present in the fur, saliva, and dead skin cells of rabbits. If you pet your rabbits and stay close to them, you can inhale these particles and develop an allergic reaction.

Since it isn’t just the fur or dander that produces allergies, a rabbit’s saliva and dead skin cells can also trigger a reaction. And therefore we cannot say that a particular breed of rabbits is completely hypoallergenic.


The Mini Rex is among the most family-friendly rabbit breeds. It has all the qualities people look for in a family-friendly pet. Rabbit owners recommend keeping the Mini Rex as your pet if you are an allergy sufferer. However, no rabbit is completely hypoallergenic and the same is true for the Mini Rex.

It is, however, a fact that this breed of rabbits is much easier on allergy sufferers than other rabbits because they shed very lightly. If it is the fur or dander of pets that you’re allergic to, keeping the Mini Rex will solve many of your problems.

Nevertheless, people who are prone to pet allergies may still develop an allergy to a protein found in most rabbits’ saliva and dander. The best way to keep allergies at bay is to follow regular cleaning and maintenance routines and restrict your bunny’s movements in the house.