Do Burned Leaves Make Good Fertilizers?

Burning leaves is a popular way to get rid of this plentiful yard waste. Will burned leaves be a good source of free fertilizer? Burned leaves can be used in the garden in plants that prefer alkaline soil, greens, garlic, and peas. Burned leaves and wood are high in potassium which can improve flowering, strengthen … Read more

Flour As Fertilizer: How and When to Use It

Wheat flour can be added directly to the soil, it is high in nitrogen. Flour can be used sprinkled around plants to deter pests or composted to use as soil amendment down the road.  Flour is easily attainable and can be used in nitrogen-poor soil like clay.  Can Flour Be Used as Fertilizer Flour can … Read more

Can Bunnies Eat Cherries?

While adult rabbits can eat most fruits and vegetables, some ingredients might not be safe for their health. Rabbits have large stomachs, designed to hold huge amounts of plant-based foods. The plants rabbits usually eat are rich in fiber content like grass hay. But that doesn’t mean rabbits should be allowed to eat everything in … Read more

Can Bunnies Eat Cooked Carrots?

Bunnies love to eat carrots is a misconception people have about what rabbits like to eat. While rabbits tend to have sweet tooth, they don’t really go wild eating lots of fruits and vegetables. The main element of their diet remains grass hay and it comprises about 80 to 85% of their daily diet. Rabbits … Read more

Do Bunnies Eat Grasshoppers?

Many mammals like raccoons, foxes, and rodents are seen eating grasshoppers. But rabbits are herbivores and they mainly feed on grass and hay. Both wild and domestic bunnies mostly get their food from plant sources. Rabbits would seldom munch on insects but the possibility of eating one in the wild is there. If given a … Read more

Do Bunnies Eat Other Bunnies?

Animals show mysterious behavior at times and one of the rather disturbing traits many animals including rabbits exhibit is eating their own young ones. However, that doesn’t mean they do this frequently. Since rabbits are herbivores, they don’t eat meat by choice, and neither do they attack other animals or grown-up bunnies to devour them. … Read more

Can Rabbits Drink Fruit Juice?

Rabbits drink fluids quite frequently but the best fluid for them is fresh plain water. However, it is also ok to give fresh juice once in a while to change the taste or provide your bunny with some extra nutrients. If you are a rabbit owner and want to know if your bunny can have … Read more

My Rabbit Ate Plastic! Follow This Guide NOW

While it’s safe for a rabbit to chew on a plastic toy occasionally, eating or swallowing large pieces of plastic is not going to be too good for her. There isn’t going to be any medical emergency though but still, it’s a good idea to keep these harmful items away from your bunny if you … Read more

Can Bunnies Sleep With You?

It is a common practice for pet owners to share a room with their dogs and cats when they sleep. However, sleeping with bunnies is not very common. This is probably because bunnies tend to be very active, particularly at dawn and dusk. If you plan on sleeping with your bunny, you should be ready … Read more

Are Wire Cages Bad for Rabbits?  

If you are planning on keeping a rabbit, it’s important to know what type of housing is best for these fluffy friends. Many types of cages are available on the market ranging from wooden and plastic cages to wire and metal rabbit cages. Poor health in bunnies is often a cause of a bad rabbit … Read more