14 Best Houseplants For Beginners

Sometimes is challenging to grow plants inside our home, especially if it’s an apartment; they usually die because of the lack of sunlight.

For this reason, I created a list of 15 plants that you can have in your home, and they’re great for beginners. 

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11 Plants That Grow In Water

Many plants have the ability to grow and develop in water; this is a technique called hydroponics. 

In which you basically use water instead of soil to grow your plant.

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11 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Anti-mosquito plants can help you fight the annoying bite of this insect.

Anti-mosquito plants are plants whose fragrance is usually pleasant to us but, due to their chemical composition and aroma, act as natural repellants plus is pro-environment.

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9 Plants That Clean The Air

Sometimes we think that plants only serve to decorate the home, but the truth is that they serve much more, including cleaning toxins from the air.

What’s more, NASA recommends a series of plants that we should have at home to enjoy cleaner air.

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12 Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are truly beautiful animals that fill the garden with joy and beauty.

Many flowers help attract hummingbirds to our garden, but some flowers work more than others to attract these flying wonders.

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12 Flowers That Bloom All Year Round

It is really beautiful to have flowering plants all year round, but sometimes it is difficult to achieve this.

For this reason, here is a list of plants that can bloom throughout the year, as long as you take the necessary care to achieve it.

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10 Climbing Roses Ideas

Climbing roses can be pruned in the form of shrubs or trees and cultivated both in the ground and in pots, whatever form you choose; they are specimens of incredible beauty and aroma.

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