Can Used Motor Oil Be Used As Fertilizer

Motor oil does not fertilize plants, it will kill plants over time and transfer harmful chemicals to edible crops and livestock that consumes plants grown in soil contaminated by motor oil.  Oil should only be disposed of in designated areas, if motor oil is applied to plants they will die and it can also harm … Read more

Does Mexico Use Human Dung As Fertilizer?

Some Mexican farmers and farming operations use night soil or composted human waste as fertilizer on crops. There are farms in Mexico that use untreated sewage to water crops and add nitrogen to the soil, but these crops are not usually imported to the US, but consumed in Mexico.  Traditionally human waste has been used … Read more

Can You Use Rotten Fruit As Fertilizer?

Rotten fruit is a great fertilizer for garden plants. Gardeners can use rotten fruit as compost, compost tea or buried as is to grow things like fruit trees and pumpkins that have deep root systems.  The most common way to use fruit and vegetable scraps is to use them in a compost bin or compost … Read more

Can Diesel Exhaust Fluid Be Used As Fertilizer?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF is mostly urea, the same ingredient in many nitrogen fertilizers, but DEF should not be applied as fertilizer as it is not tested for use on crops. The product is very pure and generally only contains two ingredients; urea and water.  DEF is designed to be used in diesel engines … Read more

Can I Use Tomato Fertilizer on Other Plants?

Tomatoes are popular container plants and specialty fertilizer is available at big box stores and even small convenience stores.  Tomato feed is a lower nitrogen fertilizer that is designed to help improve flowering and fruiting of the tomato plants. The fertilizer would be suitable for other plants that need fruiting and flowering support. It is … Read more

Do the Amish Use Human Waste As Fertilizer?

Amish communities use human waste from outhouses to spread on crops, but it is not true in all communities. The practice appears to be more common in the Old Order Amish.  Old Order Amish communities may use outhouses as indoor plumbing requires a pressurized system. This can be accomplished with air pressure, but some communities … Read more

Is Fertilizer A Element, Compound, Or Mixture

Fertilizer is a mixture because the atoms that make up the substance are not present in a set ratio.  Fertilizers primarily contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in various amounts. They often also contain calcium, magnesium, boron, iron, copper and other minerals.  This ratio is listed on the packaging of fertilizer as the NPK ratio.  Compound, … Read more

How Long Does It Take Granular Fertilizer to Dissolve? 

Granular fertilizer breaks down in about 2 weeks, but you can dissolve it in warm water in as little as a day or two and apply it as a liquid fertilizer. Granular fertilizer does require moisture to dissolve so you can speed up the process with frequent watering.  Granular fertilizers are sometimes called slow-release fertilizers. … Read more

Lime Fertilizer and Dogs

Lime can be very irritating to pets who can ingest the powder or pellets, breathe in the dust or lick the lime from paws of fur.  Plan to keep your dogs off the grass for as long as the lime is visible in the grass. Depending on the lime used and the strength of the … Read more

Is Rabbit Poop Good Fertilizer For Grass

Rabbit poop can be used as fertilizer for establishing new grass or feeding a lawn that needs a boost. Rabbit poop is a balanced organic fertilizer that will build your soil over time and release nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium throughout the growing season.  Rabbit poop is particularly high in nitrogen and phosphorus, but it also … Read more