How To Turn Granular Fertilizer Into Liquid

Liquid fertilizers are a better choice for cold weather and when you want to use a sprayer application.  Granular fertilizers will dissolve in water and can be applied with a sprayer. Be sure to soak the fertilizer until it is completely dissolved in water. Apply the correct amount for your soil by checking the NPK … Read more

Can You Use Newspaper as Bedding For Rabbits?

Being a rabbit parent comes with lots of responsibilities. From food to entertainment to housing to grooming, you have to ensure that your rabbit enjoys maximum comfort while with you.  As a new rabbit parent, one of the things that you may find confusing is rabbit bedding.  In the past, many people kept beddings in … Read more

Are Rabbits Good as a Classroom Pet?

Having a classroom pet has been a crucial component of children’s learning. Teachers use this aspect of learning to help kids develop their social and emotional abilities, like many pet owners. Choosing a classroom pet requires a lot of careful thought and preparation; every teacher should invest their time in making the best choice available … Read more

Wild Rabbit with Broken Leg (What to Do?)

A wild rabbit with a broken leg is like being on the edge of a cliff without a lifeline. Unlike domestic rabbits, who get served everything, including food and care, on a platter, wild rabbits have to fend for themselves. They must scavenge for shelter, food, water, and mates to survive in their environment. In … Read more

Can Rabbit Eat Frozen Mango?

Like so many rabbit enthusiasts and novice rabbit caregivers on the internet, you may be wondering, “can I give my bunnies frozen mangoes?” Yes. Frozen mango contains a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that are essential in preserving the rabbit from oxidative damage. However, while feeding your rabbits with frozen mangoes isn’t bad, keep … Read more

Can Rabbit Eat Wheatgrass?

Since they are herbivores, rabbits may eat a wide variety of foods. This habit may seem strange to rabbit owners with little to no knowledge about rabbit care.   In addition to carrots, a rabbit’s diet also contains vegetables and certain fruits. By rotating its diet and giving it these various veggies, you can provide your … Read more

Can Bunnies Eat Saltine Crackers?

If you already have a bunny at home or you’re planning to get one, what she can and cannot eat is going to be an important consideration.   Rabbits have sensitive digestive systems and about 80% of their diet should only be composed of fresh hay, such as Timothy, meadow, and orchard grass. Leafy greens … Read more

Is Dog Poop a Good Fertilizer for Flowers?

Gardners are great at using what they have, and if you have a dog, dog poop might be a free source of nutrients for your garden.  Adding dog poop to your compost pile can transform it into a rich fertilizer in your garden. It has the added benefit of reducing the waste produced by your … Read more

Is Lawn Food the Same As Fertilizer?

Getting that golf course look at home can be complicated, if you need to fertilize your lawn can you add lawn food? What is the difference? Fertilizers feed the soil and primarily contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Lawn food is a marketing term used by some companies to describe fertilizer products. Lawn food should be … Read more

Can A Rabbit Live In A Garage?

In addition to the more traditional choices of a cat or dog, furry rabbits can also be kept as pets. Rabbits are an alternative for pet enthusiasts because, fortunately, they don’t need as much attention and upkeep as other types of animals. Very often, rabbits are incredibly bubbly and make excellent companions. They also share … Read more