Can Bunnies Eat Beetroot?

Greens and vegetables are part of the ingredients that make up a healthy diet for rabbits. This explains why most experienced rabbit caregivers occasionally include vegetables like carrots, cucumber, bok choy, fennels, etc, in their pet’s foods.  Now, you might want to find out if rabbits can also eat beetroot. The answer is yes; adding … Read more

How Many Chickens Can Fit in a 10×10 Run?

A chicken run is a fenced-in area where chickens can roam freely and safely. But how big does this area need to be? How many chickens can fit in a 10×10 run? As it turns out, quite a few! A 10×10 chicken run can comfortably hold up to 25 chickens. This is because chickens need … Read more

Will a Chickens Broken Leg Heal on its Own?

Having chickens as pets means you will need to be prepared for a lot of things such as fractured wings and legs. But the question is, will a chickens broken leg heal on its own? The answer to this question depends on how bad the situation is. A chicken’s broken leg can definitely heal on … Read more

Why Are My Chickens so Loud in the Morning?

Every day, when the sun begins to peek over the horizon, my chickens start making a racket. They seem to be shrieking at the top of their lungs for no reason. I’ve tried covering their coop with blankets and putting music on to drown out the noise, but nothing seems to work. Why are my … Read more

Is it Illegal to Feed Chickens Chicken? [Discover Facts]

We know chickens love seeds, grains, and insects to feed on. But what about meat? Is it illegal to feed chickens chicken? Will it make them cannibals? let’s find out Yes, it is illegal to feed chickens chicken. In most states, it is actually a crime to give poultry any type of meat or processed … Read more

Why Do Chickens Bury Themselves in Dirt?

If there are chickens around you’ve probably noticed that they like to take dirt baths. Chickens will fluff out their feathers and dive right into a pile of loose dirt or sand. They’ll flap their wings and kick up the material until they’re completely covered. But a question comes to mind, why do chickens bury … Read more

Can Pigs Eat Donuts?

Pigs are known to eat almost anything you feed them, but in reality, this doesn’t mean they should be eating anything out there. We should take the proper measures and only feed them what will improve their overall health.

For this reason, in this article, I explain whether or not pigs should be eating donuts and how it will affect their overall health if they do so. 

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Can Rabbits climb trees?

Rabbits love to see the rest of the world from a higher position. Asides from being a good workout option for them, rabbits also climb for recreational purposes.  Now, the popular question most rabbit caregivers are prone to ask is; “Can rabbits climb trees?” Trees are a bit hard for rabbits to climb due to … Read more

Do Rabbits’ Tails Fall Off? 

The rabbit’s tail is the most fragile part of a rabbit’s body. Hence,  it can easily be lost in an instant. That’s why it’s important to help the rabbit avoid situations that can lead to the loss of its tail. Else, the rabbit is left to face an agonizing experience for the poor rabbit. A … Read more

Can Bunnies Play Dead?

A rabbit will do anything to prevent itself from danger. One of such funny defenses is playing dead. They do these when necessary as a form of protection. They are pets that easily get frightened, stressed, or spooked. They are creatures highly sensitive to their environment. They employ anti-predator tactics commonly known as thanatosis.  Yes, … Read more