Are Pigs Social Animals?

Pigs behavior is a fascinating subject to me; these extraordinary animals have lots of skills. They’ve been populating the world for thousands of years. And yes, who knows what that original pig breed looked like, but we can surely say that its genes have successfully spread throughout the world.

And it’s no surprise pigs have survived and thrived, whereas many other animals have gone extinct. These omnivorous animals will eat anything in order to survive, and they can easily adapt to cold or hot climates, making them truly versatile.

But sadly, people have many misconceptions when it comes to pigs, one of them being “pigs are dirty animals,” which is far from the truth. But I encourage everyone to expand their knowledge regarding pigs, and you will be surprised at how smart these animals can be.

For this reason, in this article, I explain if pigs are social animals or not and what type of behavior you should expect when dealing with them. 

Are pigs social animals? Yes, pigs are definitely social animals. They like to be together with other pigs, but they also like spending time with their owner and other farm animals. But there is significant evidence that free ragin pigs will live in groups of about eight individuals.

In this type of group, you will typically find the sows and their offspring.

Although boars are solitary animals, they do like to associate with humans. 

But you will definitely find hierarchy within these groups, and fights will occur from time to time to determine who will be the leader. 

This type of behavior can also be found on pig farms. An interesting observation is that the heaviest pigs it’s usually the most dominant amongst the group. So experience and genetics can give them an advantage when compared to other pigs. 

And this type of behavior will start among young piglets and can typically last 3 to 4 months until someone wins. We can call it the hunger games. 

Another reason to also consider that pigs are social animals is that they reproduce a lot. In fact, this is such a big problem that local law enforcement encourages hunters to go out there and put down some pigs.

They multiply so fast that it’s becoming a problem for the local community as they eat anything they can find.

It’s also one of the reasons there is so much pig meat available; they reproduce fast, and the sow will give you up to ten piglets. 

Can Pigs Live Alone?

Overall, pigs like to live in groups as it makes them feel safer, and they can also hunt more easily.

But there are some wild pig breeds that will live alone.

You can get it both ways when it comes to pigs. But mostly in groups.

Do Pigs Need Other Pigs?

Yes and no. Some pigs, like I previously mentioned, like to live alone, but even they get together to reproduce. 

But most pigs will live together, so we can also say they need other pigs to survive but to also be able to play and socialize. 

Do Pigs Feel Lonely?

Yes, pigs can definitely feel lonely; if a small group of pigs loses a member, you will notice they will act differently. 

And also, a pig that is left in isolation will start to get aggressive or depressed if it’s left there for too much time. 

Do Pigs Remember Their Owners?

Yes, pigs are very smart animals; they will remember their owner but not only that.

Studies have shown that pigs can remember up to 30 different pigs, they can find their home even from long distances, and they remember places where they have eaten and will usually go back to them. 

In fact, if they are properly trained, they can be used to find things like truffles because they can remember the smell of many types of foods or substances. 

What Makes Pigs Happy?

If you want to make your pig happy, follow these steps.

Pigs need to have space to eat, defecate and play.

They also need to have a healthy diet where they get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins they need in order to survive.

And if possible, you can put them in a group of pigs they feel comfortable with; then, you definitely have a happy pig.

This is why I say to people that think of owning a pet pig to make sure they have the proper space, time, and condition to take care of them. If not, it’s best not to get one.

How Do You Know If a Pig Is Sad?

A sad pig will show depressed body language. You can typically see them with lowered heads and not responding to people around them.

They will spend more time in their house than going outside to play around or eat.

It’s important to be aware of your pigs behavior, so you can correct anything that might be affecting them.

How Do Pigs Show Affection?

Pigs will usually wag their tail, play around you, make noises, etc.

You can immediately tell when a pig is happy and shows affection towards you.

Conclusion: Are Pigs Social Animals?

Yes, pigs are social animals; they usually like to live in groups of 8, but you can also find lonely wild pigs that will only gather to reproduce. But it is quite common to see pet pigs. This is to show that pigs like to be with humans and other animals.

It is important to understand that when caring for a pig, you must look into the social aspect, space, and diet they have to determine how well they are. 

So when a pig is unhappy, it’s because it doesn’t have space, some other pigs are bullying him, or they are not eating properly.

If you make sure these previous points are in place, you will have a social happy pig.