Can Chickens Eat Apple Seeds? Peels-Cores-or-Green Apples

Chicken are impressive animals; they feed in an opportunistic manner, there able to adapt to different types of living conditions, and will eat whatever food is in the area. Because of this, feeding chickens is very easy to do; you can basically give them anything you can think of, and they will probably eat it. 

However, it is important to keep their nutrition in optimum condition. Providing a balanced diet. And also, just because they can eat everything, it doesn’t mean they should. This is why I’ve been developing this type of article in order to assist people in determining which type of food their chicken can and cannot eat. So let’s get into your question.

Can chickens eat apple seeds? No, chickens should not eat apple seeds; these seeds could potentially cause the death of your chickens since they contain a chemical call cyanide, which is poisonous to chickens. But they can eat the other parts of the apples.

So, please remove all the seeds from the apple before feeding your chickens to prevent them from getting sick and possibly dying.

Are apples good for chickens? (nutritional benefits, vitamins etc)

Chickens love apples since they are very easy to digest; they are also juicy and sweet, which is irresistible for your chickens.

Apple contains peptides, amino acids, fiber, and trace elements. They also contain natural sugars, which provide a good amount of energy for your hen.

Also, this fruit helps detoxify the bird’s body and strengthen its immune system. 

Another of its benefits is that it helps to strengthen the animal’s musculature and its bone system; it also favors the growth of the chicks, making them stronger and much healthier.

I recommend that you include apples in your hens’ diet; just remember that you must remove the seeds from the apples to avoid cyanide poisoning.

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How many apple seeds will kill a chicken

As we mentioned earlier, apple seeds are harmful to chickens as they contain cyanide.

If your chickens consume a considerable amount of these seeds, they can die from cyanide poisoning in less than an hour.

There is no exact amount of seeds that could kill your hen since, as a general rule, the more they eat, the worts their condition will be. But I can say between 2 and 4; they can probably survive. More than that is hard to tell.

So if you have apple trees and chickens in the area, keep them far from the apples unless someone is supervising and removing the seeds from the apples.

Can chickens eat apple peels?

Yes, your chickens can eat the skin of apples since they do not represent any danger for your chickens; on the contrary, they provide fiber which is very good for chickens.

But you will have to determine if your chicken will like the peels, what you can do is mix the peeled and unpeeled apples, and you will know if they like it or not.

Can chickens eat apple cores?

Technically speaking, chickens can consume the core of the apple since they are not toxic to this animal. But despite this, it is not recommended to give apple core to your feathered friends since they are tough to eat, and the chickens could choke on them.

Also, the apple core is where the seeds are found, so if you decide to give this part of the apple to your chickens, you must make sure to eliminate all the seeds since they are toxic and possibly cut them into pieces.

Can chickens eat applesauce?

Chickens can and will eat applesauce; I’m sure you chickens will love it too, just be sure to remove all seeds before mashing.

Can chickens eat apple pie?

They can eat apple pie but only from time to time. 

Apple pie contains too much sugar, and consuming it too constantly is not advisable since it could weaken your chickens’ health.

Can baby chickens eat apples?

Not only can they consume apples, but it is recommended since they will benefit from the nutritional content the apple has. 

Helping them grow strong and healthy.

Can chickens eat green apples?

Chickens can consume this type of apple without any problem as long as you remove the seeds and the core of the fruit. 

And that’s what I love about chickens; they eat all types of things.

Green, yellow and red apples are all good for chickens.

Conclusion: Can chickens eat apple seeds? Peels-Core-or-Green Apples

The apples are very nutritional fruits that your chickens can eat; whether they are red, yellow, or green, they can eat them. They can also eat the peels and the core, but what you must avoid is your chickens from eating the seeds.

This is a big NO since the apple seed is poisonous to chickens.

So make sure to remove all the seeds before giving the apples to your hens.

I want to also mention, this type of food should not be the main source of food for your chickens. It’s very important for them to have a balanced diet. 

Yes, apples will provide some of the nutrients they need, but your chickens will need more than apples, so please keep a balance in their diet. 

You may say, of course, you don’t even have to tell me that. And good for you. That’s how it should be.

The thing is, I always mention this because some people will be in the position of providing large amounts of single food type to their chickens.

Which is not a bad intention, but having a chicken eat a single type of fruit for days or even weeks is not good for them, especially if it is not the normal chicken feed that is always recommended.