Can Chickens Eat Cottage Cheese? All You Need to Know

Dairy products can be quite unusual if you are thinking of feeding them to your chickens. But as you probably know, chicken can be quite gluttonous.

But was most important is to determent if what they eat is healthy for the chickens or not. With this in mind, let’s get into your question.

Can chickens eat cottage cheese?  Yes, chickens can eat cottage cheese; this can be a highly nutritious food for chickens; it will provide vitamins and minerals. Its highly recommended to mix it up with other types of food since cottage cheese can be high in fats.

I always recommend using cottage cheese as a better alternative to other cheese. 

Cottage cheese can provide the same nutrients as other cheese but is much healthier, especially in the dairy product world.

Another good option your chickens will love is goat’s cheese, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella. These are great alternatives and can also be quite healthy.

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Is cottage cheese good for chickens?

Cottage cheese can be quite nutritious for every 100 grams; you will find 98 calories, 11g of protein, 4g fat, and 3.4g of carbohydrates.

But although cottage cheese can provide all these types of nutrients and proteins, we have to be careful not to overfeed it to our chickens.

And yes, cottage cheese, compared to other types of cheese, is lower in fats, therefore, healthier but regardless is always best to use occasionally for your chickens.

Can chickens eat expired cottage cheese?

Chickens should never eat rotten food of any type, including cottage cheese.

This will put the health and life of your chickens in danger. 

Sharing left of over with your chickens is good, but you should never do it if it’s mold or rotten. This will usually get them sick immediately. 

You won’t probably be surprised, but many people think it’s ok to do this, so here is me telling you it is not ok. At least if you don’t want to have death chickens.

There is always a story of “my chicken doesn’t get sick when eating rotten food” please don’t listen to this. 

Just because a few chickens don’t get sick, it doesn’t mean it’s a general rule to be applied to all chickens. 

And we have to also consider that at some point you may eat your chicken or her eggs. So how will you feel in knowing that she’s been eating rotted food?

Especially when it comes to eating their eggs, I assure you that what you give to your hens for food will reflect in their eggs.

Can baby chickens eat cottage cheese?

As I previously mentioned, cottage cheese is a great energy source for chickens; this applies to baby chickens or chicks. They can definitely eat it.

But not only that, they will enjoy eating the cottage cheese.

But with everything when it comes to chickens, please keep it in moderation and remember to always mix it up with their feed.

Baby chickens should have a balanced diet in order for them to grow healthy and strong. 

Especially if we are looking to have healthy eggs for the family. 

Conclusion: Can chickens eat cottage cheese?

Chickens will never stop to amaze me when it comes to their eating habits; they love eating so much that the problem is not if they like the food; it is if they should it.

That’s why it’s very important for us to measure what they eat or not.

So when it comes to cottage cheese, chickens can definitely eat it but with moderation as it can be high in fats. But if compare to other cheese, cottage cheese can be one of the most healthy ones. 

But like always, keep a balanced diet since chickens should never eat a single source of food. Especially if it is not the chicken feed that they are supposed to eat on a daily basis. 

But cottage cheese can be a great treat for your chickens, especially if you mix it up with other types of food.

I hope this article was helpful; if you have any other questions, please feel free to send me an email. Thank you so much for reading.

Good luck to you.