Can Chickens Eat Split Peas? (Cooked, Raw, Frozen)

Chickens are exceptional animals, especially if we compare them to other types of birds. They can adapt easily to different types of environments, making them one of the easiest animals to breed. This bird can basically live in any part of the country, even the world.

But one of the main reasons they can do all this is because they can eat almost anything, which helps a lot when it comes to adapting to a new location or surviving.

Although they do have some limitations when it comes to the types of food they can eat, some types can be dangerous for them. That is why if you’re not sure if chickens can eat some type of food, you should seek advice, which is what you’re doing as you read this article. So let’s get to your question.

Can chickens eat split peas? Yes, chickens can eat split peas in all forms; they have a high volume of protein which can be pretty nutritious for chickens; however, peas should only be fed as a treat; overfeeding your chicken with peas could cause health problems. Here I tell you all about it.

Many don’t know this, but peas are not vegetables; they come from the family of legumes. 

As you probably know, feeding legumes to chickens can be a controversial topic. Many people will advise against it, and others recommend it.

But don’t worry, chicken can eat peas and legumes is all about the type you are giving to your chickens and how you are doing it.

For example, beans need to be cooked at high temperatures in order to be edible for chickens; if you avoid this step, you are literally giving poison to your chickens. 

But with peas is a different story; I will explain later on, but my point is that this example shows why we have to be sure of the type of food we are giving to our chickens since they can be from the same family, but when eaten it could have different effects regarding their health.

Another thing I want to mention is that although chicken can eat peas is important for them to have a balanced diet. 

Especially when it comes to their basic source of food, “the chicken feed” should always be present in their diet.

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Are peas healthy for chickens?

Like all the foods included in its category, peas are a good source of soluble fibers, which promote intestinal transit, and of vegetable protein.

They also contain abundant magnesium, necessary for protein synthesis.

This makes peas an essential food for chickens.

They are rich in Vitamin C and B complex vitamins such as B2, B3, or B9.

And also in minerals such as calcium, iron, and phosphorus, which play an essential role.

As you can see, these peas play a big role when it comes to the chicken’s health.

How to feed peas to chickens?

As you probably know, chickens are not picky when it comes to eating, so you can just remove the peas from the pod and feed it to the chickens.

You can mix it up with vegetables or chicken feed; they will love it. 

Can chickens eat raw peas?

Many chicken owners or breeders agree that chickens can eat raw peas; although they come from the legume family, they don’t produce the same effect as beans when eaten by chickens. 

But if you don’t feel comfortable feeding raw peas to your chickens, you can always boil it for a few minutes. 

Can chickens eat cooked peas?

This is a good follow-up regarding the previous question. Cooked peas are an excellent option when you’re not feeling comfortable feeding raw peas to your chickens.

So yes, they can definitely eat cooked peas.

You can cook the peas as you prefer; just make sure to avoid high volumes of salt or additives. 

Can chickens eat dried peas?

I always recommend that chickens should eat fresh food, but if you must, sure, they can eat dried peas.

But I don’t recommend it; it will also be more difficult for them to digest dried peas. 

And at the end of the day, a chicken will eat peas in different forms, but the question is if they should.

Can chickens eat frozen peas?

Yes, they will eat frozen peas; it won’t be their favorite meal, but they can eat it.

The best time to feed them frozen peas is summer; they will much appreciate it. And you will help your chickens with the heat of the summer.

Conclusion: Can Chickens Eat Split Peas? (Cooked, Raw, Frozen)

Chickens love eating different types of food, and it is a good idea for their diet to have it mixed up. So yes, chickens can eat split peas, cooked, raw, and frozen. It all comes down to personal preference regarding how you will like to feed it to your chickens.

But regardless, they will eat it. 

This is also a very nutritious legume for chicken, but we must use it only as a treat, not the main source of food. 

Remember that chickens should always have a balanced diet, and if you can’t, provide a balanced diet. Stick to the chicken feed.

It is not good to substitute the main food of chickens for something that is considered a treat.