Can Chickens Eat Turnip Greens?

Chickens have an amazing capacity, and that is they can eat all types of foods. In fact, they can eat so much that we must be aware of the types of plants and vegetables we grow in the backyard or garden since they might eat them without mercy, and some could be toxic for chickens. 

That is why in this article, we talk about turnip greens and whether or not chicken should eat them. 

Can chickens eat turnip greens? Yes, chickens can eat turnip greens. This vegetable is very nutritious to chickens and other omnivorous animals. Just make sure not to overfeed your chickens with it as they need to have a balanced diet in order to thrive. 

But there is no significant issue you will experience with this vegetable and your chickens other than overfeeding it could cause a lack of necessary nutrients. 

But if you mix it up with corn, rice, meat, and any chicken feed. Your chickens will go crazy about it and will provide a higher nutritional value.

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Are Turnip Greens Good for Chickens?

Interestingly, turnip greens are part of the cruciferous family whose members are kale and broccoli. So there is no surprise when I say this is a very amazing vegetable as it is high in nutrients and low in calories.

So your chickens can definitely eat the turnips greens, including its roots and leaves. 

This vegetable contains protein, fats, carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. But not only that. 

It is also rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K.

All these high levels of nutrients can help your chickens prevent diseases and enhance their health.

As you see, turnip greens are a great option for feeding it to your chickens, especially if it’s implemented systematically with other vegetables to your chickens diet. 

Can Chickens Eat Turnip Tops?

Yes, chickens love to eat all parts of the turnip greens, and they won’t find any issue in eating the tops, roots, and stems.

If this is your first time feeding them this type of vegetable and you notice they are not eating it, you can give them a second opportunity as sometimes they will need to acquire the taste for a particular food, especially if its new to them

But I don’t think you will find it too resistant. 

Can Chickens Eat Raw Turnip Greens? (Or Cooked)

Yes, both raw or cooked turnip greens are perfect for chickens to eat; your chickens might prefer the vegetables if they are chopped into small pieces, but other than that, they will be glad to eat them. 

Although some chickens might prefer it raw or cooked depending on the case, they might reject it if the cooked turnip is seasoned with something they don’t like. 

But knowing chickens, it’s unlikely, but there is always a purple chicken in the flock.

What Greens Are Best for Chickens?

Chickens can eat different types of vegetables; some of them include:

Turnip greens





Swiss chard


So you can definitely have them eat all this type of green vegetable and surely make them a delicious mixed salad with them. 

Also, if you see feet, you can add some perennials into the mix, like daisies, roses, daylilies, etc. 

I assure you your chickens will love it. 

Conclusion: Can Chickens Eat Turnip Greens?

Chickens love to eat green vegetables, and turnip greens are a part of that category. It is a very nutritional vegetable for chickens as it is high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Your chickens will love it. 

But also make sure to mix it up with your chickens feed, and you will enjoy having very healthy chickens. 

All parts of this vegetable are edible. Just make sure to interpret if your chickens rather eat them cooked or raw as they can acquire a taste for a particular style of vegetable preparation.

That’s why if you want to give your chickens a certain type of vegetable and they don’t like it, it is recommended to mix it up with their feed or something you know they like.

But don’t think too hard about it; chickens are flexible animals, especially when it comes to eating.