Can Hens Crow Like Roosters? All You Need to Know

Many chicken owners will find it strange the first time they hear a hen crow like a rooster; even most people won’t believe you when you try to explain to them your life-changing experience.

Also, many people believe that if you hear hen crows, it will bring misfortune or death. But don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. 

But what’s really interesting is that in the past when people couldn’t explain this event, they thought it was a sign of evil, that’s how strange it was, and it still is today to hear a hen crow. But let me explain what’s really going on with your hen.

Can Hens Crow Like Roosters?  Yes, a hen can crow like a rooster, it’s something quite unusual, but it can happen. Here is why, If you remove a rooster from the chicken coop, a hen could take his place; in other cases, they like to imitate, or they may have a testosterone problem. Here I give you all the details.

I imagine that by now, you are wondering if all chickens do this, and the answer is no, not all chickens can crow like a rooster; this is very rare and uncommon to see.

But why does a hen start crowing like a rooster?

Ok, here are the details.

Although there is no specific or obvious answer to that question, there are several factors that can influence your hen to start crowing like a rooster.

Chicken Hierarchy

It also often happens that your hen wants to take the place of a rooster.

If you previously had a rooster, but for whatever reason, it is no longer there, the hen that feels like the queen of the coop will begin to have certain masculine aptitudes such as crow.


One reason your hen may be crowing like a rooster is because she is mimicking one. 

But don’t panic; just because it can happen, it doesn’t mean it will happen to your chickens; as I previously mentioned, a hen crowing like a rooster is quite rare.

In case your hen has acquired this behavior try to remove the chicken from the rest, especially the rooster, and eventually, your hen will stop with this behavior. If it doesn’t here, I will give you more tips on how to deal with this.

Testosterone problem

Another reason why a hen starts crowing like a rooster is because she is suffering from a phenomenon called “sexual reversal”.

What happens in this phenomenon is that the ovum that produces estrogens in your hen begins to fail or is damaged, which causes estrogen levels to drop and testosterone to rise.

As estrogen levels drop and testosterone increases, your hen will begin to look like a rooster and act like a rooster, and will stop laying eggs.

If you notice any of these changes in your hen, you already know that your hen has a sex reversal.

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Can a hen turn into a rooster?

The answer is yes and no. Sex inversion is the phenomenon that causes chickens to begin to turn into a rooster, not only in their attitude but also in their physical appearance.

But, technically speaking, it will not be a rooster, but it will look and act like one.

How to stop a hen from crowing?

The first thing you should do is try to identify which of the factors mentioned above is the one that causes your hen to crow.

A good option if you want to confirm whether or not this is what is happening to your hen is to go to the vet, and they will confirm if this is the case or not and what should be done depending on the case.

But, if for some reason you can’t go to the vet, here is a solution that will work in any of the cases mentioned above, and that is a collar for roosters.

This is a collar that is used to stop the roosters from crowing. What it does is that limits the flow of air in its voice box, which makes the animal’s crow much lighter. 

You just have to be careful not to over-tighten it to avoid breathing problems.

Do hens crow sometimes?

Yes, it can happen, and this is the best moment to pay attention to this behavior and stop it. And avoid the problem when it is worst. 

Crowing hen superstition

As previously mentioned, many folks believe that a crowing hen will bring bad luck or death to your family. But this is not the case at all. 

As with the many chicken suspension, you here out there.

For example: 

To eat chicken feet makes one beautiful.

If you set hens in the afternoon, you will have bad luck.

If a chicken is hatched in the spring, it will lay only every second day. If it is hatched in the fall, it will lay every day.

A chicken crossing your path will bring bad luck.


An interesting fact is that this type of chicken superstitions go way back to the roman empire; yeah, you heard me right. Even the Romans talk about this. As well as other culture.

Conclusion: Can hens crow like roosters?

As you read in this article, hens can definitely crow-like rooster, which is not a common behavior, but it can happen. But what’s best of all that you can find the solution to this problem is just a matter of patience.

Plus, it will benefit the chicken coop when the issue is solved. 

I encourage you to read a book or some article about the chicken’s behavior; this will help you a lot in your journey in raising chickens.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope I was able to answer your question.