Can Pigs Eat Bones? (Even Human Bones)

You and I know that pigs can eat almost anything of their liking, but the problem is determining if they should eat it.

In this article, I talk about bones and whether or not pigs should eat them. But do remember, no matter the answer, pigs should always have the main source of food which is the pigs feed in order to see them thrive and healthy.

Can pigs eat bones? Yes, pigs can and love to eat all types of bones, but they should be fed with extreme care as they could choke on the bones, or they might hurt themselves with a sharp bone and provoke an infection.

If you insist on feeding your pig bones, I’ve heard good things about this variety pack here. But it’s definitely recommended to be cautious, and it’s better to cook the bones before feeding them to your pigs, if possible.

If you have to decide on whether to feed them the bones or not, I recommend you don’t. The probability of them hurting themselves is extremely high, and let’s not forget the bacterias or diseases they could acquire if the bone is not properly cooked. 

Sure from time to time, with a properly cooked bone, they can eat it but don’t make this a habit. 

There are many other options you can use when feeding your pigs.

Always put first the health of your pigs. 

Another thing to consider is if you overfeed bones to your pigs, this may cause a digestive issue, and for sure, you will see them in pain.

They can also injure their gums, which could also bring an infection problem that you won’t want to deal with.

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Do Pigs Eat Bones and Teeth?

Yes, pigs will eat bones and teeth from any type of animal, including humans. This is one of the main reasons people recommend not feeding them bones, meat, or blood as they can acquire a taste for it, and they might attack other animals and even humans if they see an opportunity.

Now, don’t worry too much if your pigs just ate bones or teeth. This type of behavior occurs with the consistency of bad eating habits.

Can Pigs Eat Cooked Bones?

Yes, pigs can and should eat cooked bones; this is the proper way of feeding them the bones.

If pigs eat uncooked bones or rotted bones, you run the risk of a disease or bacteria, and we don’t want that for the pigs.

Especially if you are breeding the pigs for consumption, also, we must take care of their health. Please always cook the bones. This is the right thing to do.

Can Pigs Eat Chicken Bones?

Chicken bones are a typical option usually because it is part of our daily life, and to answer your question, yes, pigs can eat chicken bones.

But like I previously mentioned, try not to overdo it as this could endanger your animal’s life.

Can Pigs Eat Fish Bones?

As you probably know by now, not everything pigs can eat is healthy or safe for them, and fishbone is one of them.

I don’t recommend you feed fish bones to your pigs as they may hurt themselves.

They can definitely eat fish but avoid the bones. 

Can Pigs Eat Turkey Bones?

Turkey’s bones are quite big, so it might be a challenge for them to eat, but with pigs, everything is possible.

They can eat the turkey bones and will probably chew on them like if it was candy. 

But like I’ve been saying, make this a one-day thing, not a habit and make sure it is properly cooked.

I’m sure you’re just looking to treat your pigs, but we must be careful in doing so.

Can Pigs Digest Bones?

This is one of the main reasons over-feeding bones could cause some digestive issues; there shouldn’t be any problems in small quantities, but you should always strive for a balanced diet for your pigs. 

But yes, they can digest bones. And not only animal bones, as you will see next.

Can Pigs Eat Human Bones?

Mmmm, what have you done? Are you trying to make something disappear? 

I’m kidding (haha), but this is a very funny question that typically comes up; I don’t know why, but here’s the answer.

Yes, pigs can definitely eat human bones; in fact, if your pigs are accustomed to eating blood, meat, and bones and they’re hungry enough, if they see some weakness in a human, they might attack them and eat you.

But it’s unlikely, so no worries. 

But it has happened before.

Conclusion: Can Pigs Eat Bones?

Pigs are omnivorous animals, so they can definitely eat bones, but it is not recommended as pigs could choke or hurt themselves with the pieces of bones. Also, they run the risk of getting some type of bacteria or disease, and you won’t want to deal with that.

Pigs need to have a balanced diet, and there are definitely different types of food pigs can eat, so there is no need for us to systematically feed them bones. 

Now, if you’re just feeding them some chicken, it has one or two bones here and there is fine but make sure the bones and chicken are properly cooked and avoid any type of rotten foods.