Can Pigs Eat Cantaloupe? (Melon)

If we make a competition to decide which animal farms can eat the most, I think we can safely say pigs will be the winners. These amazing animals are omnivores, which means they can have a plant or meat-based diet.

If you think about that, it’s a tremendous capacity when compared to other animals; it means that when it comes to survival, they have more options than other animals. This is one reason there is an overpopulation of pigs running around in the wild in America. This is a real issue; you can look it up.

But for domesticated pigs, even though they can eat almost everything, we have to take the proper measurements to provide what’s best for them. And this is where we get so many questions asking about their diet. On this occasion, I will explain everything you need to know about the cantaloupe (melon) and whether or not your pigs should be eating this type of fruit. 

Can pigs eat cantaloupe? Yes, pigs can definitely eat cantaloupe (melon). This is a very delicious and nutritious fruit. Your pigs will enjoy eating it during the summer as it contains a high volume of water, which is great for keeping your pigs hydrated through the summer, but it can also be used throughout the year. 

I recommend cutting it into small pieces or at least into four, just to make it easier for your pigs to digest. But believe me, as soon as your pigs see it, they will devour it. 

And do feel comfortable giving them as much as they want to eat, especially if you only do it for the summer month. 

Can Pigs Eat Cantaloupe(Melon)

But do consider the pigs need to have a mixed diet, meaning their main source of nutrients should come from the pig feed or corn-based diet, but also mix it up with some green vegetables or grass. This is necessary in order to have thriving pigs.

Remember that if you’re looking for high-quality meat, it all starts with the pigs diet and, right after that, living conditions.

So never just feed a particular food type to the pigs; just like us humans, we need a variety of foods in order to be healthy; the same applies to the pigs. 

Also, when pigs get tired of eating the pig feed or corn-based diet on a daily basis, it’s great to add something extra like the cantaloupe. It would be a great dessert for them and a motivator for them to continue eating the pig feed. 

And also, consider that pigs can develop their own taste for foods, so don’t be surprised if some of your pigs regret the cantaloupe if this is their first time trying it.

But do give them a second chance; in fact, you can try it multiple times in most cases, and they will acquire a taste for it. 

Regarding the piglets, they should stick to their mother’s milk; after they outgrow these faces, you can introduce the pig feed and other foods. 

Is Cantaloupe Good for Pigs?

Yes, cantaloupe is a great fruit for the pigs to consume. It provides many nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin A, folate, potassium, vitamin B3, vitamin K, calcium, zinc, copper, selenium, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium.

But it also contains a high amount of vitamin c, which will help their overall immune system, it will keep your pigs hydrated, and their digestive system will love it as cantaloupe has a high volume of fiber. 

All these nutrients and vitamins will keep the heart of your pigs healthy. 

Can Pigs Eat Cantaloupe Rinds?

Yes, if you have some cantaloupe rinds, you can definitely use them with your pigs; they love eating this part of the fruit.

You can also mix it up with other fruits or vegetables just to make it more interesting for the pigs. 

Can Pigs Eat Cantaloupe Seeds?

I would be careful with giving the seeds to smaller pigs, but grown pigs will definitely eat the seeds.

But I recommend giving them part of the fruit, not only the seeds, as it can be more tasty or friendly for them to digest.

If not, mix the seeds with some rice or pig feed to make it more appealing. 

Can Pigs Eat Cantaloupe Skin?

This part is not as tasty for the pigs to eat as eating the fruit itself. But as you know, pigs don’t judge when it comes to eating.

Some of your pigs will eat it; others will reject it. 

Can Mini Pigs Eat Cantaloupe?

Yes, mini pigs, like all pig breeds, can and will eat the cantaloupe (melon) but do consider that mini pigs need to eat the pig feed as their primary source of nutrients. 

Anything else you feed to the mini pigs should only be used as a treat, especially since they don’t have a pig stomach like other pig breeds. You need to filter the type of thing they eat.

You don’t want your mini pig to get full by eating things that won’t provide the nutritional value they need on a daily basis.

So remember, the pig feed goes first; the rest is used as a complementary if you plan for it; this won’t be a difficult rule to follow. I find that in most cases when you see a mini pig that is not properly fed, it is a lack of planning by the owner. 

Make sure they always have the pig feed available and always use it; if one day you don’t have it, it’s ok to give them something else, but for the next day, go out and immediately get them the pig feed.

This is why it’s important to always consider if you can afford to have one of these beautiful animals as a pet because there are some responsibilities you must stick to. 

Conclusion: Can Pigs Eat Cantaloupe?

Yes, pigs love to eat cantaloupe. This is a delicious fruit for the pigs to consume, it contains a high volume of water which is great if you’re looking to keep your pigs hydrated, but it also has a high volume of vitamins and minerals, which will help keep your pigs healthy. 

But do consider that this type of fruit and others should only be used as a treat or secondary source of nutrients.

Pigs’ main source of nutrients should come from having a corn-based diet in combination with vegetables or grass.