Can Pigs Eat Chicken? (Chicken Feed or Raw Chicken)

Pigs are the type of animals that you will expect to eat almost anything that you give them, which is true, but in reality, we can’t just give them whatever we feel like it. They should have a proper diet that balances all the nutrients, minerals and protein they need. 

This is why in this article, I tell you all there is to know about pigs eating chickens, is it beneficial, or will it put their lives in danger? 

Can pigs eat chicken? Yes, pigs can definitely eat chickens, whether it’s a live chicken from your backyard or a deliciously cooked chicken. If your pigs have acquired a taste for it or are hungry enough, they will hunt down your chickens and eat them. Cooked or not, there is no difference for them. 

But it’s also important to consider that pigs will only eat your chickens once they learn that chickens are food. 

A young pig won’t hunt down your chickens, but once they figure it out, if they are hungry, they will definitely eat your chickens. So if I were you, I’d avoid having hungry or aggressive pigs near your chickens.

Can Pigs Eat Chicken (Chicken Feed or Raw Chicken)

Both animals can coexist in the same area. In fact, it is a common practice, but if you have many pigs, it only takes one, and you will start losing chickens overnight. 

Also, if you feed chicken to your pigs, especially raw, and they like it, next time they won’t wait for you to try some chicken.

If you have your chickens separate from your pig, then it’s fine to feed them to your pigs, raw or cooked. 

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Can Pigs Eat Raw Chicken? (With Blood)

With pigs, it’s all about acquiring the taste; if you feed raw chicken to your pigs, they will definitely eat them.

You may see some hesitation for first-timers, but in reality, most pigs will just eat the chickens, but after you start with this practice, there is no going back. 

Meaning from now on, when your pigs see some chicken nearby, as soon as they find the opportunity, they will eat them. 

Can Pigs Eat Cooked Chicken?

Yes, pigs love to eat cooked chickens, and this is the best way for feeding them to your pigs. This way, you can avoid pigs recognizing that they’re eating chicken.

You can chop the chicken into small pieces, mix it up with some veggies; this way, your pigs won’t know what they are really eating.

But if they figure it out, then your live chicken might be in danger. 

Can Pigs Eat Chicken Bones?

Yes, all parts of the chicken are fine for pigs to eat. But keep in mind it’s important for pigs to have a balanced diet. 

So feed this only as a treat, the main source of food for pigs should be the pigs feed. 

Can Pigs Eat Chicken Feed? (Or Pellets)

Pigs never judge food; they will eat all your chicken feed if they have the opportunity, whether corn, herbs, chicken feed or pellets. If they acquire a taste for it, they will definitely eat it. 

If you’re going to feed them this type of food, I recommend mixing it up with rice, vegetable or food scraps. 

But also remember, this should only be used as a treat since it does not contain the sufficient nutritional value that pigs need in order to survive. 

Can Pigs Eat Chicken Eggs?

Yes, pigs will definitely eat your chickens eggs; this is why it’s always recommended to crack the eggs and mix them up with other types of food.

This will help the pigs not know what they are eating and avoid them targeting your chickens eggs. 

They will eat the eggs raw or cooked; they don’t really care. 

Can Pigs Eat Chicken Wings?

Yes, all parts of the chicken a great for the pigs to eat. In fact, if you’re going to feed chicken to your pigs, it is best in small pieces. 

So feeding only wings will do the work, and if it’s cooked, even better. 

But do make sure not to feed them any type of rotted chicken.

Can Pigs Eat Chicken Poop?

Although it might sound nasty to some if pigs are hungry enough, they will eat chicken poop.

But not only chicken poop, but they will also eat their own poop and any other type of animal. This is normal behaviour for pigs. 

But don’t just go and feed them poop. It’s not recommended this can occur under some circumstances, but never do it systematically. 

Can Pigs Eat Chicken Nuggets?

Yes, pigs can definitely eat chicken nuggets but be careful in overfeeding process food to pigs.

Pigs should have a balanced diet consisting mostly of their pig feed, grain, herbs, and healthy proteins. 

Can Pigs Eat Chicken Feathers?

Feather doesn’t have the necessary nutritional value pigs need for their diet, but if they have the opportunity, they will eat it, especially if it’s mixed with other types of food.

But make sure this practice is not done on a regular basis, only feed the feather occasionally if you have to; personally, I won’t do it; I’m too picky with my animals.

Can Pigs Eat Chicken Carcass? (Broth)

Yes, pigs love all types of food, and they won’t hesitate to eat chicken carcass, broth or soup. They love it.

But my warning with this type of food is that you have to make sure to only use it as a treat; pigs should not be eating too much salt.

Can Pigs Get Sick From Chickens?

When feeding the chickens to your pigs, make sure it’s a healthy chicken; any type of disease that the chicken might have could be transmitted to your pigs when eaten. 

Make sure to take the proper measure and avoid this; remember that you or some else might be eating these pigs.

You will also avoid putting the life of your pigs in danger. 

Conclusion: Can Pigs Eat Chicken?

Yes, pigs will eat all parts of the chicken, whether it is raw or cooked, but be aware that if the pigs acquire a taste for chickens, they will start hunting down your chickens when they’re hungry. To avoid this, try cutting the chicken into small pieces and mixing it up with other types of foods. 

Also, consider that all these types of food should only be used as a treat and that your pigs feed should be their main source of food, as it contains the proper nutrients they need in order to thrive.