Can Pigs Eat Eggs? (Raw, Eggshells, Scramble)

Eggs are versatile and highly nutritious, combining many vitamins, minerals, calcium, and protein in one handy self-wrapped food. But can our omnivore friends eat this healthy food source, or is it reserved for humans? 

Today, we look into pigs eating eggs, whether they are suitable for pigs, and how pigs should consume them. 

Can Pigs Eat Eggs? Yes, pigs can consume eggs. In fact, eggs are very nutritious and beneficial for pig consumption. Eggs contain mass amounts of vitamins, minerals, and proteins such as Vitamin D, which is vital for pig immune systems, and Vitamin A, the essential Vitamin during their growth years. Eggs also contain vitamin E, iron, phosphorus, iodine, selenium, zinc, and calcium.

Even though eggs are so healthy, don’t forget that you should feed all good things in moderation, and this includes eggs.

Feeding eggs daily to your swine can cause significant cardiovascular issues and cause obesity.

Pigs should only have up to 12% protein in their diet, and adding extra eggs adds far more protein than necessary. For a 200 pound pig, keep the eggs at 4 to 5 eggs, once or twice a week for healthy growth and muscle tissue development. 

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Can Pigs Eat Egg Shells?

Yes, pigs can consume eggshells as they are very healthy for them. Eggshells contain high amounts of calcium essential for bone health, and they also contain some levels of magnesium and selenium. 

The great thing about the shells is that it’s okay to feed them to your pigs daily if you have lots leftover, as the shells don’t contain mass amounts of protein. 

As long as the pig can easily break up the eggshells to consume, they are fantastic swine treats. 

Even better, break them up yourself to ensure they don’t become choking hazards; this is especially vital for young and miniature pigs. 

Can Pigs Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Yes, pigs can consume scrambled eggs with a few things to consider. Always ensure they are adequately cooked, never add salt to scrambled eggs, and use a non-stick pan to avoid oil or butter use. 

Another thing to keep in mind for your pigs’ safety is that the eggs aren’t piping hot and have cooled over time. 

If you feel like mixing it up for your swine, you could add other pig-friendly foods to the scrambled eggs. 

Either way, eggs are adequate on their own, so it isn’t necessary to scramble them or combine them with other foods; but if you feel like making your pigs a special treat, scrambled eggs are a great option. 

Can Pigs Eat Raw Eggs?

It is known that one or two raw eggs on rare occasions won’t harm your swine, but regular feedings of raw eggs are not generally recommended. 

There are multiple reports of pigs enjoying raw eggs for the crunchy sounds they make while consuming! 

However, if you are feeding raw eggs regularly, your pigs will have consequences. Raw eggs contain avidin, a protein found in the egg white, which disrupts the absorption of biotin, causing diarrhea, hair loss, lameness, and dermatitis. 

If raw eggs are fed to swine daily, you could also be facing reproductive problems. If, for some reason, you can only feed raw eggs to your swine, add a biotin supplement to ensure they don’t obtain biotin deficiency. 

You are best to talk to your vet to make sure your ratio is correct and won’t hurt your particular pigs’ nutritional needs.

Can Pigs Eat Rotten Eggs?

Rotten eggs are not safe for consumption – by humans or pigs. Rotten eggs contain microbes and bacteria that can cause digestive issues, making them highly unsafe for consumption. 

Always dispose of rotten eggs and never feed them to your pigs, raw, cooked, and with or without shells.

Can Pigs Eat Boiled Eggs?

Yes, pigs can eat boiled eggs, and you don’t even have to peel the shell off! Boiled eggs are generally one of the pigs’ favorite treats along with farmers as it’s just so easy to provide to your swine. 

You can peel them to make them easier for your pigs to digest, but it isn’t necessary for most adult pigs. You can break the eggs up into pieces or even mash them up. 

This makes it very easy for young pigs to consume too. 

Can Mini Pigs Eat Eggs?

Mini pigs, along with all types of pigs, can consume eggs once or twice a week. If your pigs are already happy and healthy, one or two servings can supplement a balanced diet. 

Never feed eggs to mini pigs daily as it contains far too much protein for their digestive system to cope with, and it can cause cardiovascular disease. 

Mini pigs thrive on a specially formulated mini pig feed with additional treats on occasion; eggs are an excellent treat choice for mini pigs due to all of their vitamins and minerals.

How to Feed Eggs to Pigs?

Eggs are such a versatile food for humans, but it is even more versatile for pigs! 

You can feed raw eggs to pigs on rare occasions; you can boil them, scramble the eggs, or even add them to a protein mix such as soybean meal for an extra protein hit. 

As long as you keep it below 12% of your pig’s diet and the eggs aren’t rotten, eggs are a healthy option. 

For piglets and miniature pigs in general, you are best to mash or break the eggs up into smaller, easy-to-digest pieces. 

If the shell is hard to break, you are best to crack these eggs up, too, no matter what age your pigs are.

Conclusion: Can Pigs Eat Eggs?

Yes, pigs can definitely eat eggs; this is a valuable non-processed food source for pigs, full of protein, vitamins, and minerals. As long as they are consumed in moderation and provided the right way to suit your particular pigs’ needs, eggs are a great addition to their diet. 

So if you have an excessive amount of eggs and they aren’t rotten, try boiling them and mash them up for a delectable swine treat – no additives or supplements necessary.