Can Pigs Eat Honey? All You Need to Know

As a responsible pig owner, you know how important it is to research all foods to ensure your pigs get the most nutritious foods available. Sometimes, it can be hard to find relevant information on specific foods, and honey is one of them.

But in this article you will learn all there is to know about honey and pigs. This article looks into the benefits of honey, the effects of honey nut cheerios in pigs, and how you can feed honey to your swine. 

Can pigs eat honey? Yes, pigs can consume honey as the contents of honey aren’t toxic to pigs. There are two main types of honey: pasteurized and the other is raw honey. Raw honey is generally the preferred option rather than pasteurized as it contains more antioxidant properties and prebiotics. 

Honey’s main ingredient is sugar (carbohydrates), so honey isn’t the best food for pigs. 

However, raw honey also contains many vitamins and minerals, so it is okay in moderation. The trick is ensuring the goodness in honey outweighs the sugar content. 

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Is Honey Good For Pigs?

If fed in moderation to pigs, honey is a welcome addition to their diet. 

Some types of raw honey have as many antioxidants as fruit and vegetables. Raw honey also contains small amounts of minerals, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and B, and folate. 

While these additions are beneficial in a pig’s diet, it is important to highlight that honey is a type of sugar, so it should only be consumed in small portions and only occasionally offered. 

This will stop your pig from becoming overweight from the consumption of honey. 

Overweight pigs have many health problems such as arthritis, digestive issues, and even reproductive issues, so it’s best to provide honey in moderation. 

30% of honey is dextrose, which is absorbed into the bloodstream and used as energy, and it’s essential for many metabolic functions. 

If you have relatively active pigs that have space to forage, honey will be well utilized by the pigs. Insulin production is stimulated by dextrose, and insulin is critical for getting sows to return to oestrus. 

Another benefit of honey is that it aids the elimination of free radicals, which helps prevent strokes, heart disease, and abortions in pigs. 

Can Pigs Eat Honey Nut Cheerios?

There are no ingredients in Honey Nut Cheerios that are toxic to pigs, but if supplied to pigs, it needs to be of limited intake. 

This cereal is used as a treat for training piglets and miniature pigs. Some swine owners prefer to grind the cereal to make it easier for the pig to digest. 

Honey Nut Cheerios contain 12 essential vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Vitamin A, and calcium. However, it also has 12g of sugar per cup and once consumed, it is turned into glucose. 

This is great for active pigs that forage to utilize as energy. If your pig is relatively sedentary, the glucose will store as fat, potentially causing obesity.

 Many other foods are lower in sugar for the number of vitamins that honey nut cheerios contain, such as zucchini and cabbage.

Although, If your pigs love honey nut cheerios, feel free to supply it as a treat but avoid giving other high sugar content foods simultaneously. 

Can Mini Pigs Eat Honey?

Yes, mini pigs can eat honey in moderation, just like other types of pigs. Mini pigs are more volatile with their weight because they are so much smaller, so it is important not to overfeed your mini pig any food, including honey. 

Honey is mainly sugar, so you must give all honey in small amounts. It’s also good if you don’t mix honey with other sugary foods as this will be too much sugar for your pig to digest.

You are better off adding honey to pig-friendly food that is high in protein for a balanced feed. 

There are many reports of mini pigs loving honey and products containing it, making honey an ideal training treat. 

How to Feed Honey to Pigs?

The best way to feed honey to pigs is to add it to high protein content such as soybean or sunflower meals. 

You can combine honey-nut cheerios, peanut butter, and honey to make quick and easy snacks. These are perfect for training, and you can add your pig’s favorite nutritious grain to it. 

You can also add honey to pig-friendly cooked vegetables such as carrots or broccoli. 

Supplying honey on its own in a bowl will cause a sticky mess, so put the honey on a portion of food to give it texture and added nutrition. 

Conclusion: Can Pigs Eat Honey?

Yes, pigs can consume honey as it is non-toxic. It is essential to be mindful of how much you supply to your pig and ensure you feed it on occasion rather than as a staple food. Honey contains many vitamins and antioxidants, but honey has small quantities compared to some fruits and vegetables. 

Honey also contains lots of sugar which is problematic in high doses. 

Therefore, it is good to be mindful of what food you will pair honey with to ensure a balanced feed or snack. 

The trick is to always use common sense and moderation when it comes to your pigs diet.