Can Rabbit Eat Spearmint Leaves?

As you may already know, rabbits consume a lot of hay and fresh water to survive daily. However, you may also be asking “can rabbit eat spearmint leaves?”, wondering if it would hurt to add these extra leafy greens and vegetables to achieve balance in their diet.

Well yes, having one or two bites of the spearmint leaves isn’t a bad idea for rabbits. That’s because spearmint leaves are an excellent food option that is full of health benefits. They can be used as herbs in tea or cooking. 

Are you uncertain about introducing spearmint to your pet rabbit’s food? then stick to this piece as we go over the right quantity to add to your bunny’s meal. We will also look at the general benefits of spearmint to rabbits. Let’s get in! 

Can Rabbit Eat Spearmint Leaves?

The simple answer is “yes”.

Spearmint leaves offer a whole lot of nutritional benefits which makes them safe for rabbits to consume. You can feed spearmint leaves to your rabbit as a supplement to its regular diet. Nevertheless, when taking this action, you must apply moderation. 

How Much Mint is Safe for Rabbits to Consume

To be on the safe side, you may want to place just one spearmint leaf atop your bunny’s meal daily. Doing this will help you to prevent gastrointestinal disorders or any other distress. 

Remember to always wash the spearmint leaves before adding them to your rabbit’s food. This will help to rid it of toxins.

Do Rabbits Enjoy Spearmint Leaves?

Due to the fragrance of mint, most rabbits might not like spearmint leaves. If it is your bunny’s first time eating the spearmint leaves, it is best to serve them in small quantities. This will enable you to gauge their first reaction to the leaves. 

If the taste, however, appeals to your bunny’s palate, you may have discovered a new favorite treat for your furry pet.

Can Rabbits Eat Spearmint Flowers?

The flowers, which are either lilac or pink in color, are one of the several components of the spearmint leaf plant. Unlike the leaves, which have a potently fragrant mint flavor, this component of the mint plant has a fruity flavor.

It is safe for your rabbit to eat these flowers, though the taste would determine if your bunny likes it. Finally, this portion of the plant is a good substitute if your rabbit does not particularly enjoy the leaves.

Can Rabbits Eat Spearmint Stems?

While the flavor and aroma of the spearmint stems are similar to the spearmint leaves, it does not offer the same health benefits. Thus, It is better to serve your rabbit more of the spearmint leaves than the stem. Why? Because the spearmint stems do not enhance your pet’s health and should only be given occasionally as a snack.

Can Rabbits Have Spearmint Tea?

Yes, you can prepare tea for your rabbit by boiling spearmint leaves in fresh water. Spearmint tea comes in handy for rabbits that do not like to chew on the leaves. Just remember to always serve moderation and wait until it has cooled before giving it to your pet.

Can Rabbits Eat Spearmint Stalks?

Yes, rabbits can easily ingest spearmint stalks. Like spearmint leaves, spearmint stalks equally have a sharp, minty aroma. They also have a very soft texture that makes the rabbits enjoy eating them.

Can Rabbits Eat Spearmint Roots?

Although spearmint roots are safe for rabbits to eat, they have no nutritional or health benefits. In contrast, feeding your rabbit stems as opposed to roots is a better option. This is due to the chance that your pet may just be chewing on it without receiving any nutritional benefit.

What Other Mint Leaves Are Toxic To Rabbits?

Aside from spearmint, there are numerous species of mint plants that are suitable for rabbits to eat. Nonetheless, some mint plants like pennyroyal are known to be toxic and as such, should be kept away from your pet rabbit.

There are two varieties of the pennyroyal mint plant – American and European pennyroyal. These two pennyroyal varieties contain a substance called cyclohexanone pulegone, which can be harmful to rabbits.

Since the European pennyroyal leaves have some similarities with spearmint, it is important to be cautious and perceptive when telling the two plants apart. The American pennyroyal leaves, on the other hand, have upright leaves and blue flowers. If you give your rabbit either of these pennyroyal mints, the outcome could be catastrophic and necessitate a trip to the vet.

Advantages Of Feeding Your Rabbit Spearmint Leaves

When consumed by rabbits, spearmint leaves provide several benefits. One of these benefits is that it can serve as a remedy. Let’s look at some of the medicinal purposes of spearmint leaves.


Flatulence occurs when the rabbit takes in more air than it should have or consumes a meal that’s hard to digest. This can cause a huge discomfort to your rabbit.  

If you start noticing some signs of flatulence in your rabbit but can’t take them to a vet immediately, spearmint leaves can help fix things up. 


An obstruction in a rabbit’s digestive tract can cause dyspepsia quite readily. In this case, having your rabbit eat spearmint leaves can enable the smooth flow of food in its intestines.

Brain Performance

Spearmint leaves have a high number of healthy elements that can help to improve a rabbit’s mental health. This is because it contains little oxalic acid. Feeding your bunny spearmint leaves can boost its IQ.

Runny Stool

Your bunny’s excrement may start to get watery if certain foods are fed in excess. You could offer your pet some spearmint leaves to control feces and entirely solve this problem. 

Health Benefits of Feeding Your Rabbit Spearmint Leaves

Not only do spearmint leaves aid in treatment but it also benefits your rabbit’s general body health. These benefits center on the various body parts’ proper operations. 

Why is this food option important for your bunny’s health? let’s see below: 

Strengthens The Immunity of a Bunny

Vitamins A, B, C, and K are present in spearmint leaves. These vitamins boost your rabbit’s resistance by acting as antioxidants in the leaves. This can protect your pet from contracting many illnesses that could endanger its health.

Improves Eyesight

The spearmint leaves’ vitamin A content improves a bunny’s ability to see clearly. The leaves are also abundant in a substance known as beta-carotene, which is believed to prevent rabbit blindness. If you feed your pet enough spearmint leaves, you can prevent it from becoming blind.

Maintains Wellness Of The Skin And Bone

Spearmint leaves are a good source of vitamin C, which helps rabbits strengthen their muscles. This vitamin can aid to regulate the blood while also maintaining healthy skin.

These leaves also include vitamin K and potassium, which promote healthy bones and prevent muscle atrophy, respectively.

Additionally, potassium lowers your bunny’s risk of developing kidney-related illnesses. These components all have significant effects on your pet’s health.

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Final Thoughts

Adding a new option to your rabbit’s diet can take a lot of planning and thinking. However, with enough knowledge about food choice, It would be a simple and exciting process.

Spearmint leaves are rich in essential nutrients needed by a bunny and can be given regularly, but feeding it too much could have disastrous effects. 

Therefore, it is advised to start slowly and increase the amount of spearmint you feed your bunny gradually until your pet becomes accustomed to it.