Can Sheep Eat Corn: All You Need To Know

Sheep are ruminants animals; this means that they have jaws adapted to their diet based on herbs. 

The sheep have an interesting digestive system, which is divided into four compartments, and each one has a specific function. 

Ruminants regurgitate food; this means that they digest food in two stages; in the first, they consume it, and in the second, they carry out rumination. These animals are a great eater.

But to answer your question… 

Can sheep eat corn?  Sheep prefer to eat short, tender grasses very close to the surface of the field, but they are herbivorous animals, so they can eat corn but make sure it’s a limited amount since they need to have a balanced diet.

Another aspect of great importance in feeding sheep is that they receive the necessary amount of minerals. 

Those that cannot be absent from their diet are calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, chlorine, sodium, sulfur, iron, and zinc.

In definition, it could be said that sheep are an explorer by nature, they enjoy walking around looking for their food and this, in turn, allows them to achieve a better physical state and well-being. 

Grass, grapes, hay, grains, trees, and fruits are foods of great importance that should always be present in your diet.

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Can sheep eat corn cobs?

Sheep can eat corn cobs. 


Corn cobs usually contain about 32 percent fiber, about 2 percent total protein, and little mineral matter. 

So they won’t provide a good nutritional value to your sheep.

But it’s a good snack for sheep.

Can sheep eat corn husks?

I assure you sheep will love to eat corn husks.

But compared to the corn it’s self I got to say that’s their favorite.

Can sheep eat corn stalks?

Yes, sheep will eat corn stalks.

To make it easier for them, you can break down the stalks.

And stalks are perfect to use during fall or early winter.

You just have to preserve the stalks during summer and provide them to your sheep during winter. 

Saving you some money and providing food for your sheep.

Can sheep eat corn silage?

Yes, they can. 

Corn silage has been utilized in sheep diets for a long time with extraordinary achievement. 

It’s characterized by contributing lots of energy to the sheep. 

Despite the nutrition management, you may see, corn silage provides the flock nutrients needs.

However, sheep producers worry about the risks involved in using corn silage.

As it can cause a bacterial related disease called listeriosis.

A reason why you have to control the amounts the sheep consume.

Conclusion: Can sheep eat corn? 

Grass and hay form the basis of these two animals’ diet, and most of the energy comes from the fiber obtained after their decomposition.

It is likely that to increase their energy levels, they need to supplement with cereal grains such as corn, barley, or oats.

So yes, sheep can eat corn but make sure not to overdo it.

A balanced diet is required.

Sheep love corn.

They find it very attractive and will eat it when other feed is unappealing.

Unforsely corn only has 9 percent of protein.