Can You Use Newspaper as Bedding For Rabbits?

Being a rabbit parent comes with lots of responsibilities. From food to entertainment to housing to grooming, you have to ensure that your rabbit enjoys maximum comfort while with you.  As a new rabbit parent, one of the things that you may find confusing is rabbit bedding. 

In the past, many people kept beddings in hutch for outdoor rabbits. But the world evolves every day, and so does advice surrounding rabbit care techniques.  

When choosing a bedding for your rabbit, there are various options to explore. However, out of all the available options, newspaper beddings seem the safest; they are not inked or synthetically produced. By shredding newspapers, you may create a durable and affordable solution for your rabbit’s beddings challenge.

Are you looking to learn more about rabbit beddings and why newspaper beddings are an excellent pick for your bunnies? 

Can You Use Newspaper as Bedding For Rabbits?

Can I Use Newspaper Bedding for My Bunnies?

Yes, it is possible to use newspapers as your rabbit bedding. As long as your rabbit doesn’t come in contact with the ink in the newspaper, it’s an acceptable litter box material.

That’s because a  newspaper itself isn’t toxic and can serve as a solution to your rabbit bedding problems. Most people didn’t think making rabbit bedding with newspapers was a great idea, mainly because of their incredibly absorbent nature. 

To ensure your rabbit is safe, you can do a quick newspaper test to determine its level of toxicity. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Paper Bedding For Your Rabbit

When choosing newspaper bedding for your bunnies, they must consider their species and any associated health risks; Rabbits sometimes suffer from large or misaligned canines and ear mites.

In such cases, you have to give them the best possible care to minimize the chance of these health issues. Once you start thinking of getting a newspaper bedding for your rabbits, here are a few things to keep in mind:  


Rabbits spend a lot of time lying down on their bedding and napping. As a result, you must ensure that the bedding you select will improve their comfort.

To determine if the paper bedding is smooth enough for your rabbits, you can feel it with your hands. While feeling it, look out for rough or harsh items in the bedding that could hurt your rabbits. 

Excellent Odor Control

Since rabbits can get very messy and smelly, you should look out for a paper bedding that offers reasonable odor control for your bunnies.

The fresh fragrances in Smooth and neat bedding aids in leaving you with a fresh smell all day long. Additionally, you can find unscented and natural smells like apple spice and vanilla. Bedding with outstanding odor control is ideal for your rabbits.

Newspaper bedding, for example, has odor control built right in to get rid of stinky smells off your pet. 

Dust Free

Choosing dust-free paper bedding is important because they are much easier to change. Asides from that, they protect your pet’s respiratory system.

When you open the bedding, the first thing you want to do is to put your hand inside to check if there is dust. Once you notice that there are particles spreading in the air, it means the bedding isn’t dust-free; you should opt for another. 


As you may already know, bunnies spend a lot of time relaxing, sitting, and lying on their bedding. This means that purchasing the wrong paper bedding can affect the health of your rabbit.  You surely do not want that. 

So, It is important that you choose a material that is secure and unharmful to your rabbit. 


Pay attention to the absorbent nature of the paper bedding.  Absorbent materials tend to improve the cleanliness and comfort of the rabbit hutch.

They are equally appropriate for play and relaxation, which your rabbit needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Reasons You Need Newspaper Bedding

Newspaper bedding is one of the most special types of bedding for rabbits; there are many benefits of introducing it to your rabbit. Here are a few of them:

  • It’s cost-effective
  • Dries up quickly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Soft and can keep your bunny warm all day.
  • Absorbs smell
  • Acts as a substitute for an underneath burrow.
  •  Your rabbit will be less inclined to consume newspaper bedding because it is not particularly tasty.

Does Chewing Newspaper Bedding Harm Rabbits?

As mentioned earlier, rabbits do not find paper appetizing. This reduces the possibility of your pet rabbit chewing on their newspaper bedding. 

However, in a case where your rabbit chooses to chew on their newspaper bedding, you should get ready to take them to a vet as they might grow Ill.

Rabbits have particular dietary needs and need a lot of soluble fiber. Now, newspapers do not contain fiber; your pet rabbit can adequately digest it which might lead to intestinal blockages and constipation.

If you find that your rabbit is chewing their newspaper bedding whenever they’re playing, it’s a solid sign they’re hungry. Always give them food when necessary.

Steps to Make Paper Bedding at Home for your Rabbits

As a rabbit owner or caregiver, making newspaper bedding that is good and cost-effective by yourself at home is possible, only if you know the right steps. Below is a simple guide that you can follow:

  • Get a reasonable quantity of old and clean newspaper
  • Get a clean basin and pour enough clean water into it
  • Soak the papers in the water for some time
  • Remove them from the water straight to an obsolete dressed pillow mask. 
  • After that,  sundry the newspaper pole using both hands to take it off.
  • Once they are at ease, squeeze together.
  • Put it inside the rabbit hutch; after that,  pay attention to how comfortable it is for your rabbit.

Since you know how to produce a perfect newspaper bedding yourself, avoid using pines or wood sawdust because they may damage your bunny’s respiratory organs, thus causing breathing problems.

In all, the paper bedding must be made correctly to prevent any dangerous materials on them that could hurt the rabbit.

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Pros Of Choosing Newspaper Bedding For Your Rabbit


The good thing is that newspaper bedding has an almost dust-free surface. This makes it safe as your rabbit cannot die by absorbing the dust into its body system. 


Although many commercial newspaper bedding can be costly, many are reasonably affordable. You can also make the newspaper bedding yourself by following the steps that we have mentioned above.


Since the newspaper bedding will most likely take up the whole space in your rabbit’s home, it’s essential to make them feel maximum comfort. The rabbit will want to explore their surroundings and not feel irritated by the harsh texture of their bedding. 

That’s where newspapers come in – they are soft, fluffy, and lush! Your furry friend will surely love it. 

Super Absorbent

Newspaper beddings can absorb a lot of liquid. With this, you can be sure that there are fewer moisture and messes in your pet’s home. Your rabbit will feel drier and much more comfortable at the end of the day. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, newspaper bedding is convenient, and you can utilize it throughout your rabbit’s hutch. Although newspaper bedding may not always be necessary for your bunny’s wellbeing and pleasure, it can generally improve their quality of life and protect their cleanliness. Are you thinking of trying this soon? Let us know in the comments.