Adenium boehmianum: Grow and Care

Adenium boehmianum also known as “Bushman poison” is a poisonous succulent plant, which is endemic to the northern regions of Namibia and southern Angola.

Adenium bohemianus is a slow-growing plant. 

The flowers of these plants are similar to those of the Adenium swazicum. 

The leaves are greyish green and broad.

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Adenium dhofarense: Grow and Care

Adenium dhofarense is a shrubby succulent that can grow up to 3 m tall but slow-growing. 

It also has a shape quite similar to a dwarf baobab.

The leaves are extremely large and shiny. 

Adenium dhofarense produces small flowers that usually come out when the plant runs out of leaves.

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Adenia ellenbeckii: Grow and Care

Adenia ellenbeckii

The Adenia ellenbeckii comes from the Passifloraceae family, where its plants vary from large lianas on the roofs of the forests, passing through small vines, trees, and shrubs.

However, the vast majority of species are woody vines that reach several meters in length; this family has around 18 genera and about 630 species.

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Adenia epigea: Grow and Care

Adenia epigea

Adenia epigea is a fairly large, slow-growing liana that can be up to 5 m long.

The stem is base in semi-wood, which often reaches up to a meter in diameter. 

From this stem, vines emerge (branches) up to 5 m long with tendrils approximately 5 to 10 cm long.

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Adenia ballyi: Grow and Care

Adenia ballyi

Adenia ballyi is a slightly strange shrub, it can grow up to 2 m tall, it has curved spiny shoots that grow up to 1 m in diameter. 

One of the characteristics of the underground roots of Adenia ballyi is that it serves as a reservoir for water in times of drought.

The truth is that this plant is quite rare, and it would be a good option to add it to a collection of plants it will give a different touch to your garden. 

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Adenia firingalavensis: Grow and Care

Adenia firingalavensis

Adenia firingalavensis is a climbing, deciduous plant. 

The main stem is around 2 meters high and 50 cm in diameter. 

Other climbing stems grow from the main stem that can reach 15 meters in length.

It is a slow-growing plant but of a large size.

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Adenia fruticosa: Grow and Care

Adenia fruticosa

Adenia fruticosa is a plant that belongs to the passionflower family, and is native to southern Africa.

This shrubby tree is around 1 to 2 m tall, but can sometimes grow up to 6 m.

The stems of Adenia fruticosa has jar-shaped and smooth, which measures between 40 to 60 cm in diameter and 1 to 2 m in height.

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Adenia glauca: Grow and Care

Adenia glauca

Adenia glauca is a species of shrub that belongs to the Passifloraceae family and is native to Africa.

This is a climbing plant, which can measure up to 3.5 m in height, emitting numerous stems that are approximately 3 m long.

The leaf blade is 12.2 cm long by 2.5 cm.

The petiole is 5.1 cm long, and the fruit is about 1.8 to 2.5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide with a circular shape and no pit.

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Adenia globosa: Grow and Care

Adenia globosa

Adenia globosa is a plant that belongs to the Passifloraceae family; you can find this plant in Kenya, Somalia, and Tanzania.

Adenia globosa is a climbing shrub forming a dangerously spiny tangle of twisted stems radiating in all directions, which in its habitat can grow up to 2.5 m in diameter.

The branches are around 8 m long, full of thorns, erect and twisted. 

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Adenia keramanthus: Grow and Care

Adenia keramanthus

Adenia keramanthus Is a fast-growing plant that can reach heights of approximately 2 to 3 feet.

The leaves have an ovate to orbicular outline, 1.5 to 15 cm long, and have 5 veins from the base. 

They are pale green, with a gray felt-like covering on both sides of the leaf.

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