Crassula ovata “Gollum Jade”

Crassula Gollum , commonly called jade tree or Gollum Jade is a succulent plant native to Mozambique and some of the South African provinces.

Some of the names this plant receives are Crassula Ovata, Shrek Ears, Jade Plant, Lucky plant, Money Plant or Money Tree,  Jade Trumpet or monstrous Ovata.

This plant is characterized by very slow growth, although it can reach more than 50 cm in height over the years.

Its very fleshy leaves are the main attraction of this plant, along with its shape and color.

As a young man, it does not have an evident stem due to the rosette arrangement of its leaves.

As it grows, the stem will be seen, as arboreal.

Another peculiarity of the crassula gollum is that it varies in color according to the time of the year, from bright green to dark green with red tips.

They are characterized by having a conical or trumpet shape (they tend to bend to the sides) with the apex straight or somewhat curved.

On many occasions a very conspicuous groove is observed that completely curves the leaves.

It can be grown indoors if they receive enough lighting.

Also, it gives small white or pink flowers in the form of stars.

Its compact form makes it ideal for growing in pots and practicing the art of bonsai.

As you get older, the trunk and stems become solid and thick.

This gives it a very interesting appearance.

Flowering in this species is rare, we can only observe it in well-maintained plants with some years of life.

The flowers are grouped into clustered inflorescences that appear at the apex of the stems; They have a starry shape with very evident stamens and are completely white.

Tips for growing and caring for Crassula Gollum


Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’ is very susceptible to over-watering and the most common reason for the failure to grow these plants is too much watering.

This is why you should water the plant only when the substrate is completely dry.

It is recommended to water in the morning or afternoon to prevent the midday sun from burning its roots when heating the substrate water.


The more sun you receive, the better for the crassula gollum.

For this succulent to grow compact it must receive good lighting.

In winter we must provide about 5 hours of direct sunlight so that the apex its leaves are pigmented reddish-purple and make it more attractive.

You just have to take care of the plant in summertime, since excessive sun could burn the leaves.

So in the sunniest hours put the plant in partial surplus.


Use compost or worm humus once or twice a year.

If you use a diluted fertilizer, specific for cacti or succulents, be sure to use it in the growing months, which are the cold months.

Plagues and diseases

Crassula gollum is attacked mainly by aphids and mealybugs that we must eliminate with special insecticides or manually if the invasion is minimal.

If brown-dark spots appear on the leaves and rough texture, they are sunburned, protect the plant from the intense sun.

If the leaves become wrinkled it is a symptom of water shortage, water urgently.


The succulent Gollum is propagated by leaves or cuttings.

  • Sheet Propagation
  1. Tear off a leaf from the plant. Make sure there is no part of the leaf on the stem.
  2. Allow the blade to heal the wound for two days. Place the sheet on a napkin in a dry place.
  3. Place the leaf in cactus and succulent substrate.
  4. Do not water until they have roots.
  5. Once they have roots, water with a spray or spray bottle.
  • Propagation by cuttings
  1. With a clean and sharp knife cut a branch from the base of the plant.
  2. Allow the cut to dry for several days.
  3. Place the cuttings in well-drained soil or substrate for cacti and succulents.
  4. Wait a few days before watering.


Crassula gollum requires growing in hot climates throughout the year.

It does not tolerate temperatures below 10 ° C for a long time, frost will kill it quickly.

Ideal temperatures for growth should be stable between 15-30 ° C.

In temperate countries we recommend keeping it in greenhouses or inside the house where it receives sun during the winter.


The ideal substrate for crassula gollum, must have perfect drainage.

Usually, a mixture of gravel, earth and coarse sand is used.

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