Do Pigs and Dogs Get Along?

On a farm, you will typically see different types of animals coexist, and this is part of the traditional farm life, but if you take the time to analyze how to run a farm with different types of animals, you will notice each type of animal must have their own space in order to coexist.

But sometimes, there is an exception to this rule. So get ready because you will learn whether or not pigs and dogs get along.

Let’s start with the short answer.

Pigs and dogs can get along under proper conditions, however, it’s not recommended. Pigs may bite dogs and harm them, and even steal their food if given the opportunity. Dogs are very territorial animals, and if you can’t control your dog, it’s not recommended to introduce another animal, especially if your pigs like to hunt other types of animals. 

Now it is more complicated than that because I’m sure you have seen some type of pet pig sharing space with a dog, and sure, that could definitely happen. 

But that requires proper training, and most of these types of cases are with pet pigs, usually mini pigs.

Do Pigs and Dogs Get Along

Since they are home pets, these animals will have the time to grow together and adjust to each other’s space. But this is with the proper training. 

When it comes to farm pigs, it can be even more difficult, but hey! Nature can do wonderful things.

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How to Introduce a Pig to a Dog?

The following tips have worked for many people who love their pets and want them to be together.

But It’s important to take your time and make sure they are comfortable with each other. Never leave them together unsupervised until you are sure they are trustworthy of each other.

So let’s start with this.

Make sure your pig is in a safe and secure area. You don’t want to introduce him or her to areas that both of your pets use to go to the bathroom. 

Place them in a room together and close both doors (use baby gates if necessary). Bring your dog in and allow him or her to go about their own business away from the pig. 

Give both of them time to get used to each other’s smell. Let them eat in the same room and praise them when they get along with no fighting.

Eventually, after several hours you can let them interact with each other in a larger room. 

Let your dog have all the fun he wants, but make sure your pig gets out of the way if the dog gets too rough. 

Once you are sure that your pig can go back and forth between rooms safely, then let them have free access to each other’s area.

Can a Pig Kill a Dog?

Pigs are very smart and can run at high speeds. If they feel threatened, pigs will attack to protect themselves. 

But that’s not to say that your pet pig will attack your dog. Pigs and dogs have different personalities. Some pets get along just fine, while others are more aggressive. 

So it could happen but under rare circumstances.

It’s important to realize that pigs will attack when they feel threatened. This should be a reminder that even though your pet pig might be small, they can still pack a punch.

Why Do Dogs Attack Pigs?

Dogs can trigger happiness anytime, but it usually happens when one of the pets feels threatened or wants to play. Pigs are much larger than dogs, so if a dog attacks them, it can easily hurt them.

Dogs are very playful, which is why sometimes they attack pigs in play. But this doesn’t mean you should let your pets get away with bad behavior. 

You should always watch them for signs of aggression and nip them in the bud right away to prevent problems in the future.

Do Mini Pigs and Dogs Get Along?

Compatibility between mini pigs and dogs is like the compatibility of any two animals. Some pets will get along just fine, while others might fight.

It all depends on the personality of the pet and whether or not they have been properly trained. If a dog has been raised with a pig, they will usually get along just fine. 

But if not, then you should expect fighting and problems to occur.

Often dog owners worry about their pets not getting along because of the size difference. Mini pigs are much larger than dogs, so some owners fear their dogs will get hurt. 

But it is important to remember that your pet pig weighs around 200 pounds on average. Your dog will not be able to hurt them easily.

What Should You Do If Your Dogs AttackYour Pig?

If you see signs of aggression, such as the pig’s ears pinned back and their teeth showing, then you need to stop the behavior as soon as possible. 

You should never physically punish your pig, as they are very sensitive and will feel threatened by your display of power. You should try using citronella spray or a water gun to break up the fight.

Make sure to separate the two animals as they will need the space and check to see if any damage occurred.

No, pigs and dogs are not related. They are both mammals, but that’s about as far as the similarities go. 

Pigs have been domesticated for over 5,000 years. 

Dogs have been around even longer than that!

Pigs and dogs are very different in their behavior and lifestyle. Pigs are very intelligent and enjoy the company of humans, while dogs tend to be more stubborn. Some people believe that pigs should be treated like dogs because they are such smart pets, but it is important to realize that they are very different and will need to be treated as such.

Conclusion: Do Pigs and Dogs Get Along?

If you control your dog, and he doesn’t like to hunt or persecute other animals, you could consider introducing a pig. If not, you must train your dog and pig in order for them to coexist. Not doing so will surely cause many troubles. 

Remember that these animals are very different, and your thinking of racing them together, you must provide the proper space and health condition for them to coexist. 

Training the dog and the pig is a big part of this to work, and it might not.