Do Rabbits Drool When Scared?

If you own a rabbit, you must have noticed that just like humans, they also tend to feel frightened when faced with an unpleasant situation. 

However, at some point, you start to wonder if drooling is an obvious sign that your rabbit is feeling nervous or anxious about something.  

Well, yes. Rabbits can drool when they have a good meal in front of them or generally feel happy about a situation. Nevertheless, if drooling occurs frequently, it indicates something else is wrong, and you need to check them.

If you’ve ever wondered why your rabbit drooled as a reaction to anxiety, or you are thinking of how best to treat your scared rabbit, then we’ve got you covered in this article.

Do Rabbits Drool When Scared?

What are The Causes Of Drooling In Bunnies?

There are various reasons your bunny might drool at different points. Let’s look at some common ones below: 

1. Mouth Injuries

This is one major cause of drooling in your rabbits. For example, if your adult rabbit is going through severe dental issues, it might start drooling as a way of relieving itself of the pains.  

In situations like this, seeking the expertise of your vet will help ensure that your bunny’s health comes back to normal.

2. Overheat Due To Harsh Temperature

Due to their thick fur, rabbits tend to get heat stroke quickly; being under such conditions can cause them to drool. This happens mostly during summer when their temperature is mostly high. 

According to a study by Michigan State University, a rabbit’s normal temperature is 102°F-103° F. When it gets lower; your rabbit may not just drool but also grow weak or suffocate.

3. Distress

Although they might try to conceal general busy pains and discomfort once in a while, rabbits are quite fragile creatures.

So, if you notice that your rabbit is drooling and wearing a droopy face too, it might be that they are going through some body pain or anxiety.

4. Medical Problems

Certain medical conditions such as pneumonia, kidney complications, gut problems, etc., can make your bunny drool. 

Once you notice that your rabbit is going through any of these, do not hesitate to take them to a qualified vet. 

How Do Rabbits React When Scared?

Even though they are easily frightened, rabbits have the natural ability to hide their feelings from you, their caregiver. 

The following are signs of being on the lookout to figure out when your rabbit is scared:  

  • Restlessness
  • Being aggressive
  • Panting heavily
  • Start growling
  • Frequent hiding
  • Lack of appetite
  • Unresponsiveness
  • Slow movements
  • Lethargy
  • Being excessively watchful.
  • Hiding from the owner

How To Control Excessive Drooling In Your Bunnies

Now that you know that rabbits can drool when they are scared, here are ways to control it effectively: 

Ensure You Carry Out a Medical Test On Them

It’s risky to guess or treat a supposed medical issue without first enquiring from a licensed vet. Else, you might find yourself overheating, whereas their problem is mouth injury, thus exposing your bunny’s health to harm. 


When the causes of your rabbit’s drooling have been diagnosed, you can begin the necessary treatments recommended by the veterinary doctor. 

Also, remember to constantly check their mouth area so you will treat every sickness discovered at once.

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Healthy Habits To Calm Your Scared Bunnies

A Steady Cool Temperature

Being in a heated room can put the rabbit under stress, courtesy of their thick fur. 

Therefore, it is advised to keep your bunny’s living environment as cool as possible. Ideally, you can install an air conditioner; it is an advantage. 

However, in the absence of an AC, you can try to regulate the room temperature to help them remain healthy and without fear.

A Quiet Environment

What is usually your reaction when you hear a loud noise? You jerk up. It’s the same thing with your bunnies.

Your rabbits feel tense in a noisy environment. These sounds may come from your kids playing or music. When your rabbits experience this, they feel uncomfortable and scared. 

While it can sometimes be impossible to shut out the noise in your surroundings, you can try toning it down.

Build A Safe Place For Them

It’s essential to create a safe space for your bunny. Asides from helping them develop some self-confidence, doing this also prepare them to face every obstacle that might come their way.  

Besides, building the ideal hide for your rabbit wouldn’t cost much, just around $1 to $5. 

Avoid Holding Your Rabbits Frequently

One activity that gladdens the heart of every rabbit lover is holding and flaunting their pet’s fur. Regardless of how cute this may seem, doing it frequently is not advised. 

That’s because it prevents the rabbit from focusing on their immediate environment and shielding themselves from possible dangers. 

Give Your Rabbit Time To Trust You

It would help if you allowed your rabbit some time to master their new home and the new faces, including yours. Avoid rushing the acquaintance process. That can instill fear and uneasiness in your rabbit; you don’t want that. 

As soon as the rabbit gets comfortable enough to trust you, the chances of them feeling scared most of the time will be significantly minimized. 

Work With a Routine

The importance of having a stable routine for your rabbit can not be overemphasized. With a routine in place, the rabbit would rarely feel scared as it’s easy for them to dictate the next item in their schedule. 

Routines also help them guess an attack when activities aren’t carried out as expected.

Healthy Feeding And Relationship

When you do not feed your rabbits the right food, they can start drooling or feel sick, leading to fear. 

Also, try your best to establish a good relationship with your rabbits. You can start by playing with them or getting them treats when they behave rightly. That way, they can trust you more.

Final Thought

In all, rabbits are fascinating creatures to stay with if you study their behaviors. They play the role of lovely pets so well. But, failure to understand how their body system functions can give you a hard time, which is why you need to learn more.  

Are you planning to get a pet rabbit soon? This article will help prepare you for what to expect when they start drooling excessively.