Do Rabbits Eat Spiders? or Any Other Type of Insects

Rabbits have become one of the people’s favorite pets as they are cute and adorable. They are ideal if you are looking for a small animal that will keep you company. But as with all pets, this comes with responsibilities.

Although they are very independent animals, when they’re under your care, you must always attend to what they eat.

Do rabbits eat spiders? Rabbits are herbivorous animals, meaning they only eat plants, so they don’t eat spiders or any type of insects. But in some cases, while they eat their food, the rabbits may ingest a spider without realizing it.

That would be the only way a rabbit would eat a spider.

This means that you cannot add any type of insects to your pet rabbit diet since it will not benefit him.

Can spiders harm rabbits?

If the spider your rabbit ingested was a non-poisonous spider, don’t worry, it won’t affect your pet at all.

Nevertheless, if the spider was poisonous, it can cause some damage.

If many poisonous spiders appear where your rabbit lives, you should make sure that your rabbit does not eat them by accident.

But do not worry, rabbits do not go hunting for spiders or any insects, so you can rest easy.

It is also improbable that spiders will bite your rabbit unless they bother the spider, but in the end, the spider will end up being more afraid of the rabbit than the other way around.

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How to know if a spider attacked your rabbit?

If your rabbit’s scratches in the same area frequently, it would be best to inspect if there are any swollen or reddened areas.

If you notice any areas that indicate a sting, you can apply ice with a cloth to not burn the animal’s skin. 

The coolness will ease the itching and hopefully reduce the swelling.

My advice is that you be attentive to the bite’s evolution since, in some cases, an allergic reaction may occur; if this happens, you should go to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

How can rabbits deal with spiders when living outdoors?

If your rabbit lives outside, a good solution to avoid spider bites or any insect type is to use a mosquito net to cover the cage.

Try not to get the mosquito net too close to the cage to prevent our rabbit from reaching the mosquito net and breaking it.

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Do rabbits kill spiders?

It depends on the circumstances and how it is interpreted but a rabbit would not intentionally kill a spider.

Most likely, spiders will stay away from the rabbit, and the rabbit won’t go out hunting for them.

But if we talk about the possibility, then yes is possible a rabbit can kill a spider depending on the circumstance. 

Do rabbits eat insects?

Just as with spiders, in general, rabbits don’t eat bugs; they may eat them without knowing but not intentionally.

Do rabbits attract spiders? or any othe type of insects

I won’t say rabbits directly attract spiders, but many circumstances could cause this to happen. 

For example:

Depending on where you purchase your rabbit’s hay, sometimes it can bring bugs, and if you got a lot in your rabbit’s house or cage, this could attract spiders and bugs.

Another factor could be your rabbit cage’s location if it’s in an area where it will attract bugs, and we can’t forget about the weather and other factors.

Conclusion: Do rabbits eat spiders? or insects

As I mention before, rabbits only eat plants, that because they are herbivorous animals, they may eat some insects or spiders by mistake if its mix with their hay or food.

But they won’t eat a spider with intent.