9 Houseplants For Sunny Windows

Here I share a list of a houseplant for sunny windows.

These beautiful plants love sunlight and are quite resistant as long as you provide the proper care.

1. Jade

Crassula ovata “Jade” is a beautiful succulent plant native to East Africa; you can also find it in some of the South African provinces.

This plant is slow-growing, but it is attractive even being small. Crassula ovata can become a shrub or small tree, being ideal for creating beautiful bonsai.

Flowering occurs mainly in the spring, although it has been proven that its flowering period can cover the whole year in favorable conditions.

2. Euphorbia trigona

The Euphorbia Trigona has a beautiful red/purple stem.

The stems of this succulent have a candelabra shape with a triangular section, on whose three edges leaves and thorns are placed longitudinally continuously.

With the proper care conditions, this plant can grow very fast and can measure up to 4 meters, forming large upright columns.

3. Codiaeum variegatum “Garden Croton”

The Garden croton is a plant with many vivid colors.

The croton is quite demanding when it comes to the sun.  

The waterings should be regular to keep the soil moist but without flooding it. 

It requires a constant and warm temperature throughout the year.

4. Hibiscus

The hibiscus is a plant that can measure from two to five meters and grows in the form of a bush or tree. 

Its flowers measure up to 20 cm in diameter, and there is a great variety in terms of their colors.

If you want to keep it inside your home, what you should do is prune the plant so that it stays short.

5. Dypsis lutescens “Areca palm”

Dypsis lutescens or areca palm is native to Madagascar and reaches a height of approximately 3 meters, but sometimes it can reach 6 m. Its leaves are pinnate, arched, green, and between 2 to 3 meters long.

Their trunks are ringed and thin and are about 30cm thick.

Dypsis lutescens require a bright area, so it’s perfect for windows.

6. Senecio rowleyanus “String-of-pearls”

The String of pearls is a species of the Asteraceae family, native to southwestern Africa.

It is a hanging plant with spherical-shaped leaves, which can measure up to 6 mm in diameter. Its flowers are white, approximately 12 mm in diameter, and sprout on 35 mm peduncles during the summer.

To take care of your plant, what you should do is water the plant 2 or 3 times a week during the summer and every 10 or 15 days the rest of the year. But, during the winter it is best to water no more than 2 times a month.

7. Gardenias

Gardenias are plants of the Rubiaceae family native to China, which can grow to a height of approximately 2 m, depending on the species.

They are light green, shiny, and smooth evergreen shrubs. Its flowers are white, similar to roses, and are commonly used as ornamental plants.

These beautiful plants do not like direct sun, but they do like luminosity, so it is better to place the plant near a window where there is a lot of light.

8. Jazmíne

Jasmine is a climbing shrub with semi-persistent or evergreen foliage, which is native to India and belongs to the Oleaceae family.

Jasmine is a plant that can grow up to 3 m tall. These plants bloom from early summer to fall. Their flowers are generally white, pink, or yellow.

For optimal growth, jasmine needs a lot of light; for this reason, place the plant next to a well-lit window or on a balcony.

9. Cyperus papyrus “Paper Reed.”

The Papyrus is a rhizomatous plant whose stems can reach approximately 5 meters in height.

This plant can thrive in full sun or semi-shade, so it is best to place them in a window.