How to Rebloom Amaryllis

Amaryllis are the type of flower that looks beautiful in any type of home.

In the flowering season, during winter or spring, it offers a show of undeniable beauty.

You can find this flower in many colors.

Amaryllis has one of the longest flowering processes that exist; it can last weeks or months.

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How to rebloom amaryllis?

After flowering you can get it back in shape in a few months if we follow these steps.


An important step to help your amaryllis bloom is to remove the flowers when they are dying. 

You should cut the stems about 2 to 2.5 cm from the bulb, once the flowers finish blooming, but without removing the leaves.


Sunlight is one of the most important things for Amaryllis to be able to flower. 

It’s important that you place the plant in a place where it receives sunlight but indirectly. 

Just avoid excessive direct sunlight, as this could burn the leaves of the plant.


You need to constantly water your amaryllis, as this will help make it bloom more easily. 

The soil of these types of plants needs to be very moist to continue growing and flourishing. 

Especially in summer, it’s very important not to neglect this task.

During winter, it’s important that you water less frequently to avoid excess humidity and the formation of fungi.


This plant loves the heat of summer; just make sure to water. 

But where you should be careful is during winter.

The plant must be inside your home during winter, where it receives filtered light from the sun.

When the winter is over you can take it outside again and wait for it to bloom. 

The bulb must be in perfect condition otherwise, it will not have flowers again.


These plants are recommended to be fertilized every two weeks during the spring and summer. 

This way you will provide all the necessary energy through those essential nutrients that the specific fertilizer will allow the plant to obtain.

How to sow amaryllis to make it bloom again?

1. When the flowers fade, remove them from the stem.

2. After you can cut the stem close to the foliage. Make sure to keep watering the plant and fertilize.

3. Plant outdoors when there is no longer any chance of frost or leave in a container and keep until leaves turn yellow and die from mid-summer to early fall.

4. Cut dead leaves from the bulb.

5. Try to remove the soil from the container and clean it.

6. Store the bulb in a dark area at temperatures between 40 and 50ºF. You can store it in a garage or in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.

7. Let the bulb rest in the refrigerator for 6 to 8 weeks.

8. Now you are ready to start over! If you have multiple bulbs, stagger the planting.