21 Reasons You Should Get a Holland Lop Rabbit as a Pet

While most people like to keep dogs and cats as pets, some also prefer rabbits because these tiny creatures are not very demanding. Rabbits can usually take good care of themselves when it comes to grooming. Moreover, their diet is also quite simple and inexpensive.

But when it comes to keeping rabbits as pets, there are a lot of breeds to consider. Some species are low maintenance, while others require a lot of hard work on the owner’s part owing to their nature and temperament. Some rabbit breeds are known to be aggressive, while others are very docile and submissive.

Holland Lop rabbits are ideal for first-time pet owners and expert ones alike. These adorable creatures can make your house a home. They are very friendly and active, which gives them the extra advantage of being gentle pets.

A Holland Lop is also easy to train, and she loves to play with pet toys for fun. And if you have other pets at home, you won’t have any problem introducing them to the new pet. In addition, a Holland Lop almost instantly develops a bond with other animals. These reasons and many more make them a popular choice for pets.

So, let’s find out why Holland Lop makes an excellent pet and what characteristics make these animals an ideal choice for first-time rabbit owners.

21 Reasons You Should Get a Holland Lop Rabbit as a Pet

The Holland Lop Bunny

A Holland Lop is a small rabbit weighing only about 2 to 4 lbs. These rabbits have floppy ears and originated in the Netherlands, hence the name Holland Lop. There are many other breeds of lops, but the Holland Lop is the smallest of them all and comes in a huge variety of colors.

These bunnies are mainly known for their calm and docile temperament. However, that doesn’t mean they are not friendly animals. It can be a lot of fun to have a Holland Lop around, and just seeing her hopping around and exploring things can give you immense satisfaction.

Holland Lop has become one of the most common pets in the United States. You don’t need a lot of experience to handle these small pets. They also tend to have a longer lifespan than other rabbit breeds and are an excellent choice for a pet.

So, you see, there’s much more behind their popularity than their cute and cuddly appearance. There are many reasons for choosing them as pets, from being low maintenance to having an easy-going nature. But before keeping them as pets, you also need to be aware of some of their health concerns to act responsibly and save them from serious ailments.

In the following section, we will look at the reasons to keep Holland Lop as a pet and also discuss what you need to know about these tiny pets to ensure they are safe, happy, and healthy in their new home.

Reasons to Get a Holland Lop as a Pet

Let’s look at some of the most common reasons for keeping Holland Lop as a pet.

1. They Are Low Maintenance Pets

While other rabbit breeds may require a lot of care and attention, Holland Lops are usually very easy to handle. Their fur is soft and doesn’t tangle easily. So, you are not going to need any special combs or brushes to detangle it regularly.

Though they are very active and playful, they primarily exercise independently without giving their owners much trouble. All they need is a wide space to run around and have a good time.

A Holland Lop rabbit’s diet is also quite simple and straightforward, comprising pellets, vegetables, fresh fruits, and hay. You need to give them plenty of clean drinking water, comfortable flooring, and soft bedding, which could prevent specific health issues.

This is all they need. Isn’t it simple? They don’t require extra care or protection like other bunnies. They are also much easier to look after than many other breeds.

2. They Enjoy Cuddling

While other rabbit breeds may not enjoy cuddling, these bunnies certainly do. These adorable and chubby rabbits are so loveable they will easily win over anyone while they playfully move around to seek your attention.

Holland Lops like being scratched at the back of their ears. Just make sure that they are not held high above the ground. These rabbits don’t like heights a lot, so always be cautious when you handle these pets. Just to avoid any sort of insecurity for them as it can lead to anxiety, nervousness, or even an accidental fall-off.

3. They Exhibit a Calm Temperament

Another reason you need to keep a Holland Lop is that they have a very calm temperament. They are active, playful, and energetic, but not aggressive. They seldom bite or scratch anything. This loveable nature makes them ideal as a pet.

They are very docile and can be managed easily as they love to get your attention. Moreover, they love to be around children and the elderly. These animals are also ideal for couples who want to bond over a loveable pet.

4. They Have a Playful and Energetic Nature

Holland Lops are one of the most energetic and active pets who enjoy running around and playing during the day. This is the reason that they need more space. They have too much energy, which makes them active, bringing joy to the home.

They like playing with simple pet toys and also want to chew on them from time to time. So, getting as many toys for your Holland Lop as possible is a good idea. They will keep them entertained and occupied and take care of their chewing needs.

5. They Are Surprisingly Intelligent

These pets are brilliant and can be trained easily, unlike other species of bunnies. You can teach them simple commands, such as “sit up” or “come here.” At times, they can even recognize their own name when someone calls them and respond to the call.

Some of these rabbits can learn to jump up the couch by standing on their hind legs. They also have the ability to place their front paws on the cushions and leap up. Imagine seeing them in such a position. Wouldn’t they look just adorable?

However, you must remember that Holland Lops tend to be curious and have an explorative nature. They might find a way to escape if left on their own. So, you must be very careful if you have a Holland Lop. Make sure they have a safe and secure cage from where they cannot escape. And when you allow them to go out and play, supervise them, and make sure they don’t wander too far off.

6. They Are Cute and Adorable

Their chubby and adorable faces with floppy ears that droop down to their jawlines make them simply irresistible. In addition, they are so friendly that they love to be cuddled, unlike other breeds who are not too fond of human touch.

They have innocent nature, making them pose in different positions like pet cats while sitting on their hind legs and supporting an object with their front legs.

Because of their nature, Holland Lop rabbits are considered family-oriented pets. It is even possible to teach them behaviors and train them to use a litter box and sleep on a bed. These bunnies will enjoy their time outside the cage even when you’re not around. They know how to have fun and keep themselves entertained.

However, they also enjoy the attention. They usually have a mild personality and sweet nature. That is why they make great pets for children.

7. They Are Friendly and Sociable

Apart from being intelligent, these bunnies are known for their friendly and affectionate nature. They are extremely loveable and want more human interaction. It has been observed that male rabbits (bucks) are warmer and more joyful than females (does) in this particular breed.

However, the female is dominant and bossy. Bucks, on the other hand, are more outgoing and laid back. So, if you want a more attention-seeking pet, get yourself a make Holland Lop, and you won’t be disappointed.

The pet owner should play with a Holland Lop more and give her quality time. Once they win your trust and develop a strong bond, they will have increased affection for you.

8. They Are Tiny in Size

These are one of the most miniature breeds of rabbits known. An adult Holland Lop weighs around 2 to 4 lbs only. This cute and small size makes them easy to manage and deal with, which is good if you have a family with small children.

It would help if you supervised them closely while playing with your children. Children can accidentally twist their legs, or they may even drop them unintentionally. B rabbits are very delicate and vulnerable so a minor drop can cause serious injuries.

9. They Are Good with Children

If you wish to buy your kids a pet, always go for a Holland Lop. Apart from being small, these rabbits are also calm and friendly, unlike other breeds that can get aggressive under certain circumstances.

They love being playful, and children love to play with them. But, as we know, children can get a little offhand while playing with pets, so it’s not usually recommended to keep a bunny as a pet for them. But it’s different with a Holland Lop. Since she loves to be held, she will tolerate their childish gestures and will also love to play with them.

10. They Are Loyal Animals

You will forget that dogs are loyal after you keep a Holland Lop in your home. These animals become an essential part of your home if they are raised inside. They have such endearing and adorable qualities that everyone with open arms welcomes them.

A Holland Lop will quickly become a part of your family. They easily get attached to humans and show that they are faithful and here to stay. Especially if you bring a baby Holland Lop to your home, you will notice that she finds it very difficult to be away from you.

11. They Love Being Social

Holland Lop rabbits are adorable for being social and welcoming. Like other rabbit breeds, they live in groups and crave human affection. If you want to keep a single pet, you must ensure that she is always given proper attention.

While traveling, ensure you leave your bunny with a caretaker or any other family member. Pet sitters can also be hired to take care of your bunnies if you have to go away on an extended vacation. These animals are very social and may have problems if left alone for a long time. Moreover, they need food, water, and daily care and must not be left on their own.

Another option is to take your Holland Lop with you on vacation. Since these animals don’t require much maintenance, they would be easy to look after even in a remote location.

It is also recommended to keep a group or at least a couple of Holland Lop rabbits in your home. This way, they won’t feel lonely and depressed even if you are absent. Rabbits that live together start caring for each other and even groom each other.

12. They Are Herbivores

Unlike cats and dogs who are carnivores, a Holland Lop, like other rabbit breeds, is an herbivore, meaning they only feed on plants. Their diet mainly consists of hay, pellets, and vegetables. Because of this reason, it’s easy to maintain a Holland Lop with just timothy hay and rabbit pellets for the most part.

However, they do need an unlimited supply of hay not just for eating but also as bedding. Please make sure you also offer a few toys to chew on and lots of fresh water to keep them healthy and entertained.

If you want to treat them, you can give them a serving of fruits a couple of times weekly. These creatures have very sensitive stomachs, so try feeding them rabbit-safe foods.

13. Their Schedule Matches Yours

As a known fact, rabbits are crepuscular, meaning that they are primarily active during dawn and dusk. If you are working with a regular daytime schedule, then the Holland Lop would play and interact with you before you go to work and after you come back. A rabbit is a lifetime commitment so try and engage with your pet as much as possible.

A Holland Lop will sleep for 11 hours a day on average. Make sure you provide her with a safe and comfortable environment to sleep in. When you’re sure of her sleeping hours, don’t disturb her during her sleep so she can recharge herself and be active and energetic when it’s time to stay awake.

14. They Come in Different Colors

Holland Lop rabbits come in a variety of colors, which makes them very attractive for children and adults alike. Like most other rabbit breeds, their fur can be classified into two main groups: solid and broken.

You will be surprised to see a considerable variety of coat colors in this breed. This only adds to their attractiveness as pets. With so many color combinations and solid color varieties, it’s easy to find one you love.

There are eight color groups recognized for Holland Lop rabbits. These are self-group, Agouti group, broken, pointed white, shaded, tan, ticked, and wide band. The possibilities are endless, from chestnut and chinchilla in Agouti to tortoise in shaded and gold-tipped or silver-tipped steels in black ticked!

15. They Get Along with Other Pets

These rabbits have excellent temperaments that make them very adorable and affectionate. They not only bond well with the family but also with other pets in the home. As they have an amiable nature, they try and play with others and love being held.

Pet owners are sometimes reluctant to keep more than one pet in their homes as they are scared of them not being friendly to each other. The more chances are that they might not get along well. This is not the case with Holland Lops, as they adjust with anyone anywhere. So, you can keep more pets at home if you already have a Holland Lop.

16. They Are Very Active

Holland Lop rabbits can run around three miles daily if they have the space despite their size and weight. It is imperative to make your pet exercise every day to make her active and energetic for a long time. They need at least three hours of free-range time every day.

Since a Holland Lop is a very active bunny, she would want to exercise most of the day. So when she gets bored, she might feel agitated. But before she could cause any damage, you need to keep her entertained with toys and other distractions.

These rabbits tend to love extensive gardens to run around where they feel free to do whatever they like. You can also buy safe and secure pens for the bunnies so that no supervision is needed.

17. They Get Trained Easily

Unlike other popular rabbit breeds, Holland Lops are very easy to train. The first thing you would want them to get trained at is using the litter box. However, they are very keen learners and would quickly learn how to use a litter box.

However, if your bunny hasn’t been neutered or spayed yet, you might have difficulty training them to use the litter. Once the rabbit deems the litter boxes reliable, she will not pee elsewhere. But you may have to wait a few days before it happens.

18. They Can Stay Both Indoors and Outdoors

Holland lops can easily sustain the conditions both indoors and outdoors. As they don’t need much space, but still, if they get more room, they enjoy it more. They love running in huge gardens and exercising while indoors, where they get engaged with your family and pet toys.

If you have a hutch, ensure it is big enough for the bunny to roam around. Bunnies also love to play with other pets, and they would enjoy themselves inside. So all you need to do is just keep a close watch on them as they tend to injure themselves as they are pretty sensitive and vulnerable.

19. They Have a Longer Lifespan

Another reason Holland Lop is an attractive choice for a pet is her long life. They have a relatively longer lifespan than other rabbit breeds, from 7 to 10 years.

Since this breed hasn’t many significant health problems, they tend to live long and keep your place joyful for years.

This creature can live for up to ten years in a home environment. This is way more than other bunnies of the same size. Even if it doesn’t live for ten years, it is most likely to hit eight years. As mentioned earlier, it is a lifetime commitment with this pet, and you must ensure that you have kept this animal very lovingly.

However, it’s a good idea to be mindful of some health issues these rabbits may have to face during their lifetime. As the owner, you should be prepared for these potential diseases and act responsibly.

Some of the most common health conditions a Holland Lop may have include otitis, an ear infection, dental diseases, itching and hair loss, cancer of the uterus, and bladder problems. Otitis is a common issue among lop-eared rabbits. It can be a bacterial or yeast infection due to extra build-up of wax in these rabbits’ ears.

If you notice some symptoms of this disease in your Holland Lop, you should immediately take her to the vet. While ear scratching and swelling are the most common symptoms, the condition can sometimes trigger seizures and paralysis. So, it’s something you should never overlook.

Similarly, parasites affect Holland Lop rabbits in the same way as other breeds of rabbits. Some of these conditions are passed on to other rabbits through the contamination of urine. If you are aware of the symptoms, you can easily manage these conditions. However, if the symptoms seem to worsen over time, it’s better to see medical help.

20. They Don’t Need Regular Bathing

A Holland Lop doesn’t require frequent bathing. Like other rabbits, they would clean themselves by licking. Their thick fur helps in keeping their bodies clean for a long time. However, this nature makes them sensitive to baths, and it would be good for you if you don’t have time to give them regular baths.

Since rabbits don’t require bathing, it’s best to avoid it unless inevitable. These tiny creatures panic when something unusual is happening around them. Moreover, they may try to run away during a bath, which can be even more dangerous. So instead, you can use baby wipes to dry clean your Holland Lop gently.

Ensure you get hypoallergenic wipes to clean your bunny so it will not irritate her skin. Also, most rabbits tend to dislike strong smells, so get her fragrance-free wipes for cleaning.

Giving your bunny a dry bath using baby cornstarch powder is also possible. It is recommended to use baby-safe powder because other products may cause health issues in these fragile creatures. You can also comb the fur afterward to get rid of the debris completely.

21. They Don’t Need Heat Lamps to Stay Warm

These bunnies do not require extra heat from heat lamps like many other pets during the winter months. They are very comfortable in their skin and may even get overheated if they are inside. So, there is no need to keep their cage near a heat source. Their coat will keep them warm, and their diet helps to regulate their body temperature.

They prefer living in colder conditions as their fur can provide extra heat. So, you don’t need to worry about getting heat lamps for your pet. Instead, let them stay the way they are. However, make sure you offer them an unlimited supply of hay so they can keep themselves warm naturally.


Holland Lop rabbits top the list of most popular and loveable pets worldwide. Besides being cute and cuddly, they are also very sweet-natured and friendly animals. They would love to interact with you and your family and tolerate kids well. They are also not high maintenance as you only need to take care of a few things regarding their grooming and diet.

These pets are very affectionate and seldom get aggressive. Instead, they keep your home happy by playing peacefully with other members and their pet toys. This way, they keep themselves busy at all times.

If you want to keep a pet, it’s recommended to go for a Holland Lop first. It is the easiest of pets to look after. Your children will love interacting with this pet, and there wouldn’t be many dirty spots in your home either. Holland Lops know how to behave appropriately and would keep your home peaceful and happy.