Can a Succulent Live in a Car?

Can a succulent live in a car?

Succulent plants are plants that have the ability to store water in their organs (leaves, stems, or roots). 

One of the characteristics of succulents is that they are quite resistant to drought.

These plants have the ability to survive in arid and very dry conditions. 

These plants generally store water in their leaves, stems, or roots.

Its leaves are fleshy, thick, and this helps conserve water and help minimize water loss.

Main characteristics of succulents:

They can store water.

They can reduce your metabolism in times of drought.

Its flowering period is short.

His skin is hard.

They have thorns as a method of protection against predators and heat. 

They can condense drops of ambient moisture, which then falls on the roots.

Open their stomata at night, to carry out the gas exchange, while the rest of the plants do it during the day and lose more water.

They are excellent plants for outdoors and indoors.

Can a succulent live in a car?

A succulent can definitely live in a car, but I rather say survive, but to so you have to be aware of the most important issue, and that is temperature:

1. In summer you have to be aware of the temperature of your vehicle, because if it gest to hot this could kill your plant.

What you can do is park in a shaded area, or pull down a bit the window so some fresh air can come in. And make sure you succulent is water but don’t over do it.

2. In winter if it gest to cold you might have to bring your succulent indoors.

If not another option is to make sure you have a winter resistant succulent but for extreme temperature make sure to bring it indoors.

Succulents may be a good option if you decide to have a live plant in your car. These plants do not require great care to survive.

If you want to have a succulent in your car (although it is not ideal), you just have to make sure that the plant is a small size and that it does not require as much sun to grow.

Another thing I recommend is that the moment you go to water your plant, take it out in the sun for a moment and water it outside the car.

This way the plant receives direct sun and you do not dirty your car.

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Small succulent plants:


The Sempervivum genus is made up of about 30 species of succulent plants endemic to North Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

They are succulent plants very easy to grow and ideal for making micro gardens or varied compositions, in small pots. They grow about 4 inches tall.

Its flowers can be of different colors such as: white, yellow, pink, reddish and appear at the end of a long peduncle. These plants bloom in the summer.

After the Sempervivum blooms, it dies. 

But don’t worry, one of the characteristics of this plant is that it produces new shoots, which will give continuity to the plant.


Plants of the Haworthias genus are succulent, small plants that can measure up to about 20 cm in height and about 10 cm in diameter, but still remain very beautiful and decorative plants.

Its leaves can vary some are hard, dark-colored leaves, and others are soft, white and/or translucent leaves.

Haworthias are slow-growing. 

They form rosettes of leaves, which are usually covered with small white warts or tubers, which give them a very characteristic appearance.

The flowering of this plant occurs from spring to fall. Its flowers are small, tubular, and shaped like bluebells, white with green, white or pink lateral bands that also open forming lips.


They are characterized by having two coupled leaves, divided by a fissure through which the flowers appear.

They are rather slow-growing and usually do not measure more than about 8 cm wide and about 20 cm throughout their lives.

Its flowers are scented and can measure between 2 to 4 cm in diameter. The fruit contains numerous seeds, which open in the rainy season.