40+ Types of Pig Breeds You Will Love

If you’re looking to get yourself a rare pig or you’re just a pig enthusiast here, I share 50 types of pig breeds you will love. 

In this list, you will find a possible pet friend or, if you run a pig farm, a possible rare pig that your customers will love. 

Each of these pigs have specific caring needs, so if you purchase one of these, it’s important to consider their caring needs. 

I should also mention that some of the pigs in this list are in danger of extinction, so it will be quite difficult to get yourself one of these unique pigs, but if for some reason you do, remember this comes with a big responsibility. 

But even if you’re not looking to get a pig, for now, I’m sure this list will inspire you, and I hope your knowledge about pig breeds expands. Enjoy.  

Types of Pig Breeds

1- Aksai Black Pied

This pig is typically known for its black and white colors and originates in Kazakhstan. This bread was developed in 1952 as a meat production pig. Wild pigs were crossed with large whites.

2- American Yorkshire

This is one of the most numerous pig breeds in the United States; it came from the United Kingdom in 1830. This is the typical breed of pig you see on most pig farms. 

3- Angeln Saddleback 

This german pig, commonly known as the angler, has a white belt around his body. As its nickname refers to, it originated in Angeln Germany by crossing a black-and-white Landrace with a Wessex saddleback.. It can weigh up to 350 kg. 

4- Ankamali

This beautiful black pig is found in Kerala, India. This indigenous breed is considered to be an endangered species. So getting one of these pigs comes with lots of responsibilities. 

5- Appalachian English Pig

This small black pig was crossbred with the guinea hod to produce one of the smallest pig breeds in the United States. 

6- Arapawa pig

This bread originates in New Zealand; there are suggestions that the pig is a descendant of pigs that were introduced to the area between 1773 and 1777. Some consider it a wild pig, with its beautiful brown and black colors. 

7- Auckland Islands pig

This is another pig that originates in New Zealand; it has been used for farming since 1807 and was considered an invasive species. The average weight of these pigs is 40 kg. 

8- Australian Yorkshire

As the name refers to, this breed was introduced to the Australian market in the 19th century, but its ancestors came from England but. These pigs are commonly used in the Asian market for meat consumption. 

9- Babi Kampung

There isn’t too much information about this other than it originates in Indonesia and has a typical black color. It won’t be as easy to find one of these pigs in the US unless you import it from Asia.

10- Ba Xuyen

This domestic pig is commonly known for its white feet; it originates in Vietnam and is crossbred between a Berkshire and a Boxu between 1932 and 1956.

11- Bantu pig

The bantu pig originates in South Africa; this is a domestic pig that was bred in Asia and Europe Pigs. They are typically small pigs but with great meat quality. 

12- Basque pig

This French pig has a black and pink color, with an interesting history going way back to the 19th century. At one point in 1981, it was in danger of extinction, but thankfully you can find many of them throughout France and Spain. 

13- Bazna pig

Commonly known as the basner pig is a domesticated pig native to Romania. This new breed came about crosses between Mangalitsa pigs and Berkshire breeds. This crossing process started in 1958. 

14- Beijing Black

Also known as the peking black originates in China as their name states most of these types of breeds have a black color, but you can also find some with white markings. These pigs came about cross-breeding a Berkshire and a common Chinese pig in 1962. This pig is commonly known for having great production traits. 

15- Belarus Black Pied

As its name states, this pig originates in Belarus; it was crossbred in the 19 century from a Large Black, Large White Berkshire, and Middle White Pigs. These pigs were considered an individual breed in 1976.

16- Belgian Landrace

This Northern European pig originates In Belgium; it was created by mixing the Dutch Landrace with English pigs. But other breeds were mixed within the bloodline to strengthen it.

17- Bentham Black Pied

Commonly known as Schwarz-Weisses pig is a rare germinating pig that has been domesticated. This is a mid-size pig with white color and black spots. It was crossed with Berkshire and Cornwall’s pigs in the early 20th century. A fun fact about these pigs is that they almost became extinct in the 50s.

18- Berkshire pig

This beautiful black pig originates in England, but you can also find it in the United States, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. 

This pig is one of the oldest breeds in the United Kingdom.

19- Breitovo

This is a common pink/white Russian pig, used for meat purposes.

20- British Landrace pig

As its name refers to, this is a British domesticated pig and one of the most known in the United Kingdom. Its origins go back to 1949 when it was imported with 12 other pigs from Scandinavia.

You can easily find this big throughout the United Kingdom on many farms as it’s easy to breed and accountable.

21- British Lop

This large white pig is native to England; it has larger ears that hang over its face. Its origins go way back to the 1920s; some speculate this pig is related to the Normandie pig, which originated in France.

22- Bulgarian White Pig 

This white pig originates in Bulgaria; it was created by breeding Edelstein pigs and Large Whites in the early 20 century. 

23- British Saddleback

During the Second World War, the population of these pigs was affected. This modern British pig was created by breeding the surviving population of two saddlebacks in 1967. 

24- Celtic Pig 

These pigs originated in Spain, specifically from the Galicia community in northwestern Spain. These types of pigs were very common in the early 20th century, but their population was affected during the 80s; as of right now, they are recovering. 

But this is definitely a unique pig to have.

25- Chato Murciano

This Spanish pig originates in the community of Murcia, Spain. It’s currently at the risk of extinction, so it’s definitely a rare pig to have, and its breeding is encouraged. Although its risk of extinction is present, this breed is commonly known for its meat quality, especially for the production of bacon.

But the Spanish authorities have a different program where the purpose is to conserve the breed. 

26- Chester White

This American pig originates in Chester County, Pennsylvania. This pig was created in 1815-1818 using white pigs from the US and white boar imported from England.

27- Choctaw Hog

This domestic pig was used by Native Americans. Its population has decreased greatly to the point of being a dangerous species. The few hundreds that are still left can be found in Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. This is a rare pig, and its conservation should be a priority. 

28- Creole pig

This creole pig originates in Haiti. This pig has an interesting history, at one point, there was a campaign led by the US Government and the Haitian Government to put down this type of pig because of the outbreak of the African swine fever in the pig population. The farmers were supposed to get compensated with newly imported pigs from the US with new pigs. But the US pigs could not survive under the same living condition as the Creole pig.

There was a lot of pushback from the population regarding this topic. In recent years agronomists have been trying to repopulate Haiti with a new variety of the Haitis Creole pig. 

29- Cumberland pig

This domesticated pig originates in the United Kingdom and is commonly used to make sausage and ham. Sadly this breed became extinct in the 60s after the demand for this type of pig decreased. 

This was a very old breed that developed over hundreds of years; current efforts to recreate this pig by DNA are being made. 

30- Danish Landrace pig

This medium to large white pig is from Denmark; this Viking pig goes back to 1896 and helped Denmark become the world’s chief bacon exporting country. This pig can also be found in the United States, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and many other countries

31- Duroc pig

This old breed was created in the United States by mixing different types of breeds, famously known for their reddish-brown and golden colors. With their drooping ears, muscular figure, and medium length, they make a great pig to have. And contrary to their appearance, they are not aggressive.

32- Dutch Landrace pig

This is a standardized pig in the Netherlands. This pig was created by breeding landrace with neighboring counties in the region. These pigs are considered an efficient pigs with great meat quality.

33- Essex pig

This British pig history goes way back to 1840; its bloodline was improved in the 19th century as it was considered a local wild pig. It was crossed with imported pigs. This pig was very popular in the 50s, but many years later, demand for this pig declined, and it was considered to be extinct, but a few might have survived on small farms.

34- Estonian Bacon Pig

As its name states, this is a meaty, delicious pig to have; it was created in Estonia by cross-breeding Danish, German and Swedish landraces.

35- Fengjing pig

This Chinese pig is named after the Shanghai town, it’s a large black pig with floppy ears. It’s a very common pig breed in China with a delicious meat taste. The pigs history goes back to the Qing Dynasty, which started in 1636, so we can definitely say this is an old breed. Its quality is so good that many of these pigs were brought to the US in order to improve the local pig quality. 

36- Finnish Landrace

Landrace pigs are general pigs that have been domesticated for meat production. The original pig was a Danish Landrace and was mixed with different types of pigs; because of this, if you study this type of pigs bloodline, you will find a mixed breed.

37- Gascon pig

This rare pig can typically be found in remote regions of France. This pig is in danger of extinction; it’s one the oldest types of breeds in the world, resistant to hot climates and prone to becoming fat. So caring for this type of pig comes with lots of responsibilities. 

38- Gloucestershire Old Spots

Commonly known as the old spot is a white with black spots English pig, intelligence, docility and of course with hight quality meat. The history of this pig goes back to 1885 when its type was officially on records, but at the time, people said these pigs existed for as long as they could remember. 

39- G√∂ttingen minipig 

This is the smallest minipig in the world; to give you an idea, the most they usually weigh as an adult is 77lb. This pig is commonly known for its docile nature and clean habits. They were created by crossbreeding Minnesota minipig, Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, and the German Landrace. 

40- Grice pig

This whole pig was found in Scotland and Ireland, but unforteley it became extinct, it disappeared between the 1850 and 1930. Old records suggest this was an aggressive animal.

41- Guinea Hog

The origin of this beautiful American pig is unknown; some say it has connections to the Essex pigs of England. But others believe these small black pigs came from Africa, Guinea. It seems there is a lot of speculation about the origin of this pig.