Why Do Bunnies Hop?

Bunnies are adorable creatures. These cute furry animals pose no danger to other animals and humans and are therefore often kept as pets. However, there are certain things that make a rabbit different from a cat or a dog. And one of these things is the way they move or walk.

A rabbit’s way of moving is known as “hopping”. In addition to rabbits, other animals that hop are kangaroos and hares. Among insects, grasshoppers, fleas, and crickets are known to hop instead of crawl.

Well, hopping is an interesting way to move around because it lets you cover a great distance in a single leap. It is, in fact, a very beneficial way of walking for these animals.    

If you’re wondering why bunnies hop, you are in the right place. A lot of people are also curious to know why rabbits start hopping or kicking their legs randomly and what is their way of telling other rabbits that danger is near.

In this article, we are going to find answers to these questions and much more. So, let’s get started!

Why Do Bunnies Hop?

Why Do Bunnies Hop?

Rabbits have four legs – two in the front, which are called the forelegs, and two in the rear, called hind legs. These back legs are quite strong and are designed to help a rabbit leap forward with just a single push.

When rabbits jump like this, they land on their front legs to balance their body. At the same time, the hind legs again come forward in a position for another leap. A single leap can move a rabbit up to 10 feet forward. And rabbits can leap up to 4 feet into the air when they hop.  

This repeated jumping from one place to another at a great distance is called hopping. Rabbits hop because their bodies are built like this. Rabbits can also run very fast and cover a long distance in a very short span of time.

Rabbits were probably made like this because they are almost at the end of the food chain and have many predators. In order to escape these predators, they need a way to run fast and be able to hide quickly and successfully.

What Do Rabbits Use Their Legs For?

A rabbit’s legs are not just meant for jumping and hopping. These animals also use their hind feet to thump on the ground when they suspect danger. Especially if their ears are also lunged forward, it is a clear indication that the rabbit is alerted of danger.

The thumping noise created with one or both feet is a way to alert other rabbits that a predator might be coming. A rabbit may also start thumping when she is excited or calling other bunnies to come out of their hiding place.

A domestic bunny may thump with her hind leg to get her owner’s attention. This behavior may also indicate that your rabbit is unhappy or stressed. You can reach out and calm your bunnies if they are thumping or stomping the ground for no apparent reason.

Rabbits also use their back legs for kicking. When they start kicking randomly, it’s a sign that they are angered. The reasons for this anger might be anything ranging from a dirty hutch or lack of food to elements of annoyance or something that is disturbing their peace of mind.

A bunny may also kick her back legs out of fear. Some bunnies also start trembling when they are afraid or sense danger nearby. If you notice your bunny kicking the ground frequently, there is something in their environment that needs to be removed. Find out what it is and eliminate it to make the bunny feel better.  

Although rabbits are quiet animals, they do have their ways of showing emotion. Their system of communication with other rabbits is quite different from other animals. Usually, they would use their body language to convey a message to another bunny.  

What is a Bunny Binky?

Have you ever noticed your bunny doing a weird twist while jumping in the air? Well, it’s nothing unusual or out of the ordinary and it’s called a “binky”. This type of strange hopping around is actually a way to show happiness and excitement. So, it’s nothing to worry about!

A rabbit may do a binky when she is unable to contain her happiness and needs a way to let it out. If your bunny is hopping like this all over the house, congratulate yourself because you have a happy bunny.

A binky usually takes place in just a fraction of a second and so, if you want to enjoy it, you will have to watch your bunny closely. A bunny binky is a sign that she is properly fed and is getting the right nutrition.

If you want your bunny to binky around, you need to give them space to move freely. Rabbits naturally want to dig, chew, and scratch. If they are given the liberty to enjoy all these activities, they are likely to binky more often.

Rabbit owners also try giving treats to their bunnies if they want to see their binky. A young-adult rabbit (1 to 3 years of age) is more likely to binky than a baby or an adult bunny. This is because a baby rabbit is too weak to practice such a stunt and a rabbit in her middle age would have become less active and enthusiastic to binky around.


Bunnies hop because that’s what their body was designed for. With powerful hind legs, rabbits are able to sprint at a speed of up to 50 miles an hour. Rabbits also sometimes do that weird twisty hop, known as a bunny binky, which simply shows that they are happy and excited.   

A rabbit’s hind legs are probably the most important part of her anatomy. Not only does she use them to leap forward and hop but also for a variety of other purposes. Rabbits were made to hop because hopping can help them cover great distances in a single bound. They have strong hind legs to jump up high into the air and then land on the ground using their front legs.

Rabbits can also stand up on their hind feet and start thumping the ground to show their alertness. Wild rabbits are particularly good at thumping and hopping at great speeds to flee predators and reach their burrows as fast as they can.

If a domestic rabbit stands on her hind legs, it means she is trying to get your attention or beg you for something. When you bring something new to feed them, they will show their excitement by standing on their hind feet.