Why Do Pigs Wag Their Tails?

Pigs are fun animals to have and to breed. These animals have the extraordinary ability to eat almost all types of food. And can be trained in the same way as dogs. 

They can learn their name, do tricks such as sitting, spinning and learn to hunt truffles. Their behavior can be quite interesting to study. So it is quite common to ask why pigs wag their tail, and in this article, I tell you all about it.

 Why do pigs wag their tails? This behavior is presented when your pigs are happy. You will typically see it when they are eating or playing around with other pigs. This is a sign that your pigs are having fun or enjoying the moment.

To have a happy pig, different condition need to be in place, such as:

Healthy nutrition, pigs are omnivorous animals which means they need to have a balanced diet in which vegetables, fruits, and protein should be a part of it. 

Why Do Pigs Wag Their Tails

If you can provide them the opportunity to forage, this can be a big help. Pigs are intelligent animals, and they like to hunt for their food, so if you have the opportunity and can provide the space, I encourage you to allow it.

Pigs need a companion even in the wild they live in groups, so having a partner with who they can share the day can definitely contribute to their happiness. And yes, pigs can be picky about their company, but if you can find a match, this will definitely help. 

Provide shelter; pigs need a place where they can run to; this is their safe place which could calm them down and contribute to a healthier life. A shelter can also help with harsh weather conditions. And of course we can’t forget about the mud bath.

An adequate space with a nest area and a latrine area can definitely influence your pigs behavior in a positive way.

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How Can You Tell if a Pig Is Happy?

When your pigs wag their tail, this could be a sign that they’re happy but also, if their buddy lange, it shows that they are relaxed, which could also be a sign that they are happy. 

If your pigs feel happy, they will get close to you. And if you pet your pigs and they like it, they will look for that affection. 

Do Pigs Show Affection?

Yes, pigs can definitely show affection; they will typically do it by softly grunting when you’re near them, trying to play with you, following you around, cuddling, linking you, and even smiling at you.

These are all the signs you should look for in your pig to know if your pig is feeling comfortable around you. 

If, for some reason, they are not showing it, don’t worry; it can take some time but do make sure they have a proper living condition as this could also influence their behavior, like I previously mentioned. 

Why Do Pigs Curl Their Tails?

It is commonly believed that pigs with a curled tail were bred thousands of years ago in China, so having this trait could mean your pig ancestors might have come from china. 

But whether or not this is a true story, the simple answer is pigs have curled tails because of genetics. 

What Do Pigs Use Their Tails For?

A pigs tail, unlike other animals, doesn’t have a wide range of functions; the best it can do is chase insects away.

In fact, pig’s tail is used more as a weakness among them. When pigs fight, you will see them trying to bite the other pigs tail. Which is one of the reasons some pig farms perform tail docking.

But it is also important to consider that a pigs tail has a neuro anatomical structures that are responsible for the pain response.

You can also think of a pigs tail as a way to look into their emotion to tell if they are happy or not. But also consider that it is unlikely they will wag their tail if they feel alarmed or scared. When they feel threatened, they make noises.

So we can conclude that the use of a pigs tail is to help chase insects away and to show their happiness.

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