What Is 0-0-60 Fertilizer Used For?

When fertilizing your lawn or plants is important you know what you are using; you should never take a random fertilizer to apply it, especially if you don’t know what it’s used for.

This is why in today’s article, I share all there is to know about the 0-0-60 fertilizer and in what cases you should be using it. 

What is 0-0-60 fertilizer used for? The only purpose of this fertilizer is to provide potassium to vegetables, plants, flowers, ornamentals, lawns, etc. Helping them cope in extreme climate seasons like hot summers or cold winters. But also provide potassium on any occasion that is needed. 

Not all soils or plants are equal, so it is important to know the lack of nutrients your soil has in order to better fertilize. This is why I recommend performing a soil test before fertilizing, especially if you’ve never done it. 

I say this because it is not good to fertilize in the blindness.

This fertilizer is not an all-purpose fertilizer. 

It has a specific use, and that’s how it should be applied. 

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What Does 0-0-60 Fertilizer Mean?

The numbers you see in this fertilizer represent nitrogen which helps with the growth of your plants, phosphorus helps with root straight, and potassium with the overall health of your plants. 

As you can see, the number represents that this fertilizer has 0% of Nitrogen, 0% Phosphorus and 60% Potassium. 

So this fertilizer is clearly used for the sole purpose of providing potassium to a lawn, garden, or plants that have a significant lack of these nutrients. 

This is not an all-purpose fertilizer and should never be used as it was.

0-0-60 Fertilizer Application Rate

The application rate is usually with the fertilizer label, but if you don’t have it available, you can use the industry standard of 1lb of fertilizer x 1000 sq-ft. 

The application rate is typically done with the nitrogen rate, but since this is 0 we will use the potassium rate converted into decimal.

1 pound of fertilizer x 100 square feet = 1000 / 0.6 =1.6 pound of potassium is needed to cover 1000 sq-ft. 

0-0-60 Fertilizer per Acre

To know the amount of fertilizer you need per acre, you will simply multiply the final results in my previous example by the representation of 1 acre in feet and divide by 1000.

For example, 1.6 x 43,560 = 69,696 / 1000 = 70 pound of fertilizer is needed to cover 1 acre.

0-0-60 Fertilizer Spreader Settings

The spreader setting could vary depending on the brand of your spreader or even the fertilizer, but the industry standard is ⅓ of your spreader opening.

You can also set it up so that you’re sure the biggest particle of your fertilizer can spread out, but make sure it’s not over doing it. 

For example, if the opening number 5 doesn’t spread out, but opening number 7 does, then this is the one you should use. 

So you will need to test a bit for this method. 

Is 0-0-60 Fertilizer Good for (Rice, Lawns, Pumpkins)

Yes, you can definitely use this fertilizer with these types of plants. 

But remember to always use the right amount and consider if your plants really need this type of fertilizer. 

If you don’t know, it is recommended to perform a soil test. 

Also, consider using organic fertilizers for vegetables, grains, fruit plants, etc. 

How to Apply 0-0-60 Fertilizer?

When fertilizing, just make sure to spread evenly in the area you are looking to fertilize. 

Regarding the amount of fertilizer you will use, I previously talked about in this article so take a look if you haven’t.

Where to Buy 0-0-60 Fertilizer?

You can typically find this fertilizer in online stores like Amazon, or even Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot.

These types of places are great for this fertilizer. But on some occasions, online will be easier. 

0-0-60 Fertilizer Price

The price for this fertilizer varies depending on the amount you’re going to use, but you can typically find it in the 25-45 USD range. 

0-0-60 Fertilizer Benefits

The main benefit of this fertilizer is the potassium which typically helps your plants assimilate other types of nutrients it needs.

But it also helps plants use their water source, resist drought, and enhance their fruits. 

It also provides strong stems for your plants.

Many soils have a lack of potassium, and your plants will grow weak; for this occasion, this is an excellent fertilizer to use. 

Conclusion: What Is 0-0-60 Fertilizer Used For?

This fertilizer is commonly used with vegetables, plants, fruit plants, flowers, lawns, and any type of soil that requires a high amount of potassium. This fertilizer doesn’t have nitrogen or phosphorus. 

It’s always recommended a soil test before using this fertilizer or that at least you’re sure that you really need this high amount of potassium. As you know, everything in excess is not healthy. 

So make sure to not over-fertilize your lawn or garden.