What Is 34-0-0 Fertilizer Used For?

When fertilizing your lawn or garden, it is very important to use an effective fertilizer in order to get a beautiful and strong lawn. In this article, I talk about the 34-0-0 fertilizer and when you should use it. 

But keep in mind, when fertilizing, it is very important to do a soil test in order to determine the lack of nutrients your lawn or plants may have. In not doing so, you run the risk of not getting optimal results when it comes to your plants and lawn health. 

What is 34-0-0 fertilizer used for? This fertilizer is a nutritional supplement for your lawn, and it can also be used in plants; it has a high density of Nitrogen and will help your lawn spread faster, grow fast, and get a beautiful green color.

You can use this fertilizer with all types of grass such as St Augustine, Bermuda, Buffalo, Zoysia, Centipede, Florida Palmetto, Fescue, Bahia, Ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass.

So don’t hesitate when using this fertilizer if you have one of the previous grass that I mention.

The only thing you have to be careful with is not over-fertilizing your grass as this will burn it. 

Remember that to get the best results when fertilizing your lawn, performing a soil test is the best thing to do. 

This fertilizer will typically be used if you’re growing a new lawn or it has some areas where it is not growing at all.

If you’re not doing a soil test and are not sure of what you’re doing, make sure to first determine if your lawn needs to be maintained by a more even NPK fertilizer which could be a 16-16-16 Fertilizer, or if you really need strong growth fertilizer like the 34-0-0. 

What Does 34-0-0 Fertilizer Mean?

This number in your fertilizer represents Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

In the case of this fertilizer, it’s saying that it has 34% Nitrogen and 0% Phosphorus and Potassium.

This type of fertilizer is usually used when you are looking for the fast growth or spread of your lawn and plants.

When to Apply 34-0-0 Fertilizer?

This fertilizer is typically used after winter; usually, in spring or early spring, depending on how much your lawn was damaged or if it lacks the nutrient.

It is also used when your lawn has some areas where it lacks growth; it just depends, but for this case, it is typically used between spring and fall. 

34-0-0 Fertilizer Application Rate?

The application rate could vary depending on the size of your yard. It is very important to make the proper calculation, and you should also consider the amount of fertilizer your lawn needs. 

For this part, I usually refer people to a video where the application rate is explained. So please take a look. This calculation has some math you have to do that why I recommend the video. I think it’s much easier to understand. But don’t worry, it is quite simple to understand.

34-0-0 Fertilizer Spreader Settings?

This is another area where I have to say it depends on the size of your yard and how much fertilizer your lawn will need. 

But as a general rule, you can set it up to ⅓ of its opening. For more detail, please watch this other video.

Where to Buy 34-0-0 Fertilizer?

There are many locations where you can purchase the 34-0-0 fertilizer local store or even online shop.

Amazon is also a great place where you can do it, and it will probably make your life easier in doing so. 

34-0-0 Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass

Yes, you can definitely use this fertilizer with your bermudagrass; if you notice that it is not growing enough or it has a soft color, then you can proceed to use it.

But do remember the best option is doing a soil test first.

34-0-0 Fertilizer for Corn

As you probably know, corn needs lots of Nitrogen, so this fertilizer is a great option to use. 

I will definitely help with the growth of your corn plants, especially if used during their growth stage.

34-0-0 Liquid Fertilizer vs 34-0-0 Granular Fertilizer

Both options are great, but what comes down to preference and needs.

Usually, granular fertilizer is used if you have a big yard, buy in bulk, need easy storage, and want a slow release.

The liquid fertilizer is typically used if you have a small yard, need easy handling, uniformity application, and blend with other products.

34-0-0 Fertilizer Price

The price of this product varies a lot depending on the brand and the amount of product you are purchasing. But the price range is between 14USD and 120 USD.

Conclusion: What is 34-0-0 fertilizer used for?

This fertilizer contains a high Nitrogen formula that will enhance the growth of your lawn. This fertilizer can also be used with many types of vegetable plants, especially if they are in their growth stage.

You can find this fertilizer in its liquid form, or granular, either one will get the job done when it comes to your or plants.

The only difference at this point is whether preference or the size of your yard. Typically, granular is easier to use if you have a big yard with lawns and the liquid with plants and small yards.

Make sure not to overdo it as you won’t want to damage your lawns, if you have any doubt when deciding the amount of fertilizer you’re going to use, you can read the manual guide or instructions. They usually come with the fertilizer.

Fertilizing can feel challenging at first, but you will become better at it with some reading and action. So go out there and fertilize your lawn..