Are Pigs Dirty Animals?

Pigs have a particular behavior that makes them look apart when compared to other animals; for example, they like to be in the mud, and they eat almost anything, including poop, mud, or whatever you can think of, but does this make them dirty animals?

One thing is for sure; pigs are extraordinary animals; they love to eat, play, hunt, and are also great pet animals. But many people don’t raise them because they seem to be dirty animals. For this reason, I would like to explain in detail whether or not pigs are dirty animals and the reasons behind why they behave the way they do. 

After reading this article, I’m sure you will have a wider perspective on why pigs do what they do. Let me start with the short answer. 

Are pigs dirty animals? No, pigs are not dirty animals. This is a misconception people have; the reality is that pigs are survivors; they can adapt to many living conditions, so if you provide them with a nice clean area with healthy food, they will love it, but if what you offer is poor living conditions, they will do whatever it takes to survive.

Domesticated pigs will live as their owner will allow them to live. And if you think about it, this is great because it shows how resilient these animals can be. 

In the wild, you won’t see a pig rolling in the mud, eating poop, or eating trash, but why domesticated pigs do. 

Are Pigs Dirty Animals?

I think you know the answer; for the domesticated pigs, this is the condition the pig owner establishes, and they will do what they have to in order to survive and thrive. 

Later on, in the article, I will explain some of this detail on why they roll in the mud or eat poop, but what I want to make clear is that your pigs are clean animals, and if you give them the proper condition, you will notice the difference. 

This taboo about pigs goes back thousands of years; it is even mentioned in the Bible and other agent books. 

And it’s basically for the same reasons as today, but it seems no one realizes the difference between the domesticated pigs and the wild pigs, is that domesticated pigs had to adapt to our living conditions. 

So ironically, the pigs were “dirty animals” because we didn’t provide the proper living conditions, such as healthy food, space, clean water, shades, etc. On the contrary, people started feeding them leftovers and whatnot.

And looking at it from the pigs perspective, you have to do what it takes in order to survive.

But also, for some reason, we put our focus on pigs, but other animals do the same; for example, goats and chickens will eat anything. Sure, not the same quantities, but it’s the same concept.

Some say their reason for not eating pigs it’s because they pass on diseases, but the reality is that this is true for any animal we eat. Which emphasizes my reasoning that the problem it’s not the animal but the living condition we are providing to the animal. 

Look, pigs require a healthy and balanced diet, meaning their primary source of food should be the pig feed which is based on corn and other nutrients and supplements. And to keep them happy you can treat them with fresh vegetables and fruits.

If you do this, you will have healthy pigs, that will provide you with excellent meat quality.

But also, let’s not forget that they also need a shaded area if possible and access to clean water.

Do Pigs Eat Poop?

The short answer is yes, pigs do eat poop, but they will also eat chicken poop, goat poop, and even human poop. The reason for this it’s that they are not acquiring the sufficient calories they need in order to survive. 

Or because they feel they need to consume the food again in order to acquire the sufficient nutrients they need. And just to be clear, they are not the only animals who do this.

But if they have the pig feed available or are consuming the necessary nutrients, they need in order to thrive, it will be quite difficult to see them eating poop. 

If your pigs are doing it will be wise to consider if they are consuming the necessary calories they need. 

If you want more details on this topic, I have written an article that will explain everything. 

Why Do Pigs Roll in the Mud?

There are a few reasons why pigs roll in the mud, but let me start with the most important one. 

During the hot summer month, pigs need to find a way to keep their body temperature within their normal limits. But also protect themselves from the hot sun.

This is the importance of mud in these cases, especially if they don’t have a shaded area with lots of water available. The mud keeps them cold or at least prevents their body from getting too hot.

They will also do it to have fun and be a part of the group; think of it as a social behavior that gives them a sense of belonging. 

Mud also helps keep bugs away and helps them clean their skin from parasites or outdoor creatures.

Elephants will usually do the same as many other animals, but again I don’t see people calling other animals dirty. 

Are Pigs Dirty Animals to Eat?

No, pigs are great and delicious animals to eat. What it comes down to is the type of diet you are providing to the pigs.

As long as the pigs are eating healthy and nutritious foods, you will also eat healthy and delicious pigs. 

Keeping them healthy and checking their overall health constantly will result in delicious meat quality.

Conclusion: are pigs dirty animals?

No pigs are not dirty animals; in fact, they are clean and love to eat healthy foods. The issue is that domesticated pigs have to adapt to the conditions the humans provide. So if you provide them with the necessary space and healthy food they need, they won’t have to resort to extreme measures like eating trash or poop. 

These animals need a balanced diet and the proper care they deserve, but in the lack of that, they will need anything they can in order to survive. 

Thinking that pigs are dirty animals is an incorrect perspective; as you get to know these beautiful creators, you will realize how fun and resilient they can be.