Do Pigs Eat Their Own Poop?

Pigs have an extraordinary eating capacity. You will see them eat almost all types of foods, but can they eat their own poop? This is the question we answer in this article with all the details you need to know.

But remember, when feeding pigs, the most important thing to keep in mind is their overall health, so we must control what they can and cannot eat; with this in mind, let’s get into the topic. 

Do pigs eat their own poop? Yes, pigs are able to eat their own poop; this type of behavior manifests when the pig is not fed properly. If your pigs are hungry or need more nutrients, they will eat their own poop and other animals poop. 

Under feeding, a pig will cause weight loss, and their overall health will be affected, including the meat quality. 

To survive, they will eat anything they can, poop, small piggles and whatever they can find. 

Do Pigs Eat Their Own Poop

So if you notice that your pigs are eating poop, it is important to take the proper measure to feed them properly.

Do Pigs like Eating Their Poop?

It is not so much that they like to eat their poop but more of a necessity when they are underfed or lacking nutrients. 

Don’t get me wrong, there must be some type of natural attraction to feces under certain circumstances, but I’m sure if they are choosing between poop or a delicious pile of vegetables. They will go for the vegetables. 

In the while they will be more prone to eating their own poop if food is scarce. 

Should Pigs Be Eating Poop?

Under the proper conditions, pigs should not be eating their own poop or other animals poop. This is only happening because they are hungry or need more nutrients which you are not providing. 

Sure there will always be that pig that will never stop eating, but in general, most pigs should not be fed feces. 

Now, this doesn’t mean if they eat poop, they will put their lives in danger; in fact, poop can be a very nutritional option for a pig to eat. 

Unless they eat poop from a sick animal, you don’t have to worry about them eating some poop. But this doesn’t mean you should start feeding them piles of feces.

If this behavior occurs, let nature run its course, but you should not ignore it, nor you should cause a scenario where the pigs will need to result in this type of behavior. 

What Other Animals Eat Poop?

Many animals will eat their own poop, and the reasons could vary depending on the species, but overall, poop is not as bad as we might think. 

Healthy poop is usually made of water, harmless bacteria, undigested food, waste and dead cells. 

In fact, poison control centers consider accidental digestion of poop to be minimally toxic, and if that isn’t surprising enough, doctors will prescribe poop piles from healthy people to combat infections. 

This is why depending on the conditions of the poop, it can be considered nutritious for animals or insects; in fact, many insects only survive by eating the poop of other animals. 

So you will find animals such as dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, gorillas, koalas etc., eating their own poop, a natural part of nature. 

The reason could vary, but in most cases is because they are looking to get more of what they’ve eaten, as many of these animals digestive systems won’t absorb all the nutrients from the food that was previously eaten, that’s why they eat it for a second time but also when there isn’t enough to eat. 

As you can see, nature works in mysterious ways, but this behavior should only occur in nature, not motivated by us. 

I say this because, in the past, it was a common practice to feed human poop to pigs, and yes, the pig would survive, and some say they were healthy pigs, but tell me, will you eat a pig that was fed human poop for the majority of its life. Not me. 

There are healthier and nutritious ways to do it, and I’m sure, depending on where you’re living, this might be an illegal practice. 

Conclusion: Do Pigs Eat Their Own Poop?

Yes, pigs eat their poop. This type of behavior occurs when the animal is underfed or lacks the proper nutritional values it needs. They will eat their own poop and other animals poop. Although this won’t hurt your pigs overall health, it is not advised to motivate this type of behavior.

Yes, poop can be nutritious for pigs, but it doesn’t contain all the nutrients a pig requires in order to grow strong and healthy.

Pigs will eat poop when they have no other choice but to do so. 

So it’s very important for you to provide a healthy and balanced diet to your pigs.

Having a healthy pig will manifest in the meat quality, and if you have it as a pet, you will increase its life expectancy.