Can Pigs Eat Wheat?

If you didn’t know, pigs have a superpower, and that is their ability to eat all you can think of, whether they’re in the wild or on a farm; when a pig is hungry, they will eat almost everything. This can even get dangerous if you have a group of pigs with extreme hunger. 

But although they have this extraordinary ability that helps them survive, under human care, it’s best to feed them what’s best for them, as this will improve their lifespan. This is why in the article, we talk about wheat and whether or not your pigs should be eating this type of grain.

Let’s start with the short answer. 

Can pigs eat wheat? Yes, pigs can eat wheat; this is a very common grain that has been used to feed pigs and other animals throughout history. But even though this is a great source of energy for pigs it’s best to combine it with corn and other types of foods. 

Pigs need to have a balanced diet in order to thrive, so just feeding them wheat could cause some issues like ulcers; in this article, I will give you more details regarding these types of issues and why. 

But the main point is that you can use wheat to feed your pigs but also combine it with corn or pigs feed. 

Is Wheat Good for Pigs?

Wheat is one the most common grains in the United States; it is widely used throughout the world and quite easy to find. And yes, it’s used to feed different types of animals. 

Wheat will help control obesity in pigs, provide energy, help with inflammations, prevent cardiac abnormality, improve gut health, skin, and many other benefits. 

This is the nutritional value wheat has:

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin C

Fatty acids











And many more. As you can see, this is a great source of nutrients that will improve the overall health of your pigs.

But you must be aware that for a balanced diet, you will need to also use corn and pig feed besides the wheat when feeding pigs.

This is necessary to prevent some issues that arise when pigs are only fed wheat. 

Let me explain. 

How Much Wheat Can You Use in Pig Diets?

The purpose of all pig owners is to feed their pigs to get them to market; surely, this is the main objective for all pig producers. 

Which is why wheat comes into the picture; when it comes to feeding pigs, it’s economically efficient to use wheat.

But there are some precautions you must take in order for this to work. 

One of the main issues with using wheat is the wheat grinding process; you need to make sure that the wheat is not too fine, meaning the wheat is processed to remove small amounts of the bran and steamed.

Making it into really fine particles, and when this happens, it can promote ulcers in pigs. But it can also cause flowability issues.

For better efficiency, it’s recommended to grind the wheat to the 500- to 700- micron range, and consider how the grain is being used for. 

So basically, what’s recommended is that if you’re just going to feed wheat to your pigs, the bigger the size of the wheat, the better. You can also mix it up with other types of food, and it will definitely help. 

So to answer the question, you can feed them as much wheat as you want to, but you must make sure the particles of the wheat are big enough, if not, it’s recommended to mix it up with corn and other types of foods to avoid flowability issues.

What Is the Best Grain for Pigs?

In the absence of corn there are many cereal grains you can use in your pigs diets, such as:






Can Pigs Eat Wheat Straw?

Yes, pigs can definitely eat wheat straw; these leftovers are great when mixed with other types of food such as vegetables.

But it can also be used by itself, but do make sure not to solely feed them wheat straw; as you know by now, pigs need calories, protein, carbs, and many other nutrients in order to thrive. Feeding them too much straw can cause digestive issues. 

So only use it as a treat. 

Can Pigs Eat Wheat Bran?

Yes, pigs can eat wheat bran as it contains high amounts of nutrients and fiber, but as previously explained, these parts of the grain are small particles; it’s best if you mix it up with rice, corn, or any other type of food.

This is to prevent digestive issues or even ulcers.

Many pigs feed are made out of this type of food, but they are properly mixed with others which makes it even better. 

Can Pigs Eat Wheat Bread?

Yes, pigs love to eat wheat bread; besides the nutritional value, it also has an economic benefit, as it can be quite affordable and is always available in most households.

But make sure to never feed rotted bread.

Can Pigs Eat Wheat Seeds?

If you mix up the seed with some other type of food such as rice, corn, or pig feed, you can proceed to give them the wheat seed. 

Please consider that the seeds are quite small, so it’s best if they mix with other nutritious foods. 

Conclusion: Can Pigs Eat Wheat?

Yes, pigs love to eat wheat. This is a great source of energy that will improve the meat quality of your pigs just as well as using corn. But it must be used in combination with other types of nutrients such as corn, vegetables, and pig feed. 

Remember that pigs need to have a balanced diet in order to thrive. 

Using too much wheat might cause some health issues if the wheat hasn’t been processed properly.

For this reason, besides wheat, try using corn, pig feed, and vegetables; this is the type of diet they should have.