Are Sugar Gliders Legal in New Jersey? All You Need To Know

Sugar gliders are animals that more and more people are encouraged to owning one. 

As with many exotic species, it is booming due to its small size, behavior, and habits.

And I got to say; it’s an easy to love animal.

But as with any exotic animals, there are responsibilities you have to make sure you take care of. 

And this could vary depending on your state or country.

But today we will talk about the requirements when it comes to the state of New Jersey.

Are Sugar Gliders Legal in New Jersey? Sugar gliders are legal to use in the state of New Jersey; sugar gliders are considered exotic animals by the state, so you will have to apply for a permit in order to own this beautiful animal and will have to pay a 10-15 USD renewal fee every year.

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Where can you request a sugar glider permit?

You will have to go to your closest exotic pet store in New Jersey and ask if they sell sugar gliders. 

They will give you a form that you will have to fill out to request your exotic animal permit. 

For more information about the prosses, I suggest you get in contact with an exotic pet store.

Here Is an example of some locations which you can contact.

NJ Exotic Pets

25 Union St, Lodi, NJ 07644

(973) 396-8897

Major League Exotic Pets

400 S New Prospect Rd, Jackson Township, NJ 08527

(732) 961-7234

88 Pet World

2076 NJ-88, Brick Township, NJ 08724

(732) 899-1920

Adam’s Pet Safari

19 W Main St, Chester, NJ 07930

(908) 879-8998

Lacey Pet Supply with Next Level Exotics

441 Lacey Rd, Forked River, NJ 08731

(609) 971-7037

BP Exotic Pets

551 Route 130 South, Burlington, NJ 08060

(609) 747-7777

Whiteway Pet Shop

950 Elizabeth Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07201

(908) 353-8610

Todd Marcus Birds Exotic

5029 US-130 Suite 440, Delran, NJ 08075

(856) 764-2473

Value Pet Center

7951 South, US-130, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08109

(856) 662-3666

Pet Asylum

3700 U.S. 9, Howell Township, NJ 07731

(732) 363-3134

Caribbean Pets

298 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307

(201) 963-2020

Josh’s Pet Agree

 521 E Bay Ave, Manahawkin, NJ 08050

(609) 597-9669

Fancy Feathers Exotic Birds

1610 N Black Horse Pike #5112, Blackwood, NJ 08012

(856) 228-6000

Animal Kingdom South

317 Valley St, South Orange, NJ 07079

(973) 762-8211

Do you have to renew the sugar glider permit?

Yes, the state of New Jersey requires you to renew your permit annually.

You will have to pay 10-15 USD. 

Will the state take your pet away if you don’t pay the permit?

In reality, the permit is more for your own record.

It’s unlikely the state will knock on your door for one little sugar glider.

I know what your thinking. “So why do I need the permit in the first place, or why should I renew it.”

And definitely, some people chose to avoid the permit, but the short answer is that:

The permit is more important to the state of new jersey in order to track how many sugar gliders have been sold rather than how many have been kept.

But I always say you have to obey the law and be safe. 

You never know if one day an inspector can knock on your door.

It’s unlikely, but it could happen. 

And for 10 USD a year, I don’t see a problem.

You will spend way more on food for your sugar gliders than the permit.

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In which state are sugar gliders illegal? And why are sugar gliders illegal?

In the United States, sugar gliders are viewed as exotic or intriguing/wild animals because their life cycle, propensities, and expected danger to local species are obscure.

Due to this, a few states decide to make it illegal to claim them, and the government specifies that you should be authorized to raise them. 

Sugar glider are unlawful/illegal to claim as pets in a couple of states, which included:





And for example, a few other urban communities, St. Paul, Minnesota, and New York City, also restrict or prohibit a sugar glider’s ownership.

Conclusion: Are sugar gliders legal in new jersey?

To finish off, I want to recommend you take the time and proper care a sugar glider needs seriously.

These are great animals, and I personally think they rare animals, which makes them exotic. 

You will definitely need a permit to have a sugar glider in the state of new jersey, but that the easy part.

Caring for your pet is the most important thing. 

Good luck.

I wish you the best with your pet.