Can Sugar Gliders Eat Avocado: All You Need To Know

Sugar gliders can find the best source of carbohydrates and vitamins in fresh fruits and vegetables. 

But you have to be careful since it is very common for them to eat their favorite fruit and avoid other types of fruits.

You have to make sure they have the right mix of fruits and vegetables in their diet. 

And with this, many questions about their diet arise.

For example.

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Can sugar gliders eat avocado? Sugar gliders generally love fruits and vegetables, sometimes preferring one over others. In the case of the avocado fruit, they will definitely love it. So yes, sugar gliders can eat avocado. But remember, a balanced diet is necessary. 

A good tip to remember is that avocados are high in fat, so you have to make sure not to overdo it. 

Like I just mention before is essential for them to have a mixed diet. 

And you must chop the fruits to an acceptable size.

Why should sugar glider eat avocado?

Avocado is an excellent food to feed if you have underweight gliders, but again, it’s not something to be fed every day.

The avocado is a fruit very common in central and north america it comes from the family of persea plants.

Aavocado has many beneficial properties.

This fruit is usually yellow, green, or reddish-brown. 

It has a pear shape with a very pleasant taste to many animals.

Nutritional information

Quantity per 100 grams

Total fat 15 g

Calories 160

Polyunsaturated fatty acids 1.8 g

Saturated fatty acids 2.1 g

Monounsaturated fatty acids 10 g

Sodium 7 mg

Cholesterol 0 mg

Carbohydrates 9 g

Potassium 485 mg

Sugars 0.7 g

Dietary fiber 7 g

Proteins 2 g

Calcium 12mg

Vitamin A

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12

Vitamin C 10 mg

Iron 0.6 mg

Vitamin B6 0.3

Magnesium 29 mg

As you can see, this fruit has many benefits for your sugar glider and for you.

Also, this fruit promotes the growth and repair of muscle mass.

Usually, this is a great fruit for sugar glider that have suffered from starvation.

That’s why it’s a popular fruit and controversial when it comes to sugar gliders.

Can sugar gliders eat avocado seeds?

Sugar gliders can’t and won’t eat the avocado seed. 

Is practically impossible.

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When should sugar glider eat avocado? 

You can provide the avocado in the evening.

As you probably know, sugar gliders can be messy when it comes to eating, so many people use a shoebox to make a “dining area” inside the enclosure, where they will have space to eat and make their mess. 

Remember always to have fresh water available for your sugar glider, and It should be changed daily.

The same goes for food; make sure you remove the leftovers daily. 

This way, you will avoid any diseases and will keep your sugar glider clean.

Conclusion: Can sugar gliders eat avocado?

The fats that are part of the avocado can help absorb nutrients from vegetables.

Avocado fats help to absorb antioxidants between 2 and 15 times more, making it a perfect ally for when sugar gliders consume a lot of vegetables.

So yes, sugar gliders can eat avocado.

But it’s important not to overdo it.