Best Container For Succulents

Here I talk about the best container for succulents for plant lovers.

This pots not only increases the beauty of your succulents but also plays an important role in the health of a plant.

As you know, these plants are very susceptible to water accumulation.

So it is very important to choose a good pot for your succulents or plants.

I’ll talk more about it here.

Tips to choose best container for succulents

1. As I have mentioned in other articles, good drainage is essential for succulents to have a proper life. The pot you choose must have a drain hole. Although it is not impossible to grow succulents in pots without a drainage hole, it is much better to grow them in a pot with a drainage system, and so in this way you avoid excess water, chlorine and salts that can kill your plants.

2. The size varies from the succulent you have. First, you have to take into account that if your plant is small you should grow it in a pot according to the size of the plant. Prevent your pot from having too much space, because when it is very deep, it will accumulate moisture thanks to the excess soil it will have.

3. The materials with which you pot is manufactured will influence the care of succulents. Generally, you grow them in pots of clay, plastic, glass, wood, metal, cement and others, but we do not realize that before sowing them in these materials we must have some considerations.

Plastic pots are lighter and less breathable, therefore the soil will dry slower.

Clay is a very breathable material, and when the plant is outdoors with direct sunlight, it will cause the soil to dry quickly.

Glass pots are very common. But, generally the glass containers do not have drainage holes, therefore their care becomes somewhat difficult, but not impossible.

Being a little breathable material and without a drainage hole, the substrate will take a long time to dry, it is advisable to water only when the soil is completely dry and try to moisten the soil, prevents the pot from becoming very heavy or with water.

Concrete or cement, like clay, this is a very breathable material, therefore the earth dries very easily. Concrete is a thermal material, therefore it will not get too hot with the sun. In general, these pots do not have drainage holes and tend to be very heavy, just remember to water them when the soil is completely dry and avoid the water in it.

Metals, it is not highly recommended, since over time the metal oxidizes and is not healthy for succulents. You also have to keep in mind that metal is a material that heats very easily, so try to keep the light rays from hitting you very intensely. But on the other hand, it is a good way to recycle all kinds of cans.

Wood is an excellent option when it comes to growing succulents and more if they are in hot environments since the wood will keep the plant fresh.

Best container for succulents.

Succulent Plant Pot, My Decor

These pots are ideal for small succulents and it is best that you have the drain hole, which will help the succulent to live healthily.

The pot is ceramic with a perfect design for flowers, small cacti and succulents.

As I mentioned earlier this pot has the water drainage holes to keep the root of the plant in fresh air.

With an approximate size of 6.4 x6.4 x3.3cm / 2.5×2.5×1.3inch.

Long rectangle White Ceramic Succulent Planter Pots

It is a modern pot with a minimalist white ceramic design with bamboo saucers.

These pots have a drain hole that allows water to flow through the soil and remain in the saucer below.

Ideal for displaying large succulents or putting different species of succulents.

The approximate size of the dimensions: 11 x2.28×1.73 inches.


The pot is hexagonal in shape. It is perfect for small succulents.

They are designed for indoor or outdoor viewing, such as bedroom or balcony and patio.

It includes a bamboo tray, which can store the excess water, since it has the drain hole at the bottom.

These pots are made of porcelain (high kaolin), of high quality and thickness, which can be delivered Safe way to you.

NCYP Brass Glass

This elegant glass geometric pentagon pot. Ideal for holding succulents of a small size.

This beautiful globe shaped terrarium pot is simple and versatile.

Suitable for succulents, air plants, small plants, ferns, cacti, artificial moss, air plants or other decorative objects.

Ideal for use on shelves and window sills.

Made of ultra clear calcium and sodium glass.

It is important to put a support in the part of the flower pot, so that at the time of watering it, it has a base where the excess water stays. Size: 6.89 x 6.89 x 5.9 inches.

T4U Ceramic Japanese Style

This small ceramic pots: is perfect for holding succulent plants, herbs and miniature cacti.

Ideal for window sill and office table decoration.

It has a small drain hole at the bottom and includes durable bamboo trays.

These succulent pots are made of high quality clay, with wonderful glazing and intense colors.

The pot has a classic look for a lovely play of light and a natural touch of fun.

Mid Century Large Round Succulent Planter Bowl

This pot is not just a simple pot, but a design piece that will infuse minimalism and functionality in your space.

Without a doubt, it will be the most striking memorable decoration piece in your home and will collect many compliments.

Where you can grow a medium-sized succulent in the pot.

It has a drain hole to prevent excessive watering and a plug to prevent clutter and leaks.

Approximate size: Ceramic pot 10 D X 2.5 H inches, Wooden stand 11 D X 4 H inches.

The other advantage of this pot is that it allows you to make the succulent and cactus combinations that you like best.

The quality of the material is ceramic class A, with high-durability wood support.

In this pot, any succulent or cactus will stand out and it will be a very elegant decoration, for any house or office.

SUN-E Modern Style Marbling Ceramic Flower Pot Succulent.

This pot is ideal for beginners it will add a touch of refreshing and modern design to your home. In this ceramic pot, you can grow one or several succulents or small cacti. It is made with Ceramics (made of high-quality clay and baked at high temperatures). Approximate size: 3.35 x 3.35 x 2.56 inches (L x W x H).

A simple and elegant contemporary pot with elegant and attractive colors. Suitable for decorative gardening, desk, shelving, dining table, living room, accommodation room and everywhere. And it will add a different touch to your home or office thanks to its unique design.

Modern White Ceramic Round Succulent Planter Pot

This contemporary ceramic pot has removable drain pan and glossy white finish.

It has a small hole in the bottom of the dish, allows water to drain naturally and helps promote plant life.

Perfect to house succulents, cacti, herbs, and other plants.

This pot is excellent for creating different combinations of succulents and cacti, of different species and size.

Which will give variety to your succulent collection and give an interesting touch to your decoration.

Approximate dimensions (in inches): total – 3.0 H X 8.0 Diameter. Pot – 2.5 H X 8.0 D. Saucer – 0.5 H X 7.75 D.

3pcs Owl Succulent Pots

This pot is Ideal for small succulents.

It includes natural bamboo trays and the pots are made of high-quality ceramic, with superior hardness, resistance and wear resistance.

With a small hole in the bottom for drainage and packed with a bamboo tray so that water and soil do not flow.

And like other pots, it allows you to make a mixture of different succulents to give it a different touch.

Stairs up, 3 layers save a lot of space, while giving it a clean look. Size: bamboo tray: 7.8 “(20cm) L * 4.3” (11cm) W * 6.2 “(16cm) H, Planter: 2.7” (7cm) Diameter, 2.36 “(6cm) H.

One Goods Ceramic

This is a beautiful set of 4 ceramic pots with decorative support for pots, in the form of a bridge.

Each pot has an undulating textured exterior, perfect for sustaining succulents, cacti, herbs, aloe vera plants.

Suitable for interior and exterior decoration, such as office, balcony, bookshelf, window sill, dining table.

The elegant and unique design will bring a real natural effect in the pots.

UV resistant, frost resistant, lead-free that plastic pots don’t have. APPROXIMATE DIMENSION – Boat: 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.7 inches (L x W x H) / Support: 14.2 x 4.3 x 3.7 inches (L x W x H).

And the best thing about these pots is that they have the drain hole, ideal to prevent the accumulation of water, which will help the plant to be healthy.

Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Indoor Planter Pot

The exterior is white with a galvanized bronze finish, and the interior is a darker bronze.

This piece will combine modern and classic styles in your home.

The clean and simple design and neutral colors will be combined anywhere.

The pot is 100% stoneware with a galvanized bronze finish, 5.8 “diameter x 5” tall.

It is an ideal pot for succulents and large cacti.

The disadvantage of this pot is that it does not include the drainage hole, so be careful when watering the plant, you must wait until the soil is completely dry before re-watering the succulent, to prevent the roots rot.

Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter with Stand

This is a round pot of two-tone stoneware and is an attractive piece by itself.

Combined with an iron shelf/stand, it makes a mid-century style statement, in addition to maintaining the plants. Approximate size; 9.5 “diameter x 14” high.

It is an excellent pot for large succulents, with the disadvantage that it does not include the drainage system, that is, the hole in the bottom of the pot.

So you have to be careful when watering your succulents and wait for the substrate to dry before re-watering the plant.

Classic Home and Garden HD1-1027

This is an aged oak looking pot with old pewter bands.

The UV coated finish protects the color from fading.

Light and durable high-density resin construction.

It includes the drain holes, designed to help the substrate release excess water and thus prevent the succulent from rotting.

Top diameter 15 “, height 10.25” bottom diameter 9 “- Weight 1.3 lbs, Volume: 4.75 gallons.

Axe Sickle 3.9×3.5 inch Plastic Planters

These are the typical plastic pots.

They are for small plants since their approximate size is 4.5 “inches, 3.5” inch height Suitable for small plants.

Manufactured with resin plastic for environmental protection and heat resistant.

The bottom of the pot has small holes to keep the succulent substrate drained and ventilated.

Something good about this type of pot is that it allows you to paint and decorate them in the color you like, because of the type of material with which these pots are made and are very economical.

Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot

Made with a light and resistant plastic with an elegant glossy finish for a modern and clean appearance.

They are white or black, which makes it ideal, as it combines with any decoration.

It has a built-in tray that protects the terraces, patios or interior surfaces when excess water begins to leave the substrate.

The deep planting space promotes root growth to keep plants healthy.

Approximate size; 6.25 “⌀ x 5.8” H. This pot is ideal for both large and small plants, as they come in different sizes.

White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters

This is a pot of extremely beautiful, which makes them a piece of declaration for all homes.

Created with resistant ceramics and painted with gold and gray, these planters are not only impressive to look at, but also incredibly functional.

Each set includes two completely different pots, but with the same colors, so that it harmonizes perfectly.

It is a larger, round pot, perfect for succulents or taller cacti and then a smaller asymmetric piece for smaller plants.

Approximate size: Gray – W: 6.5 ” ‘H: 6’ ”; Gold – W: 5.4 ” ‘H: 5.1’.

These pots will look good inside your modern home, as well as outside in the yard.

Another of its characteristics is that it comes with the drain hole, which will help take care of your succulent and that its roots do not spoil.

Wineman Set of 4 Ocean Style Ceramic Succulent Pots

This is a modern design, with a seashell design, which makes them perfect for adding a dash of refreshing ocean design and different to your home or office.

They are made of high-quality clay and baked at high temperatures.

Therefore, they are not easy to break and can accompany you for a long time because they are durable.

The Ocean Style succulent pots are suitable for decorative gardening, desk, shelving, dining table, living room, accommodation room and everywhere.

And it allows you to make different communions with different types of succulents or cacti.

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Wall Decor Set

Trigg is an original geometric pot with a simple and elegant design that adds a modern decorative touch to any interior space.

This style of pots is the perfect way to add small indoor plants, such as succulent plants, air plants, and other indoor plants to your home or office, in a different and elegant way.

They are made with high quality ceramic and plated metal wire; Trigg Small Vessels measures 4.75 x 2.5 x 7.5 inches (12.07 x 6.35 x 19.05 cm) and the large container measures 8.75 x 3.75 x 15.25 inches (22.26 x 9.5 x 38.74 cm).

They come in different colors and size.

With the only disadvantage that does not include a drainage system, so make sure that the soil of the succulent or the cactus is completely dry, before the next irrigation.

The Succulent Cult

These small cylindrical pots are suitable for small succulents or cacti.

Approximate dimension: Diameter: 3.07 inches, Height: 3.18 inches.

It is an ideal option to decorate your office or home.

They are painted with mandala elements that include blue, green and red. Baking with high temperature that does not fade and is resistant.

The colorful pattern that brings a strong touch of decoration to your home.

It includes a drain hole, to remove excess water from the substrate and a bamboo tray to prevent water drained from the earth from spilling.

Greenaholics succulent pots

These small cylinder pots are suitable for small succulent plants, cacti, and herbs.

Approximate Dimension – Diameter: 3.07 inches, Height: 3.18 inches.

They are painted with an image of marble elements. They were manufactured in the oven with high temperatures, which makes them resistant.

The colorful pattern brings a strong touch of decoration to your home or office.

They include a high-quality bamboo stand, which not only adds a decorative touch to the pot but also helps the plant’s excess water to spill everywhere.


I hope my best container for succulents ideas was helpful for your.

These are some ideal potting options for succulents or plants, very beautiful to have at home.

And with the previous tips on how to choose the ideal pots, you can choose the pot that best suits your tastes, needs, and budget.

The best thing is that these pots are not only beautiful and elegant but also functional and combined with any decoration.